Miklens Bio, a frontrunner engineered for boosting agricultural yield and environmental sustainability. Meet the Man Behind it

Miklens Bio, a frontrunner engineered for boosting agricultural yield and environmental sustainability. Meet the Man Behind it

Miklens Bio, a frontrunner engineered for boosting agricultural yield and environmental sustainability. Meet the Man Behind it

A home to world's second largest agricultural land, the Indian agricultural landscape is evolving.

Working with big names in the banking industry, leading a creamy banker's life for nearly two decades with a handsome perk, Santosh Nair's professional voyage was smoothly sailing; he lived what we'd consider a charmed life. Despite the money and the comforts, Mr. Nair never felt at home there and soon developed an urge to follow something related to his passion.

Hailing from a middle class family, Mr. Nair's heart always belonged to agriculture. In his professional stint, he stimulated the growth of many banks, nurtured people to refine their skills and grow professionally. Everything was smooth as velvet. A new opportunity was soon bestowed to Santosh Nair when a listed Biotech company approached him to spearhead the organization as its CEO. He soon observed the opportunities and endowed his expertise to harvest a huge jump in organization's operations. The pluck to give his passion the wings to provide an alternative means to chemical-based farming to the farmers grew stronger and he decided to go for it by pledging his personal belongings. His move was termed 'irrational'. But that didn't stop him. Being a pioneer in its field, fortune smiled early on Miklens Bio and there was no turning back. His passion came to fruition with the inception of Miklens Bio as a catalyst which was about to bring "A New Hope" and "A New Agriculture" to the fellow farmer brethren.

Mr. Nair dishes out his heart over a host of issues in line with his entrepreneurial landmark, Miklens Bio, counted among one of the top 30 Tech companies in India, its journey and the vision he holds for the organization.

Here are the edited excerpts…

Mr Nair, thanks for taking out time from the suitcase of your busy schedule. You have attained a comprehensive exposure in establishing as well as stabilizing a change catalyst for agriculture revolution. How has been the journey so far?

Well, it has been quite an exciting journey so far. Since the beginning, our approach has been clear; to help solve the global food security problem and providing a safe and healthy alternative to farming. With our bedrock laid on the philosophy of responsible agricultural practices, we have remained focused to deploy our efforts in creating viable solutions for the global farming problems. Our products assist farmers to yield more and better crops while consequently works in favour of the environment.

How has Miklens Bio created a perfect recipe with microbes to yield maximum from the agricultural landscapes of the company?

With our vision of revolutionizing farming with naturally driven microbes to reduce the dependence on toxic chemical pesticides, our team constituted Agri-Microbial Technology, the blue diamond behind our revolutionary, clean technology-based products. Our expertise is channelized through our products manufactured from microbial sources which promote Residue Free Cultivation. 'Intelligently engineered' natural replacements for chemical pesticides, our products are light on the pockets which work specifically against certain target organisms without harming beneficial organisms.

Throw some light over Dr Nisha MM's contribution in spearheading Miklens Bio to new heights.

Dr Nisha has played an instrumental role in crafting our core competency, AMT. She has over 16 years of experience in leading R&D with extensive knowledge in Agriculture, Microbiology & Biotechnology techniques. At Miklens Bio, she heads the research and development activities. Till date, Dr Nisha has successfully rolled out over 27 products addressing various issues related to agriculture. Identified more than 20 microbial strains and has 8 patents in her name. She is a Master of Science in Agricultural Entomology and has been awarded the prestigious "Pioneer Researcher" under AICRT. She has invented 10 new microbes capable of addressing various pest and disease management. Also, has designed cost-effective downstream processing techniques to reduce manufacturing cost. Dr Nisha owns 9 Indian patents which are like additional feathers in her cap. Having her on board has been fruitful for us in every possible way.

Please throw some light over the Miklens Bio's product line?

The farmer community is already facing despair from the irregular monsoon and other climatic conditions. To add to their misery, they have to tackle harmful hazards of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, not only on their soil and crop but also on the human health and environment at large. Miklens Bio's research process is focussed on the microorganisms and thus is successful in developing a specialized range of bio-agri inputs. Our products are tested and provide a seal of assurance with regards to improved yields and improving the quality of the land, soil and overall environment. Our products are bifurcated into the following categories:

  • Plant Growth Enhancer
  • Plant Protection
  • Bio-Fertiliser
  • Bio-Pesticide

How is Miklens Bio chartering "A New Hope" to provide a safe, healthy and sustainable avenue for farming to the farmer brethren?

Our advent of providing natural bio-agri inputs by taking proper care of the environment as well as the society had positioned us at the heart of Indian agriculture industry. We are putting our blood and sweat to help the farmer community by increasing their productivity and diminishing their dependency on chemical products. We proudly boast ourselves in constructing a natural way that is safe, biodegradable, residue-free and environmentally friendly and leads farmers in reaping maximum ROI.

With touching the mark of Rs. 5.4 crore in your first year of operations, future definitely holds brighter days for Miklens Bio. What are your big plans for your 'SwachhKhetiAbhiyaan'?

Well, we have already planted our growth seeds in the US, Canada and Mauritius markets with 56 marquee players across Indian geography. In coming few years, we aim to have 1000 prominent dealers on board with us. We have been successful in creating footprints in other countries as well including UAE and other South East Asian countries. With around 9 containers of Microbial NPK exported to the international markets, we are positive that this will be increasing exponentially over the years to come. We are delving into a new talent for our organization to establish our niche in the agri-tech industry as a frontrunner bio-agri input player reviving the agricultural landscape and promoting sustainable development. We are dedicated to bringing about a change in the agricultural canvas by proving to be the best alternative provider to the way agriculture is practiced in India and "SwachhKhetiAbhiyaan" is the driving force for the same.

Founder's Periscope

Santosh Nair


A graduate from Mumbai University with a specialization in Chemistry, Mr Nair is a man of few words. While gleaning his Master's degree in management from the reputed NMIMS and achieving an Executive Degree from IIM-A, Mr. Nair sailed his professional voyage under Finance domain. Nestling a seasoned experience of almost two decades in banking and finance spectrum, Mr. Nair has vested his expertise in industry giants like Merrill Lynch and HDFC. During his stint at Merrill Lynch, he served as a part of Global wealth management group and managed its Indian business. He also invested more than a decade in HDFC Bank, serving as Head- Retail Banking managed retail branches for the western and the southern region. He is a man acknowledged for his understanding, caring and adjusting personality.

Honours and Awards

A Gold Medal recipient at the 1991 Santosh Trophy National Football Championship, representing Maharashtra State

Served as a captain of the Mumbai University Football team (1989/90)

Represented several professional Football Clubs including Bank of India and Orkay Textiles

Interests and key roles

An avid sportsperson- a professional football player and a Golfer


Qualified Scuba Diver

Coaches a local Football team "Fleet Footers"

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