Top 5 Trending Travelling Technologies with Artificial Intelligence

Travelling Technologies with Artificial Intelligence

Travelling Technologies with Artificial Intelligence

Top 5 Trending Travelling Technologies with Artificial Intelligence

Travelling today in 2019 is not as difficult as it was a couple of decades before. Internet and technological innovations have revolutionized the travel industry and paced its growth. The travel tech today includes digital maps and GPS facilities. One can travel anywhere in the world and reach the location they want without feeling alien with the help of these travel technologies.

The most trending technology in the present times is artificial intelligence and it is effectively changing the way the travel industry used to work. The artificial intelligence enables businesses to work with humans and deliver more personalized services, faster, better and efficiently.

The Possible Future

Social media is a platform where travel stories are actively shared with best and worst travel experiences. From posting the delayed flights stories to perfect holiday posts with trending hashtags, social media holds details. While technology is constantly advancing, it is possible that soon social media will also plan trips with the help of artificial technology.

This is the reason why artificial intelligence is trending; it has the power to revolutionize how the world works today with an unlimited number of opportunities. AI-powered travel technology is currently leading how the industry works and here is a list of top 5 travel technologies backed with artificial intelligence.

 AI ChatBots

As travelling is an industry that is very personal, emotional and complex, it is essential to establish a balance of genuine human interaction along with automated interaction. The chatbots baked with artificial intelligence are trained to communicate the humans and understand their need, process them and provide answers.

  • Chatbots are ideal for customer-centric businesses like Travel, as they provide 24/7 support to the customers.
  • The chatbots can easily reply with basic responses to certain questions and help travel companies become more efficient.
  • Feedback can be received post-travel every time with AI chatbots.

Predicting Ticket Prices Technology

Some applications and websites work with artificial intelligence and help in predicting ticket prices. These intelligent booking apps provide travellers with the best times to purchase flight tickets and make hotel reservations.

  • Millions of travellers will be able to plan their travel better with this prediction technology.
  • Travel can be more economical with the ample amount of flight options available with this travel technology.

Personalized Travel Recommended by AI

In travel industry, personalization and customization matters. Unlike past, when human assistants used to collect data from customers and manually personalize their holidays today, artificial intelligence is used to offer the customers the most relevant and personalized holidays. The artificial intelligence takes user data like interests, budgets, and destinations and recommends a personalized journey planned taking into consideration everything.

  • The travel companies using artificial intelligence partners with airlines, cruise lines, hotels, destination marketing organizations and visitor bureaus to support trips.
  • This technology helps in providing simplified travel with planned itineraries that will help travel companies increase sales.


Business trips are usually the most exhausting travel of all times. The business travels usually are packed up and includes back to back meetings and conferences. The travel companies today are working on "Bleisure" as a theme, which is a word formed by merging the two terms "business" and "leisure". The travel management companies have set up artificial intelligence-powered assistants that chats with employees through message platforms, learns their preferences, schedules trips for them and find solutions for missed or delayed flights.

  • This technology can help create a balance between business and leisure.
  • Artificially backed chat assistant technology helps employees save time and energy used on searching destinations and ticket prices, helping them be more efficient.
  • This technology helps employees save money by providing flights options at economical prices.

Travel Voice Assistant

Voice search is one of the most successful trends today. The voice assistance technology is based on artificial intelligence and works on algorithms created to interact and respond to humans. Google assistant is the biggest and most successful example to understand this technology's success. AI technology is used to create travel voice assistants who can answer travel queries.

  • Travellers get the most relevant and quick responses to all their travel queries backed with maps and other data.
  • 24/7 assistance is available with AI-based technology. Travelers can easily get answers to their queries at any time without having to contact their travel planners each time.


Artificial Intelligence is a booming industry and it is also a supporting industry for many new ventures in various industries. In travel industry, AI-based technology is contributing in various aspects, from spotting target customers, to planning a customized trip as well as solving on-the-spot travel queries. The contribution of artificial intelligence in the travel industry is inevitable. With AI-powered chat-bots and travel voice assistant technologies, travel is becoming simpler and travel companies have ample of opportunities to grow with these technologies.

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