Every business in the market has to be well communicated with a different part of the society including their market, their target audience and the importance of best CRM applications for startups in 2020 cannot be emphasised enough.

Once a brand starts its journey, at every stage their business audience changes as they operate the business. From marketing business to interact with the customers, one must ensure that they are offering what they have presented i.e. a brand that can be trusted with the services outsourced to them.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) guides one through the essential part of doing business and helps support an entrepreneur through a period where there are too many shifting pieces to remember without something or someone falling through the cracks.

Every CRM software in the list of best CRM applications for startups in 2020 offers a unique feature that can help make the business more efficient and better as the brand gets bigger and better over time.

CRM can be used as a stepping stone towards the success of a business by intelligently storing and managing customer and prospect information. The application helps in leveraging the potential of the marketing team to find new customers faster by boosting the lead volume.


There can be various requirements that can guide one to opt for a CRM software in their business and one may also notice various signs in the day to day operations that showcases that they need a CRM system including:

Inability to keep up with the lead flow: One might be fortunate to receive several business leads but the inability to manage them will take them nowhere near success.

Best CRM software of 2020 is necessary to support the business to quickly sort and prioritize the leads so that the sales team can respond to them in a timely, efficient manner.

  1. Customer data is hard to locate: Customer data means so much especially today when the whole process of marketing a remarking is digitalised and every single information about a client is so valuable. One might notice that without a systemised structure they will not be able to leverage the opportunities from the customer data and make informed decisions quickly. In India, various applications come under the category of best CRM applications that can help a business with a single and central source of easily accessible data that can drive sales success rates and increase customer retention.

  2. The inability to keep up with the sales team: A organisation without coordination can never reach the success it wants. Being the best CRM software in 2020, the software allows the team members to update details from their mobile devices, so information is instantly available for them to see and act on immediately if needed.

  3. Unable to deliver quality services: Retaining a customer is more difficult than getting a customer, which in itself is tough enough. One is not looking to lose them due to subpar service, hence the concept of having a CRM software at disposal can be helpful especially when it can help the customer service team to focus on the core activities of identifying the customer needs rather than wasting time in reacting to customer complaints.

  4. A lengthy reporting process: In a situation where more than 70% of the corporate has gone digitalised, a brand may not stand a chance to be in the market if their salesperson is manually entering data to produce reports. CRM systems help in ensuring that the data is at the easy-to-access place, making up-to-the-minute reporting and accurate analysis a breeze.

  5. The hesitancy to reach the path to success: New business opportunities are always sought by the business owners but what is the use, if they are unable to utilise them as they are unable to handle the new business. In such a scenario, the need for best CRM application increases as it will act as a suitable system will grow with the business without sacrificing productivity.

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  • EngageBay

It is a simple yet affordable all-in-one CRM that can automate your marketing processes. This platform is specially designed for small business and start-ups so they can obtain, connect, look after their visitors and convert them into happy customers.

EngageBay will help you to gain leads through popups and lead generation forms, creating an attractive landing page to engage with visitorslead generation, following them up by engaging emails and automating the sales funnel through marketing automation. In a nutshell, EngageBay will help you to scale up your business.

The main aim of EngageBay is to capture and engage with website visitors to generate leads that can be converted into lifelong customers by coordinating correctly.

Several internal processes that take a lot of time like scheduling, managing contacts, deal pipeline, and an assignable tasks feature can be automated by EngageBay.


The comprehensive relationship management system that can deliver to its reputation of being one of the best CRM for small businesses, Zoho CRM is a product offered by Zoho Corporation.

Loading a brand with a comprehensive bundle of automated features extensively developed to contribute to the business enhancement, the software extends customer relationship building and management.

It is the best CRM for customer service as it is equipped with multi-channel support and helps to enhance sales performance and productivity.

It is also the best platform to help the customer service companies to manage their clients as they are offered ultimate sales force automation and customised extension that allows the configuration of the solution to best suited for business unleashing the real power with an Enterprise plan.

  • Price: It offers forever free up to 3 Users. Standard Edition (Sales tracking for Small Businesses) – $12/user/month (billed annually). Professional Edition (Complete CRM for any SME) – $20/user/month (billed annually).

  • Free Trial Available: Ione can test the premium plans of Zoho with a 15-day free trial without worrying about the need to submit the credit card details.


Well known software with the capabilities to support a brand with its marketing automation tool, Hubspot also offers a one of the best CRM for small businesses.

The brand has been a smart option to select for handling the customer relationship management for mid-sized businesses as the freemium model helps add a lot of value for no expense.

Being a huge name in the digital marketing automation industry, the product o the namesake company, Hubspot CRM has been offering free versions of the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub products.

Features include lead generation tools, web forms, live chat and bots, advertising tools, and helpdesk tools. While the free offering is a great pro for the product, the come of the product includes that some paid version re not suitable for small companies with a tight budget.

  • Trial Version: One can test the capabilities of the best CRM application, Hubspot, and its premium features with a 14-day free trial.

  • Pricing: There are also three paid Sales Hub plans with premium features: Sales Hub Starter ($50 per month and up), Professional ($400 per month and up), and Enterprise ($1,200 per month and up).

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Working with the options of enabling business with the snapshot view of the customer, offering information on demand and the insight of sales teams need to maximize every customer interaction, Focus Softnet is an impeccable solution catering to all the CRM needs.

Offering management of every aspect of business operations including campaign management, sales management, service management, telemarketing with its intuitive interface, Focus CRM allows one to achieve significant business profitability seamlessly.

The business which is looking for a platform that can offer them with the cost-effective ways to optimise sales processes, enhance marketing initiatives and improve customer service to ultimately boost productivity, Focus CRM is an option that is apt for them.

  • Free Trial: Available in basic, professional and enterprise versions, one can avail the services and results of the best CRM tool for the startup with a trial period of 30 days.


With the cutting edge CRM solutions from Freshdesk, Freshsales CRM is a great opportunity to support businesses expedite their productivity and lead conversions as they continue to grow as small businesses.

Easy to use, efficient and various other features from this feature-rich CRM application for start-ups comes with mobile support thereby allowing businesses to continue their CRM operations from anywhere anytime.

With other feature including email tracking, one-click to call, customer insights, lead management, deals pipeline, and report generation, the application with the most flexible pricings helps the business grow.

The startup owners can focus on their key services as they can easily manage their clients and their information with the interface that is straight-to-the-point when it comes to lead scoring and contact management.

  • Free Trial: Fresh sales has a free trial for its features along with a free plan that handles lead scoring and offers perks like built-in telephony. One can test all the premium plans with 21 days trial.

  • Price: Freshsales' cheapest plan, sells for $12/user/month which includes some cool stuff like advanced CRM customization or multi-currency support. The most expensive plan is for $79/user/month and unleashes the full power of Freshsales.


Salesforce is a perfect example of the best CRM that is an eminent example of that empowers the businesses with incomparable features for customer retention and support.

Supporting the business in its comprehensive sales lifecycle, the CRM app for the startup is well-managed with this state-of-the-art solution.

The best CRM solutions that one can redeem from SalesForce CRM is that it assimilates the features dealing with efficient management of contacts, opportunities, leads, partners, workflows, orders et al, the solution also equips with sales forecasting, reporting, analysis, collaboration, and territory management features.

  • Price: Salesforce is a great option for an investment offering value-added advanced features that one can avail at a price ranging from $25 per user per month to over $300. The monthly fee will vary depending on the needs and scale of each business.

  • Free Trial: Effective CRM has a free trial option where one can experience the interface and services for 30 days.


One can ensure that they give each application a fair chance by taking a free trial and choose a application that suits their requirements the best.

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