Different Types of Holi Celebrations Across India

Holi Celebrations: A Diverse Tapestry of Festivities in India
Holi Celebrations Across India

Holi Celebrations Across India

Holi, the festival of colours, is celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm across India. While the essence of the festival remains the same – spreading joy, love, and happiness – the customs and traditions associated with Holi vary from region to region. Let's explore the diverse and unique ways in which Holi is celebrated in different corners of the country:

Hola Mohalla – Punjab

Hola Mohalla in Punjab is a grand and spirited celebration that honours the valour of Sikh warriors. It features awe-inspiring displays of traditional martial arts, spirited music, and dance performances, showcasing the courage and strength of the Sikh community.

Royal Holi – Rajasthan

In Rajasthan, Holi takes on a regal charm with the celebration of Royal Holi. It includes grand processions, traditional music, and the lighting of the Holika pyre, reflecting the royal heritage and cultural richness of the state.

Shimga or Rang Panchami – Maharashtra

Shimga or Rang Panchami in Maharashtra is marked by vibrant festivities, including Holika Dahan, colourful processions, and joyful gatherings where people smear each other with bright hues of gulal, symbolising the triumph of good over evil.

Phaguwa – Bihar

Phaguwa in Bihar is a lively and colorful celebration filled with the sounds of folk music and laughter. Locals come together to celebrate with colours, music, and traditional delicacies, creating a joyous atmosphere of camaraderie and merriment.

Lathmar Holi – Uttar Pradesh

Lathmar Holi in Uttar Pradesh is renowned for its playful and energetic festivities. It involves playful chasing with lathis, symbolizing the legendary teasing of Radha by Lord Krishna, amidst joyful chaos and laughter.

Kahila Holi – Uttarakhand

Kahila Holi in Uttarakhand showcases the region's rich cultural heritage. Locals don traditional attire, sing folk songs, and spread joy with playful colours, embodying the essence of community bonding and cultural unity.

Dola – Odisha

Dola in Odisha is a vibrant celebration that honours Lord Jagannath. It features grand processions, joyful splashing of colours, and traditional rituals, evoking the divine fervour and spiritual significance of the festival.

Dol Jatra aka Basant Utsav – West Bengal

Dol Jatra in West Bengal is a celebration of spring and new beginnings. It is marked by music, dance, and the recitation of Tagore's poetry, enveloping the air with the fragrance of spring blossoms and the spirit of renewal.

Yaosang – Manipur

Yaosang in Manipur blends Hindu and indigenous traditions in a colourful celebration of community bonding. It features traditional dances, colourful festivities, and the joyful spirit of unity and harmony.

Shigmo – Goa

Shigmo in Goa combines traditional folk performances with the vibrant spirit of the party capital. It invites everyone to dance, revel, and celebrate the joy of Holi amidst the scenic beauty and cultural vibrancy of Goa.

Ukuli aka Manjal Kuli – Kerala

Ukuli in Kerala is a unique celebration that revolves around traditional rituals and cultural performances. Turmeric plays a central role in the festivities, symbolising purity, prosperity, and the spirit of togetherness among the community.


As we marvel at the kaleidoscope of Holi celebrations across India, let us embrace the diversity and unity that define this joyous festival, spreading love, happiness, and colourful blessings to all.

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