Ennoble IP, A Leading Intellectual Property Consulting Firm Uplifting Start-ups, SMEs, and Universities

Ms. Shweta Singh, Founder and CEO, Ennoble IP

Ms. Shweta Singh, Founder and CEO, Ennoble IP

Ennoble IP, A Leading Intellectual Property Consulting Firm Uplifting Start-ups, SMEs, and Universities

Ennoble IP acts as one stop solution for all the Intellectual Property needs while the uniqueness of the 2013 founded enterprise lies in the fact that they aim to support and empower the people who are relatively newer in their businesses.

Led by Shweta Singh in the roles of Founder and CEO, the brand is synonymous with the best in IP Identification and protection of assets for small and medium enterprises, start-ups, and educational institutions.

This boosts their economies and eventually works toward the development of the country’s economy. Shweta believes, the team’s passion to rightly identify the IP and aligning their vision with overall development of the economy of the country is the major driving force behind Ennoble IP’s progress.

Dr Shweta Singh navigated through the entrepreneurial route to build her own empire and become the source of giving. Driven by the same thought process, she landed up in the venture of Intellectual Property Rights.

This allowed her to benefit start-ups, SMEs in distinct fields. Also, creating awareness about IP rights remains the foremost motive behind her parent company, Ennoble IP.

From Dr Shweta Singh’s Desk

“I’m so grateful for the acknowledgement and it’s such an overwhelming moment for my company too. This award belongs to everyone who has put their heart and soul in the organization to make it a dynamic and a successful one. It’s about the team effort which they put into and always stand beside my thick and thin. I humbly express my utmost gratitude to those who believe in me at every point of life. I’m so honoured for receiving such acknowledgement Company of the Year 2021 and will continue to achieve many more laurels,” Dr Shweta Singh, Founder & CEO, Ennoble IP shared.

Surmounting Challenges

“The biggest challenges I’ve faced is that people in India are not even aware about their Intellectual Property Rights and often ignore giving importance to IP in their business. Moreover, some segment of people believe IP is a sheer wastage of money which is not the case in real,”- Shweta says.

With the background of a small town and the lack of entrepreneurial background, Shweta didn’t have the skill set or the exposure when she decided to run a full fledge business. However, it was her vision and utter grit that drove her to pursue her entrepreneurial dream. Ups and downs are the part of any journey but how gracefully you emerged as a fighter is a sheer success.

The Ennoble Solutions

As mentioned above, the one stop solution for all the Intellectual Property needs, Ennoble IP is a technology driven corporation which empowers its clientele majorly consisting of start-ups, SMEs and universities, with IP protection services.

In parallel, the brand handholds them throughout the process starting with the research upon their raw ideas and ranging from drafting, filing, prosecution, litigation to commercialization of their patents, trademarks, copyright, and designs and with a specialized vertical which provides corporate trainings.


As a brand dealing in Intellectual Property Rights, Ennoble IP’s core motive is to provide legal aid to every person who is looking to protect their intangible assets, inventions, or innovations.

The uniqueness of the enterprise lies in their vision to support and empower the novel businesses and leaders to ensure IP related issues do not become a part of their hustle.

Hence, today, Ennoble IP’s team deploys their time and efforts to ensure that IP identification and protection of small and medium enterprises, start-ups and educational institutions which boosts their economies and as a result work toward the development of the economy of the country.

The Ennoble Team

With robust belief that teamwork can actually do wonders in any business, Shweta build a team who actually posses the sense of belongings towards the company and work diligently.

Building a dynamic team is never an easy process. It requires great amount of hard work and determination while creating your dream team.

What drives you?

With an optimistic perception towards life and mindset contributes and motivates Shweta as a leader. Each day of journey and the enormous lessons that she learnt is the core to have the right mindset and helped her distinctly.

She believes, one’s mindset always contributes to their growth. The way they perceive their notions and beliefs matters in their business. They always keep the team driven by acknowledging their efforts and always push them to do better in their work.

Trends Post Pandemic and Recognitions

Since the pandemic hit the world, remote working is the new normal, which has been very easy for Ennoble IP’s in-house as they developed IP tools that supported the team and made the work-flow efficient between the team and clients.

Now, teams connect virtually to solve the IP needs of the clients and now they can connect with multiple start-ups/SMEs at the same time spreading IP Assistance and awareness to millions in need.

“I’m utterly grateful for my awards and the milestones I’ve achieved. The most honoured moment of my life was when I received Times 40 under 40 award and Exceptional women of the year by Women Economic Forum (WEF). Recently, I was awarded with Most Dynamic Women Entrepreneur of the year.”

What is Success?

Success is the outcome of failure and hardships, no matter how many times you’ve seen drawbacks in your lives but you’ll always come stronger and powerful. I can say that after I’ve come a long way, my determination, positive attitude and not afraid to lose in any given time are my go to success mantra. I believe to get blossom in life these mantras will defiantly enrich each individual to get the desired results,” shared Shweta.

Expansion Plans

With globalization on the roadmap, Ennoble IP is working to escalate business in countries like US and Canada. With the right strategy and plans, they look forward to becoming a work family of at least 500 employees and have more than 100 CRs revenue clocking every year in the coming 5 years.

They envision to take India into top 5 ranking of Global Innovation Index and thus aspire to become one of the top 5 IP firms for Start-ups, Universities and SMEs. Ennoble also aspires to grow continuously and to deliver quantitative as well as qualitative work to the clients.

Words of Wisdom

“My piece of advice to all budding and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to venture into the industry is to always come up with your fruitful ideas and have an optimistic mindset to achieve the goals in your business and will take you to the heights of success,” shared Shweta.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Shweta Singh gives back to the society with her non-profit organization WIFE. It aims for creating unbiased opportunities by empowering all women around the globe. This platform has certainly carved the dreams and desires of all the purposeful ladies out there.

“I believe that every woman should look forward for her financial independency because it will surely lead to create her life path and achieve her future endeavours.”

Shweta Singh

<div class="paragraphs"><p><strong>Ms. Shweta Singh, Founder and CEO, Ennoble IP</strong></p></div>
<div class="paragraphs"><p><strong>Ms. Shweta Singh, Founder and CEO, Ennoble IP</strong></p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p><strong>Ms. Shweta Singh, Founder and CEO, Ennoble IP</strong></p></div>
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