Amicus Growth Advisors

Transforming businesses with Integrity, accountability, and social impact as their core values.
Amicus Growth Advisors: Transforming businesses with Integrity, accountability, and social impact as their core values.

Amicus Growth Advisors: Transforming businesses with Integrity, accountability, and social impact as their core values.

Sanjeev Jain - Managing Partner - Amicus Growth Advisors

Amicus Growth Advisors, founded in 2018, is a leading Transformation & Transaction Advisory firm that offers services, including Business Transformation, Valuation, Due Diligence, Digital Strategy, and Supply Chain Consulting.

Their integrated approach helps established, emerging, or sub-optimally performing organizations reach great levels of success. They combine years of experience with home-grown insights to provide the necessary knowledge, tools, and execution prowess to help establishments navigate uncertain times and achieve their business goals.

At present, Amicus is located in Mumbai and Hyderabad. They are a growing consulting firm with employees having varied experience and educational backgrounds. Their employee base includes practitioners, business analysts, and industry specialists.

Their Mission And Vision

Amicus Growth Advisors' Vision:

To consistently deliver balanced, innovative, and effective solutions to our clients for sustained and mutually rewarding relationships and provide long-term mentorship to all our associates, honing them by imparting knowledge, expertise, and wisdom.


- Deliver customized solutions to add significant value to our clients and fully assist them in achieving their long-term strategic goals

- Finding pioneering solutions to the most critical needs, challenges, and concerns of the business sectors they serve

- Foster a progressive and motivating work environment that recognizes creativity and hard work

- Focus on sustainability and social impact that improves the environment around us

Key Services

Amicus Growth Advisors offers these key services to their clientele:

➢ Business Transformation (Growth/ Profit Enhancement)

➢ GTM (Go To Market Strategy)

➢ CFO and Board Advisory Services

➢ Transaction Advisory

Supply Chain Management

➢ Digital Strategy

Essense Of Amicus Growth Advisors

Talking about their firm, Sanjeev Jain says that while their services portfolio is sector-agnostic, their consultants specialize in Logistics Industry.

At Amicus, they specialize in providing consulting services like:

➢ Business Transformation and Business Turnaround

➢ Performance Improvement (EBIDTA Improvement / Cost Optimization),

➢ CFO services - Insolvency Advisory and Support Services

➢ Independent Directorship ( Empanelled with IICA)

They have more than three decades of experience in all facets of Financial Administration, including Corporate Strategy, Fund Raising, Business Transformation, Working Capital Management, Mergers and Acquisition, Corporate Restructuring, Investor Relations, Enterprise Risk Management, Revenue Assurance, Compliance & Governance, Secretarial, Regulatory, Legal, Risk, Audit, Board Governance, IT, HR, and CSR across multiple sectors.

Differentiating Factors

With over 50 years of corporate experience, Amicus provides solutions customized to its client's requirements. They are practitioners with deep expertise and partner with their clients for the long haul, providing expert guidance and support to their clients. They have created a three-step process- “Transform, Grow and Succeed” to ensure success for every project.

Success And Recognitions

Vikas Pawar, a Partner at the firm, mentions, “While many factors contribute to a consulting firm's success, none is more important than the continued confidence of our clients.” At Amicus, they work to gain clients' trust with sustained involvement and influence in their business success.

Sanjeev Jain recalls their recent work with a regional logistics player where they helped their client’s business succeed. Their transformation project codenamed “Vijay,” created tremendous intellectual capital within the organization, business process improvements with structured review processes, and synergy within the group companies. Also, improved data analytics helped faster & better decision-making within the client organization.

Hurdles Along the Way

Sanjeev Jain says that their entrepreneurial journey to set up a business transformation expertise started about ten years back when as part of the industry, they hired one of the top-tier consultants to revamp the functioning of a premier domestic logistics player.

He and his partner spent four years driving the transformation office from the company’s side. The detailed engagement gave us the experience of managing change in all business operations, Sales, Customer Relationships, Finance, and HR.

