Kanso Consulting’s Success Stems from the Customer’s Success backed by its own Flawless Program Execution

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There are many startups focused on providing marketing support to customers but only a few have succeeded in creating a premium brand and achieving an exponential growth.

Conceptualized on Japanese Zen philosophy referencing the art of simplicity or de-cluttering, MaaS (Marketing-as-a-Service) focused startup Kanso Consulting concentrates on providing the highest quality of marketing consultancy services while maintaining integrity, transparency and keeping the customer's success as its core mantra.

Being a marketing consultancy firm, Kanso's success stems from the customer's success backed by its own flawless program execution. Providing complete marketing support to start-up and medium businesses; Kanso has created a niche for itself in the field of marketing consultancy.

Kanso Consulting believes in being a core strategic marketing partner to its clients and supporting them through a Virtual CMO model. Kanso's consultancy services extend from tactical execution elements like brochures, flyers, standees, presentations, logo design etc to strategic initiatives like customer segmentation exercise, target market value proposition, marketing blueprint, marketing strategy document, alliance and channel process creation and others.

Based in Bangalore, Kanso offers a lucrative combination of strategic marketing consultancy. Clubbed with flawless tactical execution and backed by the strong B2B experience of the founder Kaushal Veluri.

With over two decades of progressive experience across Sales, Marketing and Partner Development. Kaushal Veluri started Kanso Consulting LLP in 2015 with an aim to simplify the complex world of marketing. Having started his career in a small-time partner organisation; Kaushal Veluri added to his expertise by working across leading organisations like 3M, IBM, Oracle and Citrix. His agile thinking and collaborative skills were further enhanced during his stint in an on-line start up firm.

While talking about his company, Mr Kaushal Veluri, founder and CEO asserted; "Kanso Consulting's aim is to help support your business with a simple and effective marketing outreach program. By breaking down the clutter in marketing routes and helping you target the right audiences and get the best RoI.

We work closely with our clients to understand their Business Imperatives and help them bridge the marketing gap. By building a Strategic Marketing Blueprint, detailing a Tactical Marketing Plan, working with relevant agencies; for Flawless Execution & Tracking and measuring the results to ensure an enhanced Return-on-Investment.

Kanso Consulting works very closely with a core set of ecosystem partners to bring the best-of-world solutions for its customers"

What is the business problem Kanso Consulting hopes to solve with its solutions and offerings? asked The CEO Magazine.

"Kanso Consulting operates primarily in the B2B space. B2B technology start-ups face a huge challenge from a marketing perspective as the target market is very limited, defined and segmented. While the Founders or Key executives are operating on multiple fronts like engineering, technology, product development, sales, operations and business development; marketing typically gets left behind while building the organization's strategy even though it should be a core component of the organization's growth story.

At the same time, their needs from a digital reach-out and content perspective are unique in nature specific to the industry that they operate in and target. Kanso Consulting, with its founder's expertise and experience in the B2B technology domain from a Sales & Marketing front, is uniquely poised to provide support to the B2B start-ups and medium customers to build their brand and marketing outreach." Mr. Veluri replied.

Kanso Consulting's vision is to help support client's business with a simple and effective marketing outreach program. By breaking down the clutter in marketing routes and helping client's target the right audiences and get the best RoI. With the help of technology and automation, Kanso supports its clients with innovative programs. Some of the changes it brings about are transformational and have a significant impact on the customer's outreach.

Kanso Consulting LLP will soon create footmark in other cities of the country; along with a Digital arm to support B2B customers.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email: onlinead@theceo.in

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