Top 5 Luxury Fashion Websites Revolutionizing Industry

Top 5 Luxury Fashion Websites Revolutionizing Industry
Top 5 Luxury Fashion Websites Revolutionizing Industry

Luxury is exclusive, from limited collections to products customized only for an exclusive number of people in the world. It is represented with something grandeur, limited and customized. While luxury as an industry works on serving clients the latest trends and top quality services, online luxury is an extended industry that is setting benchmarks.

Trends are only available for a limited time, they are exclusive and hence they are luxury desired to be owned or availed by the privileged customers. Trends are essential in fashion and luxury. Today, internet dictates and creates both fashion and luxury trends. Websites and social media platforms are the new age destinations with the latest trends.

Luxury is not just a product that one can own; it is the experience one gets when they enter the store at London, Italy or France, and the special and undivided attention they get from the assistants. Luxury is an experience that the fashion stores, the luxury hotels or the luxury hospitals offer, which makes them unique.

Top 5 Luxury Fashion Websites Revolutionizing Industry 

The luxury industry has been growing and prospering for decades. Aim of luxury brands is always to offer the best services and unique trends to their customers. In the digital era, luxury fashion websites are delivering top-notch facilities to their clients.

The high –end brands are constantly making investments to ensure that they can offer luxury digitally. Websites are being designed to represent what these brands are known for, the uniqueness, the quality, and the delicate details. These are the top luxury fashion brands and here is how their websites are revolutionizing the industry:

  1. Burberry: Burberry is a British luxury fashion brand founded in 1856 by a young man Thomas Burberry. It is a brand which offers various products in luxury fashion including trench coats, ready-to-wear outwear, fragrances, sunglasses, cosmetics, and fashion accessories.

Burberry is one of the first luxury brands which realized the power of Artificial Intelligence and how this technology can change their website's sales for good. The brand asked the customers to share information with several loyalty and reward programs, the information was then used to offer a customized shopping experience to the clients with the help of their brand history. AI-based technology helped Burberry receive a 50% increase in the repeat customers and viewers on the website followed by increased sales.

  1. Chanel: In 1921, Coco Chanel launched his "perfume No5", which revolutionized the fragrance industry. Today, the "House of Chanel" is known for "little black dress" and "Chanel Suit" besides the famous "No5" perfume. In fashion, "Couture of Chanel" changed the way fashion was viewed as it made "flat-chested fashion" popular, replacing the "hour-glass fashion" in the '90s. The website is designed to showcase new luxury collections with videos. The video-based website gives the website users a chance to understand better how the collection is going to look in real-life locations.
  2. Christina Dior: Christina Dior commonly known as Dior is a French brand for luxury goods. The company was founded in 1946 by designer Christina Dior. It currently retails fragrance, skincare, fashion, leather goods, fashion accessories, and timepieces. The brand is known for its "First Look" in 1947. The website is designed to showcase the brands top-notch luxury collections. Dior's website has followed the classic, detailed and elegant design which showcases the luxury.
  3. Gucci: Gucci is a brand desired by billions with its signature designs and collections. