Striving for excellence since 2009, K 'n' J Partners is a legal advisory firm dedicated to offering legal consults and services to its vast clientele. The brand has addressed and catered to the need of a trusted platform for companies supporting their goals in regard to the customers, associates and industry. The decade old endeavour is continuing to deliver to its commitment of quality services with its professional team of well-equipped and experienced lawyers, company secretaries, chartered accountants and retired government officials led by Equity Partners Suraj Kumar and Sarul Jain, the visionaries behind the brand.

Managed by highly qualified, experienced and dynamic professionals, K 'n' J Partners adds value to various corporate giants around the world as they tend to showcase a clear picture to both parties in a dispute scenario along with presenting them with options to continue the transaction and helping the brand to move on to new business prospects. The approach followed by the brand has been a key factor driving success for the brand.

The journey from Layman to Lawman

"The foundation of K 'n' J Partners was laid way back when I was a student and aspired to follow the same profession as my father who was a lawyer. I believe, the journey from a layman to a lawman initiated when, despite belonging to a science background, I decided to pursue and studied law from Rohilkhand University, followed by training under my father. In 2009, my entrepreneurial endeavours started with a partner as we laid the foundation of K 'n' J Partners in Delhi," shared Sarul on how he entered the legal consultancy field.

He further added, "I always wanted to be a lawman because the variety in this field always excites me as no two cases are similar. Every new transaction, every new case is a new challenge and it requires a new study. Yes, the basics law intellect will be used but every case has its own facts and requires courts of law. Every case has its own merits and demerits, being a legal consultant, one has to understand the demerits for the clients and convert them into merits. This is more of a mind game and I believe that motivates me to become a better lawman every day."

Evolving as a Team and Legal Scenario

With a team of well qualified and experienced professionals at work, every transaction handled by a K 'n' J Partners' expert legal advisors is backed with research and detailed conversations with clients in various fields like technical, financial, or normal commercial transactions.

Over the years, the advisors have gained expertise to offer relevant solutions, the understanding has seeped in that the manner in which the law has evolved through the years it has comprehended efficiently a situation friendly behaviour suitable to individual scenarios. The experts find out the best way to pull out the resources for the clients in such situations decided by various courts of law and other tribunal handling.

Core Values

"In a scenario of dispute, both parties come across with their own versions and perspective in which they are correct, the team of K 'n' J Partners ensures that the client is presented with a clear and honest picture and assist them with the best legal consultation and services," shared Sarul on the corporate values of honesty and transparency that the brand follows.

The team at K 'n' J Partners ensures a satisfied and loyal clientele as it makes sure that the services are not compromised while the client is on the wheels or for any other reason unable to respond. K 'n' J Partners may not be the ones to approach its prospective clientele first, but the brand ensures that it delivers personalized services with a professional touch to its clients.

Evolving since Inception

 The brand has evolved over the years and achieved its status by delivering services that led to word of mouth publicity. Serving its clientele of institutional clients and private clients that approached K 'n' J Partners through references, the brand believes that it is on the right path to serving the purpose of its clients.

"In the legal field, a person is always evolving. It is not like you have studied once and then you became the master of law. In law school, majorly we are taught only 30 acts and there are more than 30000 acts in India. In these 30000 acts, there are amendments, judgements which are always evolving. This field is ever-changing, exciting and there is always something new to do, this evolving nature of the field inspired me to be a lawyer in the first place," shared Sarul Jain


As a legal consultancy minimises the risks factors and liabilities for its clients and makes sure that they maximize the client's profits, for companies it is always the right time to invest in a legal consulting to ensure strong transactions backed by strong documents to avoid any situation of litigation.

"There are mid-cap companies today, with a turnover of 200 to 400 crore annually which do not believe in investing in a legal consultancy as their legal partners and save costs, which I believe is a mistake in the long run because the charges which they save by not consulting a lawyer or a consultancy firm while or before getting into a transaction results in bigger dispute later on," Sarul shared his views on the need for demand of legal consultancies.

He further added, "As the companies aspire to be like major players in the market with transactions over 1000cr, I believe, it is essential to adopt the habits of having a legal budget and consult with lawyers before getting into any agreement to avoid loss of money and hassle."

Competitive Market and Technology

With the focus on providing the clients with remarkable services and assisting them in legal transactions and agreements, K 'n' J Partners has built an edge over its competition in the market. The brand believes competency has nothing to do with age as it continues to deliver services to its vast clientele.

Advancement of technology has eased a few things. However, the cons that it presents cannot be ignored as the tech-based legal resolutions available in the market based on 0-1 principle are not an effective solution to every case with its unique facts. The brand has adopted technology to support its legal startup as it replaced the traditional library with the new software to simplify the search related to any case.

Advice to an Entrepreneur in the Current Scenario

Being an equity partner of a novel firm himself, the visionary Sarul Jain shares his views on being an entrepreneur today. He said, "One can be an entrepreneur in an industry today with a startup based on a unique concept. In case one is presenting a service that already exists in the market, one should adopt a cost-effective approach as a USP in order to gain an edge over its competitors."

He further shares, "I believe, despite the economic slowdown, the new and innovative concepts will never suffer from any economic slowdown. The market slowdown is a good time to enter business for a new entrepreneur."

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