DIN Engineering Services LLP: cultivating a culture to foster professional growth!

DIN Engineering Services LLP: cultivating a culture to foster professional growth!

DIN Engineering Services LLP: cultivating a culture to foster professional growth!

In the age of digitization Computer Aided Design and Drafting has introduced unprecedented innovation to the field of engineering drawings. It's little over a decade that Computer-aided design invented its pathway in industrial design engineering. CAD is a convenient technology, which substitutes old-fashioned drafting on paper and enables the designers to prepare drawings on a computer screen. 2D & 3D CAD drafting services have decreased the drafting efforts and enhanced effectiveness and quality considerably. From converting ideas into product designs and supporting design engineers, manufacturing firms to transform 3D models into physical products where CAD drafting and drawings continue to be one of the imperative means to convey design intent.

DIN Engineering Services is a global leader, offering Engineering Services in CAD and GIS. It is a notable Global Outsourcing Company. The foundation of the company was taken in the year 1999 with an aim to deliver the best in class services to the clients crosswise the globe. As a pre-eminent GIS and CAD Company, DIN Engineering has been presenting high-quality CAD Services since inception. It is a one-stop destination for an end to end services in CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) and GIS (Geographic Information system) serving niche industry verticals such as Renewable Energy and Telecommunications. The company has been victorious in serving hundreds of clients under its wings by adopting a comprehensive services approach and taking the clients through a detailed design and engineering phase.

The mission of DIN is "to seek out competitive advantages for clients through innovative utilization of technology and to encourage them to achieve long-term progress and prosperity. It aims to deliver amazing customer services and satisfaction regardless of the nature of product or service offered."

Business Offerings

CAD Conversion & Drafting

  • CAD Drafting/ Conversion
  • 2D/ 3D Modeling
  • 2D/ 3D Detailing/ Rendering
  • BIM

GIS Services

  • Utility Mapping
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Standardization & Migration
  • Cartography
  • App Development
  • Maintenance
  • Managed Services
  • Remote Sensing


  • Software Development
  • Staffing Services 

Team is the Real Strength

DIN Engineering is a team of over 500 skilled employees who have executed thousands of projects spread across U.S, EU and APAC countries. There is an expert and proficient management team that is leading the company towards higher latitude.

The company believes that it the hard work and dedication of employees that DIN is touching the sky of success. DIN has been able to expand its wings ahead of geographic limits and tries to accomplish full client satisfaction in all engagements because of its strong team. And hence, it strongly emphasizes on fostering a competitive yet friendly environment that creates long-term bonding within the organization.


DIN has a loyal client base spread across 30 countries globally. And, it is a partner to some of the preeminent producers, builders, and installers in Solar, Telecom, and Utility sector.  The team takes perfect care of the designing needs of clients and till date, it has successfully developed more than 5000 projects for clients spread across these 30 countries crosswise continents.

With support from DIN, clients can instantly enhance their global sourcing approach. Many customers have taken advantage from the cheaper production cost, higher rates of innovation, fast scaling for access to new markets and opportunities, lower cost and risk in expansion, resulting in higher revenue and profits.

Work Culture

The founders of DIN have laid its bedrock on a set of focus values and principles that encourages an ideal work culture in the organization while guiding every action, every decision and is reflected in the firm's service towards its clients; it strongly promotes sincerity, loyalty, cooperation, enthusiasm for customer pleasure, and confinement to accomplish perfection by discovery and delivery of unique solutions.

There is a merit-based work culture in the organization; people are rewarded for their achievement, union, and creativity. At every level, the organization presents an atmosphere where workers can share their opinions and give advice. Here, the focal point is the overall growth of employees.

Employee Feedback

DIN believes in consecutive development and that is why it is keen to receive feedback from employees. Besides, employee Satisfaction is one of the driving factors for accomplishing business goals as delighted workers help to improve and provide better services. All in all, employee feedback is given utmost importance.

Key Factors of a Preferable Workplace

  • Merit-based Work Culture
  • Believe and Trust in People
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Feedbacks and Suggestion
  • Additional Benefits
  • Fun and Social Activities 

Learning Opportunities for Employees

The firm believes in evolving to maintain pace with time; it has a well-designed Training & Development Department, which organizes internal as well as external training and workshops for the professional development of employees from time to time. Two internal pieces of training are scheduled every month in which employees are free to enrol.

Additionally, the company has set up a method where there is a seamless knowledge transfer among team members and training is provided at regular intervals. It benefits employees to stay knowledge competitive. The ultimate goal of both the knowledge transfer program and training is to embrace the new technologies, best practices, and methodologies.

Activities for Employees

Work and fun are two facets of the work culture at DIN. Employees are encouraged here to spend time together acquiring new behaviour traits by participating actively in fun activities and outings. They spend their leisure time playing cricket, quizzes, watching movies, binging on diverse cuisines.

DIN always focuses to sustain an open culture, where everyone feels comfortable sharing interests, concepts, and beliefs without a second thought.

Awards and Milestones

  • DIN has involved in international trade shows like SPI (Solar Power International).
  • It inaugurated a new world-class facility in SEZ (Special Economic Zone).
  • It touched headcount mark of 500+ highly skilled Engineers.

Future Plans

DIN Engineering Services is making plans to expand into other related verticals, and at the same time, it is also strengthening the existing services. Besides, the leadership of the company keeps participating in global events to stay up-to-date about the advanced trends in the industry.

Driving Force

Anuj Gupta- CEO

DIN Engineering is growing under the excellent guidance of Anuj Gupta. He is leading the company as its CEO.  After studies, Anuj started his career with his family business and since then he has served in management positions in Dimension India Networks, ArkadinConferIndia, RCMC Share Registry, Pan Portfolios, and most recently, VCloudX Inc., all of which are family controlled. He reports to the Company's Board of management.

Anuj is very loyal, hardworking and trustworthy. He believes in building strong relationships and goes in all ways to maintain that. Anuj is a self-driven individual and comes up with the practical and innovative approach.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email: onlinead@theceo.in

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