Aoire Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Creating Business Values
Aoire Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd.: Creating Business Values

Aoire Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd.: Creating Business Values

Praveen Alex Luke - Founder & MD - Aoire Business Consultants

Aoire Business Consultants is an SAP service provider with expertise in consultation services for customers who have purchased SAP Licenses. SAP is the largest and number one ERP, SCM, CRM, and other OEM solution globally.

Their services include helping customers implement and maintain SAP software in their organization. Praveen Alex Luke laid the foundation of Aoire on the 14th of July 2015. They are based in Kochi, Kerala, with their development center in Bangalore, Karnataka.

They also have plans to register a company in Dubai. A self-funded company, starting as a bootstrap, Aoire has managed to grow organically for the past seven years. At present, they are a team of, although limited, a pool of 15 to 25 well-qualified professionals.

Key Executives At Aoire

The board of directors includes Aleyamma Luke, Susan Cherian, and Praveen Alex Luke.

The founder of Aoire Business Consultants, Praveen Alex Luke, has an IT background with an experience of 22+ years.

After completing his initial studies and graduating in physics from his hometown in Kollam, Kerala, Praveen went to complete his Master's in Computer Applications from Madras University.

Before starting his entrepreneurial journey, Praveen worked with IT giants, including BearingPoint, Wipro, Mindtree, and others.

Susan Cherian, director at Aoire, holds a Master's degree in Mass Communication and is in charge of corporate communication at the company.

Aleyamma Luke, the senior most member of the organization, shares her wisdom and is the guiding force behind the organization. She is a qualified Graduate, which makes her stand out in her time.

Their Clientele

Aoire focuses mainly on Middle Eastern, Indian, and US regions to generate revenue. At present, they have a client base of 20+ customers.

The Vision And Mission

Praveen says their company tagline is “Creating Business Values.” This emphasizes the fact that they aim to be a company where each stakeholder, whether internal or external, sees value in every correspondence and would desire to be linked with us for every need where our knowledge can provide assistance and be mutually sustainable.

To have an expert advising and competent team in each of AOIRE's specialized service areas. Developing solutions through the use of concise, effective strategies. Establish organizational values based on exceptional user experience. Encourage an enjoyable work atmosphere and attitude.

Key Services

At Aoire, they have a service and project-based revenue model. They offer three key services:

● SAP services

● Business Consulting

Digital Transformation

What Sets Them Apart

The main difference between Aoire and their competitors is cost-effectiveness, yet the quality of service they provide. Most of the team members at Aoire are senior engineers with firsthand experience and a good process understanding of different industries.

They have expertise in handling multiple projects by themselves in their previous organizations and can deal with any customer, big or small.

Success And Milestones

Praveen defines success as seeing its customers satisfied with the work they have completed, whether it is a small or large engagement. He mentions that over the last seven years, Aoire has managed to deliver SAP services without any major setbacks.

One of the major successes for Aoire is starting as a bootstrap company with one person and one client and scaling up to multiple customers and a team of highly qualified professionals over the years.

Setbacks In Their Journey

Praveen says, “Challenges never end, and we face them head-on daily.” He mentions that starting a company itself is a challenge but starting a company without any capital, external funding, team, and customer reference was extremely challenging.

Building customer references, providing quality deliverables, maintaining the team, and providing a work-life balance for the team, are all challenges. Praveen believes in teamwork, and together as a team, they overcome any hurdles they come across.

What Led To the Foundation Of Aoire

Talking about the inception of Aoire, Praveen says, “The entrepreneurial thought was always there right from the start. There were other factors too. Like, when you are in a job, you work 10-12 hours a day, put in the effort, and still don't get proper recognition.

All this led to the foundation of Aoire.” Founding Aoire for him is putting his effort in the right direction. As an entrepreneur, he gets complete control over his work and life, including his goals and time.

Fundamental Values Of Aoire

According to Praveen, integrity and truthfulness are the two primary values of the company. He believes in doing what you are good at and doing it properly. Aoire is a five-letter word, and every letter transcribes five fundamental values on which the company is based.

● A- Accountability

● O- openness

● I- Integrity

● R- Responsible

● E- Efficient

Upcoming Trends In The Industry

With the onset of AI, the IT and technology industry is growing and changing swiftly. Like every firm and company gearing up to cope with the upcoming technology changes, Aoire is doing its part in staying updated with the industry. Praveen emphasizes that although they are scaling up to match the industry's growth, their main focus remains on SAP.

Ongoing Important Things At Aoire

With Aoire’s growth, scaling up is their most prominent goal. Praveen mentions that although they have directors and other key team members, it is not a one-person job anymore.

Along with building their client base and handling their existing clients, they are focusing on creating a team of professionals who can handle multiple responsibilities. At Aoire, they believe in second chances and are actively working on hiring people who have taken a career break.

Road Map For The Future

Aoire Business Consultants are all about creating values not just for their clients but also for their employees. Praveen says, “Unless the employees are happy, you can not expect them to give their 100% to a job.”

He is an immense believer in maintaining a work-life balance and has a policy of enjoying life first and then working. His goal for Aoire is to rise as a professional company for its customers and employees.

Hurdles Along The Way

Aoire had its fair share of successes and failures in its journey. Being a self-funded company, initially, it had to face some financial issues, but despite it all, they have grown tremendously since their inception. Even during the covid, when other businesses suffered, Aoire thrived and flourished.

An Advice For Budding Entrepreneurs.

Praveen Alex Luke, the founder and MD of Aoire Business Consultants concluded his conversation with a piece of advice for young entrepreneurs trying to make a mark in the industry.

He says, “If you have an idea, instead of overthinking, take the plunge. It is the first step that is difficult but also matters the most; the rest just follows. If it is something that you want, it will definitely conspire. Just do everything you can, and things will happen.”

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