A Man, People and Companies Can Bank On 

A Man, People and Companies Can Bank On 

A Man, People and Companies Can Bank On 

We all need knowledgeable, trustworthy & reliable professionals around us. An extraordinary doctor, a reliable lawyer, a skilled chartered accountant and a trustworthy financial planner increase our chances of being successful – Both for Individuals and Organizations.  Many successful people have said that in order to be successful, we need the right people around us and not many people have gone wrong with Akash Mahagaonkar and his ventures. He's helped people make wealth, retire and companies grow. "Financial planning is not about investments, debts or insurance. It is an approach to help companies, families or individuals achieve their financial goals and lead a life of fulfillment & self-respect." The statement has been a mantra for a mechanical engineer who decided to foray into Financial Service Industry with the incorporation of Relativity Management Solutions (I) Pvt.Ltd.

Counted among the few thousands of Certified Financial Planners CFP® in India, AkashMahagaonkar describes the reason for doing so in his own words, "My love for understanding money started from school when I used to lend money to people working at my father's factory for a minimum interest. I started with Rs. 5000 and in the third year I had Rs. 66000. This not only intrigued me but also urged me to find out why people should have financial issues when they were already earning. I started analyzing their financial behavior and thus my journey started." Akash currently chairs as the Head of Operations & Business Development. His inquisitiveness in Finance made him become a CPA® from US and CFP® from FPSB. Though he is a B.E Mechanical Engineer by qualification, he is well known as a "Finance Specialist" for over 9 years now. He is also an eminent speaker and has been awarded & recognized for his talks/insights on Entrepreneurship & Taxation by Corporates & Professional forums.

Relativity's success

Marked by a continual effect of innovating itself to stay on the top, Relativity is a self-funded, profitable leading Indian multi-process management consulting and outsourcing company specializing in Payroll, Taxation, Compliance, Accounting & Enterprise Lodgment functions. Incorporated in 2008, the organization stands at the helm with serving more than 165 corporate clients across a magnitude of industries including manufacturing, IT & ITES, electrical and semiconductor, BFSI, auto, and auto ancillary industries. Relativity expertise is in Business finance; as a subject matter expert in Payroll, Accounting, Taxation & Compliance for companies in India. Over the years, the team has developed extensive vertical expertise in these functions.

Financial Planning is a vital activity for all businesses. It is a year-round activity that requires the accurate financial reporting and analysis. The larger the enterprise, the larger the size of the team working on financial planning and greater are the skill needed. During the initial innings of an organization, gaining the trust of a client is a daunting task in the financial industry. But when one works with full honesty since the beginning, it becomes easier to win the hearts of initial clients and the rest of the work is done by good word of mouth. Assisting its clients to understand the dynamics of the fast changing business environment and help them to evolve and grow in the competitive environments.

Mastering Uniqueness

It's not WHAT we do, but HOW we do that makes us different – Akash Mahagaonkar

Relativity's prowess in delivering timely response, on schedule completion with passion, enthusiasm and will to perform is truly unmatched. Relativity's team of 55 introverts, extroverts, right brains, and left brains is the greatest assets and biggest differentiator of the firm's ongoing success. The people here are qualified and the dedicated staff comes from very juvenile group. Ambitious and impatient for success, yet down-to-earth and approachable, the dedicated staff comes from the very juvenile group. The organization holds expertise in the arena of:

  • Payroll (Indian & Expats) Processing
  • Enterprise Withholding Tax Compliance
  • Enterprise Lodgement Services
  • Statutory Compliance Management
  • Accounting & Financial Intelligence for SME's

Expansion Binge

With its brick & mortar presence in Bangalore, Chennai & Coimbatore, Relativity's expertise has been recognized by leading organizations. Relativity has named many accreditations including Best Compliance Service Provider Award by a Large Multinational company, Best Partner of the Year Award from Triad Square Infosec and Outstanding HR Partner Recognition from Exterro for 3 years in a row. Since its launch, the organization has served more than 165 corporations including Cisco, Hyundai, Royal Enfield, Oracle, Intel, Polaris, Kennametal India, The Himalaya Drug Company, Infineon, Infinite, etc. The firm has included many firsts to its abode including India's First Lodgement compliance solution for Enterprises and the launch of Pay-Smart Roll, a fully integrated Cloud ESS.


2008 – Incorporated as separate Entity in ROC

2009 – Affiliation with Dept of Income tax and SEBI

2009 – 1st Enterprise Client onboarded – CISCO

2011 – Celebrated 50th Client – Hyundai

2012 – Referred as "The Compliance Experts" by the Indian HR Community

2013 – Celebrated 100th Client

2014 – Started working with Big Brand like Oracle, Randstad, Started Accounting & Financial Intelligence vertical for SME's

2017 – Welcomed its 10th year with a big celebration with all our clients and new Brand released "Relativity's Knowledge Series"

Future Ahead

Speaking of the future plans, Akash asserts, "We need to achieve 10% of market share by 2025, which is really huge. To achieve that, our company has to be 50 times bigger than what we are now. We want to be India's most respected and renowned firm in the HR and Finance domain by ensuring unmatchable quality, best in class support and effectiveness beyond expectations. Currently, the firm is working on Finance Shared Services (FSS) for Medium sized businesses and a business success enablement suite for entrepreneurs for bringing a fundamental shift in the financial advisory industry, not only in India but globally.

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