The biggest challenge being a startup or a small business is to manage every aspect of the business which helps in underpinning the solutions they offer which leads to a need for a system that can organise the information they have. CRM software can be useful here. Well, if you are wondering what is a CRM? A CRM or customer relationship management software is a technology for managing comprehensive relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.

Now, what is the best CRM for start-ups? Well, a start-up is different from a company that has been in the industry for a long time and hence, the needs and requirements are different. While in a big firm, the need for CRM is essential, in a startup, one may ask with limited information why would one look for the best CRM software or best CRM for start-ups?

Well, the most essential part of a growing organisation is that one can focus on the core solutions they initiated the business to offer.

Thus, the need of best CRM software arises when one is looking to establish a positive relationship with the various people they interact with during day mange them in an organised manner including customers, service users, colleagues, or suppliers. Throughout a brand's lifecycle with these individuals right from finding new customers, winning their business, and providing support and additional services throughout the relationship, the need for an affordable Best CRM for free software arises along with these reasons:

  • Contact organisation: As mentioned, the key to success via the people you interact with and managing them. Hence, the foremost essentials are your contacts, the customers and the software is designed for exactly that as the name 'Customer Relationship Management' suggests. As a business paces its growth and the customer base grows, one will find a want arising, to have a system for organising that data in a way that works to their benefit. The Best CRM Software for Small Businesses is designed to offer a clean-cut overview and useful insights that will also help them run sales processes more fluently.
  • Sales reporting: Getting a person to invest in the services you are offering is a great deal. And For what it is worth, you would not want to let the clients get disappointed from the services offered and slow process. It is essential to manage every client and what is their status in the lifecycle. Are they new and want more assistance or they have been satisfied with the current services and want more. Well, the best CRM for solopreneurs ensures that being a single person leading a small team, you can manage the pipeline and have an overview of sales performance by way of various metrics such as calls made and deals booked.
  • Small business CRM Software certainly helps one to track and visualize sales performance metrics through customer relationship profiles that distinguish prospects at every stage of the funnel. In a pipeline where you are constantly interacting with the client base to grow with your business, a CRM tracking outreach and booking progress amplify the process of revenue management.
  • Customer segmentation: There are different types of clients one may associate with as they may offer a wide array of services just like in case of digital marketers and sales teams who are all about some customer segmentation these days.
  • The best CRMs for sales has evident effects as it allows the marketers or the salespersons to leverage and offer the personalisation efforts along with breaking down prospects into different groups such as how big the deal is, where they're located, and more. Hence, one suggests getting the best CRM for a small sales team that helps them to get a bit more focus.


Well over the years, many people have gone through the process of searching for the best CRM software in 2017 and Best CRM software in 2018 and they have found suitable options. While the solutions offered have been good, the needs are constantly changing as the demand for a better version is always there. Thus, one should focus on while looking for the best CRM for a small business.

A small business has different aspects as discussed above. Thus, the different needs but small business should look out for when selecting their first CRM software including:

  • Low budget: When being in a startup scenario, one has no option but to control and manage the finances and hence they are always looking for the most cost-efficient option. Hence the list we at The CEO Magazine are sharing with you is consisting of the budget-friendly tools or the best CRM for a start-up that are free.
  • Easy to learn: As a venture grows, the learning curve is an important factor for SMBs as they are growing and don't have the time to master a complex, enterprise-grade software. Hence, we have ensured that teach of the best CRM software mentioned below do not require an IT or CRM expert to use the tools.
  • Customizable: The tools in the list of best CRM for start-up are build for solopreneurs who usually face the situation where every minor interaction can not only produce an overwhelming amount of data but also keep you from your goal. In such a scenario, trying a tool that can allow you to integrate well with other tools. The CRM tools for startups mentioned below are capable of taking on all your other tools and mix data for the ultimate results.
  • Customer Support: The nutshell for a successful startup, customer support plays an important role as marketing strategies, building sales funnels for your product, and defining the core functions of a finance and legal departments. Like most SMBs have small teams, it's helpful to have a tool that offers sufficient support and have the advantage of avoiding the early adopters' mistakes.

Best CRM Software for Start-ups

We have curated a list of best CRM software for start-ups, which is as follows:

Salesmate CRM:

A CRM that has been evident in being a useful CRM tool for the sales team, Salesmate CRM allows one to speed up the sales processes and offer customers a personalized experience. Support your SBM with Saleamate to manage your contacts effectively and keep track of all related sales activities including sending out email campaigns and following up with your emails once you hit send. As a Small Business, you appreciate flexibility and scalability and Salesmate understands these needs. Check out the website

Zoho CRM:

Zoho is a well-known brand name that has been included our previous lists of best CRM software for different industries and small businesses. This software has proven time and again to be one of the CRM tool that can also be employed by small businesses thanks to the variety in editions offered. If compared with other CRMs, the CRM software offers an edge over its competitors as it allows a bit more ease in terms of sales/marketing features. One can easily avail its features like

It offers like user's website visitor tracking, lead scoring, sales signals (with pop-up notifications about leads) and more via the free trial. While a small business or startup grows, they can avail the advanced features that are included only in the professional and enterprise editions.

The various options one can avail are free version, standard ($12/month), professional ($20/month), enterprise ($35/month) and more on


Third in the list of Best CRM Software for startups, Hubspot offers a free version of its CRM software unlike the popular CRMS names for startups. The software includes all of the basic features provided by CRM software, allowing you keep track of your company's activities, including contacts and company profiles, assigning & tracking deals, and managing all of that data in a detailed dashboard.

If you are already a user of one of the best CRM for startups then, you can use this CRM software to boost your inbound sales. You can visit the website to avail the several integration options with popular apps like SalesForce, Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics.


Amplifying experience to clients you have or you wish to attain with this sales management CRM i.e SalesForce. This CRM is perhaps one of the biggest and most widely used CRM software on the market which is used for the smaller business as it offers a basic edition called Lightning Essentials.

This edition helps users with the advanced contact manager that includes email integration and follow-up reminders along with a lot of options for integration and customisation. Check out the website to get a detailed insight into the value addition it can do in your sales operations.

Agile CRM:

The last but not least in this list of best CRMs for start-up Agile CRM is a particularly interesting CRM software for various reasons as it offers a lot of those big business features like custom appointments, drag-and-drop marketing automation and reports via email.

The software also supports widgets, a large library of plug-in, API-powered integrations and more and even though in the free version, however, there is quite limited in terms of features offered But it is a good choice if you looking for the features to be availed for up to 10 users. Further, you can also choose the starter package worth ($14.99/user/month) by visiting the website

Botton Line:

Get started with the boosting of your startup as you avail the benefits of the features from the listed CRMs for start-ups above.

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