Legal Consultants: Customized Assistance to Every Law Related Query by Corporate Organizations

Legal Consultants: Customized Assistance to Every Law Related Query by Corporate Organizations

Legal Consultants: Customized Assistance to Every Law Related Query by Corporate Organizations

Law is the most important part of the connections in the corporate world. The corporate sector deals with thousands of business organizations, customers and employees; each of these is bounded in a legal contract with the organizations. The network of employees, employers and corporate associates helps businesses operate in a corporate environment. From employee contracts to the mergers and acquisitions, a legal consultant is very much essential for the existence and smooth working of every organization in the world.

A legal adviser is a professional who provides advice, assists in handling disputes, analyze and identify the legal issues, drafts the legal documents, maintains correspondence, etc. They assist companies in the maintenance of legal matters including:

  • The professional is responsible for protecting the rights and the legitimate interests of the party or the client he/she is working for.
  • The legal representatives are responsible for drafting and reviewing the legal filings and drafting technically correct opinions.
  • He /she is responsible for maintaining client relationships and conduct new research work as well.
  • The legal consultants may work in different areas and duties of the professional will differ accordingly as per the needs of the client, party or the organization.
  • The legal consultants may be involved in the planning and overseeing the dissemination of the summaries.

Along with these duties, a legal consultant will provide the company with services like producing technically accurate quality standard work, drafting technically correct opinions and reviewing the reports. A legal consultant needs to be proactive when it comes to interpreting a situation and applying the knowledge and skills into work. The consultants may not only prioritize their work to meet deadlines but also provide the most practical business solutions.

Why Hire A Legal Consultant?

Legal consultants are the most profitable assets to a company as they guide the companies to make better decisions. From dispute management to building credibility with clients and colleagues, a legal expert has to handle a wide range of duties. They gather relevant information from various resources to ensure that the information is put to use in an effective way to identify and solve the problems. Some of the various reasons why hiring a legal consultant is essential are stated below:

  1. Corporate and Commercial Solutions: Setting up and operating a corporate entity requires complying with the local laws and legislation that apply to legal entities in general nor an activity or specific sector. There are diverse laws that apply to business transactions and activities. The professionals provide legal advice on such business transactions to help companies avoid any situation that is against the law. The legal consultant consolidates the company's wide activities and provides specialized services based on knowledge, experience, and practices. Processes involving government agencies can sometimes be cumbersome and require a strong liaison with the authorities to streamline and finish the process. The corporate legal experts can leverage the experience and use their network to support matters involving SEBI and Central Government.
  2. Intellectual Property Rights: The intellectual property services including Patents, copyrights design, prosecution business transactions including structuring licensing franchising joint-ventures, mergers and acquisitions IP audits/ Due diligence, etc). The legal advisors focus on conceiving IP Protection strategies for their clients. They are experts when comes to providing comprehensive services including fillings and registrations of patent, trademark, and passing of litigation support, designs and patent infringement and related multidisciplinary issues and along with numerous other issues.
  3. Taxation Advisory: Each business is unique and each business needs unique tax plans to help its business achieve its objectives. The tax specialists are experienced in working with the corporate across different sectors and can help design an organization's tax planning and compliance procedures that are in sync with the commercial objectives of a business. The tax advisory services include services regarding Income Tax, Excise, Customs, Service Tax, VAT and Corporate Tax advisory including registrations, documentations and statutory returns, deposits, rebate/refund charge ability, appeals and treaty withdrawals.
  4. Telecom & Information technology: The legal consultants advise and represent clients before various courts and other judicial forums and tribunals including the ones especially establish under the Information technology Act and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India such as telecom Dispute Settlement and Appellate Tribunal. From intellectual agreements, site acquisition and sharing, inter-operator agreements to commercial agreements for joint ventures, business transfer mergers and acquisitions and various services directed towards telecom and information technology, a legal consultant are very thorough with his/her services.


Legal consultants and corporate companies share the same vision of "delivering the better than expected". The legal experts are essential to business growth as they are helping businesses growth by solving real-life legal situations with their expertise, effective research tools, and practicing their duties.

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