5 tips to live your best life and boost productivity in the ‘New Normal’

5 tips to live your best life and boost productivity in the ‘New Normal’
Authored By: Dr Aarti Chopra

While we've been having mixed feelings about this time where most of us are needed to stay at home, the truth is that whether we like it or not, this new normal is here to stay. And, the only way to deal with it is to adapt to it, as soon as we can. In this post, I'm here to help you adapt and become your best version in the new normal, with these five simple and practical tips.

Tip #1 Declutter your Life

The new normal has given an opportunity to every individual on the planet to think and reflect upon their life. With most of the working patterns shifting online; professionals as well as entrepreneurs, now have an opportunity to save the time that they used to earlier end up wasting while travelling. Now is the perfect time to reassess, restructure, and also analyze your earlier business processes and revise them for the best.

In the current culture of "Work from home," individuals are facing difficulties in separating their personal and professional life. To deal with this issue, it is highly recommended to plan a daily routine for yourself. Try maintaining a daily journal where you record your daily developments, note down your work for the week, and ensure that you are sticking to your work hours. Make sure to not touch digital devices after a reasonable time at night and try to put your mind to rest.

Tip #2 Have a Dedicated Workspace

The need and necessity of a dedicated workspace is now more evident than ever. While going to office daily might not seem like the most viable option. Working from home can also become distracting often. To sort this simple problem, set a specified workspace at a chosen corner of your home. It can be your bedroom, it can be your living room or it can also be somewhere around your terrace or patio space. Make sure to choose a space that is free of any distractions and also relatively quiet so that you can work as you please. If you happen to work in front of a screen then make sure that your desk is well illuminated so that you don't have to face any eye strain while working. To make your working style even more organized, use a soft board, or maintain a work journal. Don't forget to take breaks while you work but keep your smartphone away when you are truly trying to work.

Tip #3 Indulge in Learning

COVID 19 has certainly left a dent in the world economies. People are losing their jobs and work is at an all-time low. Instead of focusing on the negative aspect, try to make the best of this time by making it an opportunity to learn. Utilize this time to hone your existing skills and build new ones. Are you an entrepreneur who is looking to innovate your business model? Study more about leadership styles and how businesses have managed to survive amidst times of crisis. If you are a professional, you can certainly expand your professional skills by becoming an expert in a related subject matter of your choice. Even if you are someone who is looking to switch careers at this point of time, there are numerous online universities offering prestigious diplomas and e-learning courses for you to attend.  Do your research but do not stop the streak of work, it will only end up making you lazy. Browse online learning websites to learn and grow.

Tip #4 Manage your Tasks

Whether or not you are burdened with work, it is important for you to manage whatever tasks you have with you in the best manner. If you are an entrepreneur who is overloaded with work, try to segregate your work according to the level of importance. Make your business' internal working sound. Follow up on your clients to check how they are doing. Try to retract your pending incomes by following up with them patiently. Do you see any new leads approaching you? Try to follow them swiftly. Install a CRM System if you want to never miss out on any lead. More so, you can also start making the use of any good Work management Application such as Trello or Asana. If you need someone to assist you with your work, always reach out for one. If an expense brings your business on track, it is surely worth spending. Once you manage your tasks and put them on an Auto-Pilot mode. With the help of the right people and the right systems; you will be able to navigate through any situation easily.

Tip #5 Deal with Stress

Ever since COVID came into our lives, we have all been dealing with different kinds of stress. While some people are stressed in the fear of losing their jobs; entrepreneurs are stressed because of the losses that they have to bear. People with no work are stressed out because of a lack of income. While some people are also stressed because of loneliness or boredom. The only way to tackle and safeguard yourself from stress is to deal with it. Feeling lonely? Call up a friend and share what you feel. Don't think twice. Bearing losses in your business? Try to go back to basics and build a strategy that enables you to plan better for the future. When our minds are stressed, we are not able to think clearly; and we often end up making the wrong decision. To tackle stress, make sure to meditate daily for at least 10-15 minutes.  Learn to sit with your thoughts and you will be amazed at how easily you can find a solution to any problem when your mind is peaceful.

These simple five tips will help you lead a happy life; while deriving your best output, no matter how the times are. Follow them and see the difference yourself!

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