Hindu New Year 2024

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Hindu New Year

Hindu New Year

Hindu New Year, also called Vikram Samvat, is an important celebration for millions of Hindus around the world. This year, in 2024, it's on April 9. People in India celebrate it with lots of excitement and traditional customs. It's a special time for starting new things, like businesses and feeling hopeful. The festival has its origins in ancient Hindu stories and customs.

People celebrate the day in various ways across the country, but the main idea is the same – to welcome the New Year with positivity and optimism.

History of Vikram Samvat

Vikram Samvat has an interesting history. Legend has it that Vikramaditya, a respected king of Ujjain, freed his people from the Sakas' rule and started Vikram Samvat 2080 years ago.

Vikram Samvat is the traditional calendar for all Hindus in India, and it's generally 57 years ahead of the Gregorian calendar. This year, it will be Vikram Samvat 2081.

The Hindu New Year, or Vikram Samvat, is celebrated on the first day of the Shukla Paksha of the Chaitra month and is considered mathematically accurate. In many states, it also starts on the first day of the Hindu month of Baishakh. However, there are differing opinions among Indian scholars about the Hindu New Year.

Significance of Vikram Samvat

The Hindu New Year, also known as Vikram Samvat, is an important celebration for many Hindus in India. It usually happens in late March or early April in our regular calendar. This special day marks the start of a new year in the traditional Hindu lunar calendar. It's a time when people look forward to new beginnings, fresh starts, and fixing relationships.

During the festival, people follow various traditions like cleaning their homes, making delicious feasts, and praying to their gods. Many also share gifts and greetings with their loved ones. Besides being culturally and religiously significant, the Hindu New Year also signals the beginning of the new harvest season in many parts of India.

Different regions call this celebration by different names. In the southern states, it's known as Ugadi, and in Maharashtra, people celebrate it as Gudi Padwa.


Ugadi comes from two Sanskrit words – "Yuga" and "Adi," meaning a fresh start. It's mainly celebrated in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka. People do special rituals like making floral patterns on the floor and cooking delicious feasts. This year, Ugadi falls on April 9.

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Ugadi Festival India 2023

Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa is celebrated on the first day of the Chaitra month, also on April 9 this year, coinciding with Ugadi. Mostly Maharashtrians and Konkani Hindus celebrate it. People clean their homes and decorate them with colourful rangolis and mango-neem leaves.

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Gudi Padwa In March 2023: A Festival Of New Beginnings

Hindu New Year 2024 Wishes

May this Hindu New Year bring happiness, joy, and peace to your life. Happy New Year 2024! Enjoy this beautiful festival to the fullest.

Let the celebrations of this New Year shower you with endless blessings, happiness, and joy. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead full of new successes and achievements!

Be grateful for this fresh start and pray for good health and increased wealth. Happy New Year 2024!

Starting this New Year, may God bless you with the strength to fulfil your dreams and achieve great things in life!

Another year is here, wrapped in joy. Bid farewell to the old year and start the new one on a positive note. Happy Hindu New Year!

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