The amalgamation of this experience and the Logistics Industry expertise led to the inspiration to implement something similar for small and medium enterprises. Mr. Jain mentions that at the end of the day, there are two paths in any journey- success and failure. And to succeed, hard work, dedication, and determination are the keys.

Ideation Behind Amicus Growth Advisors

Vikas Pawar says Logistics is pivotal in shaping modern business operations and perhaps the only service that touches all business verticals globally. Even domestically, logistics and reduction of costs have been a big focus area of the government.

A business needs to have a well-designed and executed logistics strategy. Mr. Pawar mentions, “Logistics is an exciting industry with evolving technology and frequent innovation, so we love being part of this segment.”


Mr. Sanjeev Jain, Managing Partner

Mr. Jain is a Chartered Accountant and Resolution Professional with 30+ years of experience in Corporate Strategy, Business Transformation, Mergers & acquisitions, Restructuring, Financial Planning, and Investor Relations in various leadership roles, including CFO role with Gati, AFL, FedEx, and senior positions in Tata Communication LTD and Chambal Fertilizers.

Throughout his professional journey, he handled high-impact Business Performance Improvement and other strategic projects.

Mr. Vikas Pawar, Partner

Mr. Pawar is an accomplished Supply Chain leader with 18+ years of experience in Corporate Strategy, Supply Chain & Logistics, and Industry Research. He guided high-impact SCM projects that involved customized solution design of the entire end-to-end logistics.

He also handled senior strategic and consulting roles in Gati, Adani, and SJ Consulting. Mr. Pawar has expertise in identifying operational requirements, creating implementation roadmaps, and coordinating cross-functional teams.

Their Clientele

Amicus Growth Advisors focus on a limited number of clients for long-term engagements under business transformation. They also provide short-term advisory services to several customers for growth capital, due diligence, and industry research/ expertise assignments.

What Sets Them Apart

Unlike its competitors, Amicus Growth Advisors focus on the requirements of small and medium enterprises. Their core focus is on SMEs facing steady challenges regarding working conditions, productivity, and informality. They understand the pragmatic viewpoint to provide concrete solutions keeping in mind limited access to capital, moderate talent, and incoherent processes.


Amicus Growth Advisors have successfully carried out their niches in less than four years. They have an enviable list of repeated clientele and have expanded from their core industry vertical into newer avenues like tech logistics & technology.

Their Solutions And Offerings

As logisticians typically work on complex supply chains of various businesses, a solution-based approach is second nature for Amicus Growth Advisors.

They believe that implementing Strategic Change becomes a set of critical problem statements that lead to Business Transformation. As the transformation partner, Amicus positively influences small and medium business enterprises and helps them succeed.

Upcoming Trends

Mr. Pawar mentions a few upcoming trends in their industry:

➢ Embracing Modern Integration Technology.

➢ Emerging Omnichannel Supply Chain (B2B, B2B, D2C)

➢ Big Data & Analytics

➢ Globalization and Compliance

Five Years Down The Line

Industry leaders are planning to enter a new era, with new technologies, practices, and standards to carry it. With their innovative approach, Amicus Growth Advisors are well equipped to change the changing dynamics of the business world.

Lessons Learned

Amicus Growth Advisors faced failures & pitfalls and stood firm and countered them. Sanjeev Jain says, “Failure is a learning experience. Hence, our team has gained experience & never looked back again.

Advice To Young Entrepreneurs

➢ Learn something unique every day

➢ Make mistakes, learn from them & improvise. Embrace feedback!

➢ If in business, know your audience, identify gaps in the market, build a strong network

➢ Believe in yourself & seize Opportunities.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Amicus Growth Advisors: Transforming businesses with Integrity, accountability, and social impact as their core values.</p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Amicus Growth Advisors: Transforming businesses with Integrity, accountability, and social impact as their core values.</p></div>
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