Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review-How S-pen is making all the difference.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review-How S-pen is making all the difference.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Review-How S-pen is making all the difference.

Is it possible to upgrade the world's leading smartphones? Unless we have something new and revolutionary in technology, we have to assume that these smartphones are at the top of their technologies. Still, we have a new and upgraded version of these smartphones every year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is a perfect example of developing an already developed piece of technology.

  1. The S-Pen

The real advancement of technology in Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is the development of S-pen. Over the years, Samsung is trying to make this stick of technology more useful and stylish. The highlight of galaxy note 10+ is surely its S-pen

Features of S-Pen

  • S-pen works more as a remote and its new Bluetooth advancement has made it better than before.
  • Now you can control some functions on your phone with a gesture with additional air gestures, for example, you can zoom in the camera by creating a circle virtually.
  • New AR doodle allows you to play with your live videos by letting you draw on them, which will be useful for content creators and will be a fun activity for kids as well.
  • And S-pen will help you to click pictures as it has a camera remote as well.
  • Tip of S-pen is now a bit softer than the previous designs; this might be the reason for its faster working.
  1. Larger Battery

People like to pick smartphones having a larger battery; this was the reason why note series is so much popular among youngsters as they want a bigger and better battery for games like Pubg, Fortnite and clash of clans.

Samsung Galaxy notes 10+ has a battery of 4300mAh, which is capable of giving you almost 36 hours of performance.  The major difference is that it has a brighter and vibrant display so you can plug into the charger every second day.

  1. Quad Camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has a 16+12+12 MP camera which is an ultra-wide, regular, and telephoto lens respectively. You will get the front camera of 10MP

These were the same in Galaxy S10+ but the fourth camera makes all the difference. It is the depth sensor lens that allows you to do some cool stuff with your camera as you can now shoot live focus videos with a color point, which shows the selected person in colors and the background in greyscale.

Regular camera works well in low light, however, the ultra-wide lens is a bit slower so you have to click pics with still hands to have a clear and sharp picture.

Well, the telephoto lens gives a photo that looks more artificial than real.

Note 10+ records amazing videos with built-in OIS. They also offer quality microphones which improves the quality of sound using the particular software. Further software updates will some more interesting things to do as this camera has a lot of potentials within.

  1. Is purchasing Galaxy Note 10+ is a good idea?

Currently, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is one of the most featureful android smartphones in the market. If you want to upgrade your phone and want to experience new and better technology than this phone will be best for you.

This phone is the best business phone. The price of this phone is Rs. 79,999 which is a bit higher but, you will get peace of mind and trust in Samsung.

This phone will not demand regular software updates as it is a complete package for you.

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