All-New Jeep Meridian

Setting a New Standard for Elegance and Versatility
All-New Jeep Meridian: Setting a New Standard for Elegance and Versatility

All-New Jeep Meridian: Setting a New Standard for Elegance and Versatility

The 2023 Jeep Meridian is a masterful blend of contrasting qualities, combining size with agility, refinement with toughness, and confidence with sophistication. With its unmistakable seven-slot Jeep grille, powerful LED Projector Headlamps and distinctive LED daytime running lamps, the Jeep Meridian represents a complete reimagining of automotive design.

A New Standard for Comfort

The new Jeep Meridian goes beyond conventional comfort expectations. With its expansive interior, leading the pack in cabin space with up to 824 litres of boot space and an array of advanced comfort amenities, every aspect of this vehicle is meticulously crafted to elevate your journey. With its ergonomic design, experience a level of comfort that surpasses all others as the Jeep Meridian redefines what true comfort means.

Elevating the Standards of Capability

No matter if you’re navigating rugged off-road terrains or cruising through urban streets, the new Jeep Meridian is your best companion, with a 9-speed AT available in both — 4x2 and 4x4 variants, prepared to conquer any challenge. Experience unparalleled off-roading excellence and a sense of adventure like never before with the new Jeep Meridian, redefining the benchmarks of capability.

Setting New Standards for Safety

With an impressive array of more than 60 top-of-the-line safety and security features, the new Jeep Meridian ensures your unwavering confidence and protection. With All-season tyres, embark on grander adventures, knowing that this SUV is ready to surmount any obstacle in your path, redefining safety expectations along the way.

Pricing & Colour Options

The All-New Jeep Meridian 2023 offers three distinct models at different price points. The LIMITED (O) variant starts at approximately Rs. 33.40 Lakh, LIMITED PLUS, with a price of around Rs. 35.93 Lakh, while the MERIDIAN OVERLAND variant is priced at approximately Rs. 36.77 Lakh.

Customise your Jeep Meridian with a choice of captivating colours: Silver Moon, Pearl White, Velvet Red, Techno Metallic Green, Minimal Grey, Black Magnesio, and Galaxy Blue. Find the perfect blend of price and colour to match your style and preferences.

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