Wedlock Weddings By Vima, A Vima Shirleyann Rodrigues Venture Seamlessly Curating Precious Memories Since 2010

Wedlock Weddings By Vima, A Vima Shirleyann Rodrigues Venture Seamlessly Curating Precious Memories Since 2010
Ms. Vima Shirleyann, Founder Wedlock Weddings By Vima

Wedlock Weddings By Vima, A Vima Shirleyann Rodrigues Venture Seamlessly Curating Precious Memories Since 2010

“From the pre-wedding rituals to the after-wedding events, at Wedlock Weddings, we make your dream come true! Yes, the wedding you have been dreaming of forever. We robustly believe in belief that quality always wins over quantity,” shared the Vima Shirleyann Rodrigues.

Wedlock Weddings by Vima is a boutique wedding planning & decor agency based out of Bangalore & Goa that conceptualizes exclusive, stylish, and tasteful weddings, to thoughtfully design and etch your signature style into your wedding. Bringing suave and couture to every event, the brand works closely with you and your family to design a wedding that is uniquely yours and ensures the planning phase is both enjoyable and exciting.

Vima Shirleyann Rodrigues, with her 2010 founded brand, takes a personalised approach to assist her clientele throughout the process from designing, planning, to production phases to ensure they know exactly what the final event will look and feel like when executed.

For over 11 years, she has successfully delivered more than 250 multi-cultural events. Since she believes in quality over quantity, she takes a limited number of clients each year reason being she can give her attention to every detail right, from the start till the very end to make sure your signature event turns into a memorable one.

The Inception Story

A Gold Medalist from Goa College of Fine Arts and a rank holder in Advance Masters Diploma in Interior Designing from Vogue Institute of Fashion Designing, Vima Shirleyann Rodrigues is the entrepreneur, Founder & Head of Wedlock Weddings by Vima. Today, with her brand, she steps ahead to personally assist couples create some of the most precious memories of their life.

In 2010, while pursuing her advanced diploma in Interior designing from Bangalore to learn digital designing, she got her first project. During her early days in bangalore as a young Hosteller , she spent a lot of her time at a restaurant sketching, designing, or completing projects. That is where the restaurant owner noticed her creative skills . He apparently happened to own a wedding venue and since he was amazed with the youngsters talent he offered her an opportunity, a little nervous though at first. Vima who was working as a part-time junior wedding designer back then, grabbed this golden opportunity .

“Sketched the entire event, created mock-ups and the restaurant owner vouched for me. He made a deal with the client, wherein if the project didn’t go well, he will pay back 2,00,000/- to the client and if it don’t, the client will pay me the entire project value. That’s why I was in love with Bangalore because I landed in some safe hands. This event opened doors to many more opportunities,” Vima wrote.

Was acceptance a challenge?

As a Goan who started her business in Bangalore, she did find herself as an outsider who had no clue about the language spoken. But, she believes, the key was to convert every client with a universal language.

Looking back to her early days into the business she realises the biggest She realises the biggest mistake was outsourcing the entire event project ,as she faced some bitter experiences in the past .

Current Industry Challenges

Today, with the ongoing pandemic it has been challenging task as many couples are uncertain about the exact date of the event and hence pay the blocking amount only a month prior to the wedding which thus makes it challenging for VIMA and her team to execute entire 3-day wedding with just 1 month production time , to add to this a more challenging situation arises as she needs to source material and disbursement . Since she procures items from different states. Hence the delivery and execution is the biggest challenge in a short period of time .

From Vima’s Desk

“Persistence, attitude, and quality is the mantra to my success. Success never comes easy. If life throws you challenges, fight back and work hard,” Vima defines success.

“I strongly believe in quality over quantity. Even at times with a limited budget i make sure I don’t replicate any reference designs .I create my own unique designs by keeping up with the latest trends giving personal attention to every minute detail and sketch the entire setup .And yes, it does get challenging at times because some clients refuse to think outside the box.” – Vima wrote.

The Wedlock Team

With the dynamic and flexible outlook, the readiness to combat unforeseen challenges and last, but not least, the attention to detail, the Wedlock team.

The Flower Styling Designer since 2011, Mr Surajit Paul; Light Styling Manager since 2011, Mr Mayur; Logistic & Guest Management Executive since 2010, Mr Mohammed Tabraiz; and Production Manager, Mr Arman Mohammed keeps the show going. Their manpower is hired according to the size of the project and the number of events.

The Leader’s Efforts

Vima has always strived to be a good leader and an amazing companion to her employees by ensuring she pays well, treats each one of them with the respect they deserve, guiding them in times of errors and resolving the issues faced , during the event she makes sure to keep up the team spirit alive and motivate them to achieve the set goals and also make sure to appreciate their efforts at the end of every event .

She trains them on-site, gives them a managing team as per their concern and requirements so they can deliver on time. As she believes, that’s it’s the teams work that creates the magic at the end of the day

More than 40% of couples initially planned to get married after March 2020 had altered their plans considering the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions. About 27% postponed it to a later date in 2020, 23% pushed it to 2021, while 44% decided to have smaller intimate celebrations on their original dates and maybe have a larger celebration later when possible.

In 2020, Wedlocks lost a lot of business, revenue, capital savings on rents but acted on the vision to stay focused and convert projects. They have travelled from figuring out the concept of small weddings to working towards converting small weddings into a unique celebration customising every decor element.

Advice for the Leaders In Making

“There’s no doubt that running a business takes a lot of time but believe in yourself. Don’t doubt your abilities, have faith in your self and you will surely succeed. Be a good leader, , manage everything on time, have a vision, give time for your company to grow.”

“Take action if anything goes wrong, never give up and say no ,keep trying or find an alternate solution, learn from mistakes, find ways to grow your capital but always be true to your clients. If you provide good service, remember, work will surely come your way and money will follow. Understand your industry, study the trends always deliver more than promised,” advised Vima.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Vima gives back to society in smaller ways by donating to different cancer organisations and to various online groups serving to the needs of the weaker needy sections of the society during Christmas. Since wedlock caters to exclusive small and big events, they don’t reuse the fabrics and after the event, they are nicely folded and handed to the small event companies for free. They also provide the inventory to small event planners as per their requirements for free.

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at..”

Stephen Hawking.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email:

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