Easy buying and selling tutorial in different types of crypto exchanges

Easy buying and selling tutorial in different types of crypto exchanges
Easy buying and selling tutorial in different types of crypto exchanges

Easy buying and selling tutorial in different types of crypto exchanges

Bitcoin transactions can seem complicated till you have not done them. Also, bitcoin is a completely new form of money that just came a decade ago in 2009. So, people are still not habituated to this kind of money transaction that they can’t see and hold physically. But, nowadays it is getting easier with the help of various crypto exchanges. Bitbolt is now widely traded throughout the world by so many people and adept investors. Many new investors can be seen in this field too. Now there are online websites and finance and Bitcoin professionals also who give you the best advice regarding crypto exchange and the whole trading process.

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Crypto exchange:

A cryptocurrency exchange is just like a stock exchange or a digital market. So many people every day are getting into the market to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. It is an online platform where you can opt for buying bitcoins at the current price or selling it. Checking the extent to which you can use the private and the public keys also matters. Keeping the keys safe, dealing in the saving of your confidential information is also important.

Depending on the functionality crypto exchanges can be divided into two types. One is the centralized crypto exchange and another is the decentralized crypto exchange. Both are exchange platforms to trade, invest, and transfer, just the way they work is different.

Trading bitcoins in a centralized crypto exchange:

A centralized crypto exchange is a common exchange platform like traditional stock exchanges. It is regulated by a third-party authority or company. Various crypto exchanges offer you discount on the overall trading fee that you have to pay. If you consider the fee and the final profit that you will be getting, then you need to be careful about choosing the best exchange for your gain. It includes a few steps.

· Registration: The first thing you have to do is register with a centralized exchange. Registration includes verification of some personal IDs. Nowadays some exchanges need very simple registration where your identity wouldn’t be needed.

· Opening a trading account: After the verification process, an account will be opened. You might have to go through some conformational stage to open the account that takes almost no time.

· Fund the account: Now you need funding for this account. For that, you have to link a bank account with this account and transfer some funds to this bitcoin trading account.

· Buy or sell bitcoin: Buying and selling bitcoin in this exchange happens through two different processes. You can choose any of them. They are called a market order and a limit order.

1. Market order: If you opt for market order the buying and selling will be executed at the current bitcoin bid price. Here the transactions will be fast but the price security is less.

2. Limit order:In this method, you have the facility to set a maximum and a minimum limit of the price at which you want to buy or sell bitcoins. It may take some more time but the price is secure.

Trading bitcoins ina decentralized crypto exchange:

This kind of exchange is not regulated by any thirdparty. You can directly buy and sell bitcoin from or to another user. As this work as a peer-to-peer platform, there is no demand for transactional or regulatory charges.

· On this platform, users offer to buy and sell prices. You can see them and choose an offer that meets your demanded price. After that, you can contact the particular person. When both of you agree with the deal, you both can share your bitcoin public key.

· If you are buying bitcoin from him, you have to provide your public key to the person. Then you have to transfer funds to the user’s account and you will receive bitcoin from the person.


Buying and selling bitcoins through these platforms are so easy. But, all are not reliable. So, check the reputation, review, and services provided by the platform you chose. Like, Immediate Edge, where you can register and access all the news and updates on the crypto world. This platform simplifies the trading experience for you. It is a trusted platform where you can get a user-friendly trading facility if you are a beginner in this field. Also, you should know that a single crypto wallet can be used for a specific purpose only, so you need to balance the transaction and the return.

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