10 Family Destinations To Travel On Independence Day

10 Family Destinations To Travel On Independence Day

10 Family Destinations To Travel On Independence Day

As the nation prepares to paint the sky with tricolour hues and resonate with patriotic fervour on the 15th of August, families across India are seeking ways to celebrate Independence Day in a memorable and meaningful way. This year, consider visiting out with your loved ones to explore some of the most iconic and historically significant destinations that pay homage to our country's journey towards freedom.

Red Fort, Delhi

A timeless symbol of India's struggle for independence, the Red Fort in Delhi stands tall as a reminder of the historic moment when our first Prime Minister hoisted the national flag on its ramparts. Visiting this majestic fort on Independence Day is a truly immersive experience, allowing you to relive the spirit of that pivotal day.

Cellular Jail, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

For a deeper understanding of the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters, the Cellular Jail in the Andaman Islands is a must-visit. Known as "Kala Pani," this prison held many brave souls captive. Witness the light and sound show that narrates the tales of resilience and courage that echo through its walls.

Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad

Step into the tranquil grounds of Sabarmati Ashram, where Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of non-violence and civil disobedience was nurtured. Visiting here is an inspiring journey into our nation's past and a reminder of the values that led us to independence.

Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar

While in Amritsar, pay homage to the martyrs who lost their lives during the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. The historic garden serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by those who laid down their lives for the country.

India Gate, New Delhi

A symbol of patriotism and sacrifice, the India Gate in New Delhi memorialises the soldiers who fought in World War I. Visit this monument to pay tribute to the heroes who safeguarded our nation's independence.

Mani Bhavan, Mumbai

Delve into the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi at Mani Bhavan, the Mumbai residence that became his headquarters for political and social activities. The museum offers insights into his life, struggles, and contributions to India's freedom movement.

Dandi Beach, Gujarat

Trace the steps of Gandhi's historic Salt March by visiting Dandi Beach in Gujarat. The beach holds historical significance as the endpoint of the Salt March, a turning point in India's fight against British colonial rule.

National War Memorial, New Delhi

A relatively newer addition to the city, the National War Memorial honours the soldiers who have laid down their lives for the country. It's a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made to protect our independence.

Hussainiwala Border, Punjab

Attend the flag-lowering ceremony at the Hussainiwala Border, which pays tribute to Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, and Sukhdev. The ceremony showcases the unity and pride of our armed forces and is a moving experience for the entire family.

Gandhi Smriti, New Delhi

Formerly known as Birla House, this museum is where Mahatma Gandhi spent the last 144 days of his life. Explore the rooms and corridors where he lived and relive his final moments at the spot where he was assassinated.

Independence Day: A Journey of Remembrance

This Independence Day, take your family on a journey of remembrance, reflection, and rediscovery. Visiting these historical sites and monuments not only educates the younger generation about our rich history but also instils a sense of pride and respect for the sacrifices that paved the way for our freedom. As you travel through these hallowed grounds, let the spirit of Independence Day resonate with every step and every heartbeat.

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