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UKCA AND PARTNERS: Legal Consultants

UKCA AND PARTNERS: Legal Consultants

UKCA and Partners were incepted in 1986 by Dr U.K. Chaudhary with the mission to meet the distinctive legal needs of corporate and individual clients.

Over the last three decades, the firm has made its unique name by serving individuals and business enterprises in diverse areas including Company and Commercial Laws, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Matters, Mergers and Acquisitions, Restructuring, Business and Financial Transactions, Real Estate Laws, General Corporate Advisory, Contracts and other Advocacy Services.

The firm has been representing and advising the public sector enterprises, real estate giants, manufacturers, mining corporations, retailers, stock exchanges and individuals, achieving their goals and minimising their legal risk.

Over the years, the firm continued to serve its clientele while it was also being renamed and rebranded. In the early 2000s Dr U.K. Chaudhary renamed the firm to UKCA Law Chambers while in 2014, the firm was taken over by the visionary's daughter, Manisha Chaudhary and renamed as UKCA and Partners and has been spearheading the success of the firm.

About the Visionary

Manisha Chaudhary is leading the firm as the Managing Partner. She has a Master of Laws graduate degree from the prestigious Ivy League Cornell University Law School, United States.

She read law at the prominent Amity Law School and holds a certificate in Corporate Law and Governance from the renowned London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom.

She spearheaded the growth of the firm with her forte in Corporate, Commercial and Insolvency Litigation, Negotiations, Restructuring (M&A), Private Equity and Transactional Law along with handling the Capital and Financial Markets Regulations and is also developing a niche practice in Competition Law.

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Edge over Competitors

Delivering services with a vigorous approach launched from a variety of perspectives, the firm ensures a combination of sensitivity to the client's needs, adding value with high-quality legal services.

With personal attention to details for each case, the partners ensure that the quality of work is never compromised which helps UKCA and Partners get an edge over other firms and deliver value.

UKCA and Partners provide comprehensive advice on the business and law along with understanding the client's limitations. Over the years, the firm has developed a sophisticated system to serve its clients with timely and personalised advice with a single point of contact in the firm.

Clientele and Competition

With a vast clientele of big Indian conglomerates and multinational companies, the firm has worked with the who's who of the business world and maintains strict confidentiality on client's name.

The clients approach UKCA and Partners with their specific legal query and eventually takes the firm on retainers for all their legal work. The legal firm has built a loyal clientele over the years with its quality services.

 "In the current scenario, the biggest issue plaguing the legal sector is lack of expertise. Our clients choose us because we specialise in niche fields of law and are the pioneers in some of them.

The clientele is loyal and has maintained long-term relationships with as we provide honest advice and do not paint a rosy picture to retain them.

We build solutions to overcome the difficulties rather than hiding them. While competition is a key factor in keeping us on the edge, it helps the firm to strive better each day and achieve dominance is many subjects of law." Manisha Chaudhary

Transformation in the Industry

Over the last few years, the legal sector has evinced some radical transformations, especially with technology.

The work culture has shifted dramatically with the innovations and technology advancements and impacted various aspects of the industry including the paperwork management, data or research management and artificial intelligence etc. The role of in-house counsel has also been significantly contributing to the legal field.

A major outcome of the transformation is that it is likely to exert pressure on the stakeholders to proactively respond to the changes and developments and ensure transparency.

The firm is adapting and providing the same level of business discipline as demanded by various industrial sectors and recognises the importance of sector-specific requirements. The firm works with the philosophy "know them, listen to them, understand them and then work with them as a business partner."

"We are not merely lawyers; we understand the intricacies of business and commercial requirements. We believe in achieving the optimum results with our insight into the working of the industry and its changes. Along with legal know-how and expertise, we endeavour to work with our clients in terms of their business and commercial needs as well." Manisha Chaudhary

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Awards and Recognition

UKCA has been ranked by IFLR1000 and Asia Law as a "recommend" and "notable" law firm in the field of Corporate M&A. It is also a proud recipient of the 'Best Law Firm in Insolvency and Bankruptcy Practice for the Year 2019' by Indian Legal Awards, and 'Emerging Law Firm of the Year (Dispute Resolution)', by the Indian National Bar Association.

Managing Partner, Manisha Chaudhary has also been facilitated as one of the "Shining Stars of Indian Legal Fraternity" in a coffee-table book "Constellations" published in the year 2019, by the Corporate Counsels Association of India (CCAI); by Start-up City magazine as 'Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2019' edition in the law firm category; India's most "Trusted Corporate Lawyers" in the 1st edition of a coffee-table book "The Vanguards" published in the year 2017, by the India Corporate Counsel Association (ICCA) with support from Ministry of Law & Justice and Ministry of Commerce & Industry.

Extending Help to Society

Leading the initiative towards better legal education, the partners of the firm are regular guest lecturers at various law schools along with being judges in moot courts.

Along with assisting the newly launched brands and start-ups with their legal issues, the brand also works pro bono for social enterprises to serve the general public with the rights they deserve.

As a woman, Manisha, the Managing Partner, ensures that the firm is extending help towards the Children's Rights and Women Empowerment cases.

Being eminent legal advisory providers, UKCA continues to achieve success in the success of their clients and believes that "continuous hard work, effort and learning is the only path to success.

Leader's Idea of Success

"'Success' is a subjective and relative term. For some people, the 'concept of success' may be monetary but for us 'success' means leaving a positive impact on others and the profession.

In any industry, one can only be considered successful when one is able to retain its existing clients and build new clientele based on one's work ethic and quality. A satisfied Client is our ultimate success." – shares Manisha Chaudhary

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