LogicLadder makes enterprises more sustainable with “The Sustainability Cloud™”

LogicLadder makes enterprises more sustainable with “The Sustainability Cloud™”

LogicLadder makes enterprises more sustainable with "The Sustainability Cloud™"

With an aspiration to build a world-class organization to save energy and help clients meet environmental compliance, Mayank Chauhan and Atindra Chandel conceptualized LogicLadder. Since LogicLadder has started its journey in 2011, the company's commitment has centered on providing the highest quality Energy and Environment monitoring and intelligence technology to their customers. With a headquarter in Gurgaon and technology centre in Noida, LogicLadder develops software that makes energy and environment data simple to acquire, understand and act upon. LogicLadder has worked hard to build a value driven organization with laser focus on Energy and Environment monitoring and intelligence technology that is the need for the day, today and tomorrow. The cutting edge tools and solutions that LogicLadder is building will not only address today's challenges but also deliver value to customers in their digital transformation using cloud, IoT, big data and mobility.

"We work tirelessly to build great products that make our customers and partners win.

Our customers are the purpose of our existence. We help them to win so that we can win," says LogicLadder.

Within a short period, LogicLadder has strategically partnered with established names of the market. The company provides Aditya Birla meaningful insights into their energy data and supports companies like Reliance to improve environmental compliance as per Central Pollution Control Board. Backed by updated and state-of-the technology, LogicLadder offers solutions across all industries. Through its office, technology centre and thirty employees, LogicLadder is serving over three hundred and eighty clients in India, Africa, Japan and some other parts of the world. With its verticalization strategy and pioneering technology-based innovations, LogicLadder has been growing both organically and inorganically. It has been steadily scaling each of its verticals over the past couple of months and has also taken some other strategies to further accelerate its growth. Stemming out of this pledge, LogicLadder has forayed its vision, which is an ambitious and comprehensive initiative that aims to improve sustainability through better energy and environment monitoring and management.

LogicLadder's product EnergyLogicIQ works hard to save energy, so you don't have to. EnergyLogicIQ makes energy data simple to acquire, understand and act upon – so that missed insights do not become missed opportunities. It is a next generation solution for today's energy conscious enterprise. EnergyLogicIQ has hundreds of smart features that help you save energy and money. EnergyLogicIQ performs more than 130 million calculations on energy data to pinpoint causes of energy loss, inefficient assets and identify areas for improvements.

EnergyLogicIQ customers are today using the cloud platform for managing and accounting for energy use from grid, generator and renewable sources like solar.

EnviroLogicIQ is a revolutionary software of LogicLadder  for clear insight into your environment data and compliance needs, so that you can be empowered to work for a cleaner environment. It is powered by real time IoT technology for communication and Big Data for data storage and analytics. EnviroLogicIQ leverages IoT telemetry technology to acquire ambient air, emission and water data. With 99.99% uptime it makes gathering data from remote devices over GPRS, satellite and broadband highly reliable. EnviroLogicIQ supports remote device diagnostics and management so that you do not have to travel to those remote sites for each change in station configuration and calibration. It will detect when your devices are having issues and alert you.

"Reliance uses EnviroLogicIQ for real time monitoring and management of wastewater, emissions and air quality. The platform is also used to meet Central Pollution Control Board compliance on online monitoring and reporting," said the spokesperson of LogicLadder.

Creating this world class Energy and Environment monitoring and intelligence firm  organization is not one person's job. LogicLadder employs a pool of talents. Eminent industry experts like Alok Bhargava, Takhiro Kurata, Shashank Bansal and Madhu Nagarajan are in their advisory board.

Mayank Chauhan serves LogicLadder as the CEO, who is not only accountable for the overall performance of the company and for the day-to-day running, but also for management of the company's business, under delegated authority from the board.

He develops and delivers the company's strategic plan and annual business plans in the most effective and efficient manner. Ensuring that there is a fit between strategy and culture, and the company's processes and structure is among his other responsibilities. His specialties include Operational Efficiencies, Strategic Vision and Planning. Chauhan has a wide exposure to the energy and environment segments. An alumnus of IIT Mumbai, Mayank also holds LL.B degree.

Serial entrepreneur Atindra Chandel is the Director of Marketing of LogicLadder. He leads the marketing team and ensures smooth daily operations. Chandel develops, establishes, and directs the execution of operating policies to support overall company objectives. Client contracts, partnership agreements, leases, and other important matters also come under his responsibility. He attended T.S.Rehman College for Nautical Sciences degree.

IIT Kanpur alumnus Abhishek Chandel is the CTO of the company. He has more than eleven years of experience in architecting and running highly scalable, high throughput and highly available software platforms.

The co-founders of LogicLadder are of the belief that a responsible organization has the duty to pay back to the society as well as to the environment, by taking an effort to save the environment.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email: onlinead@theceo.in

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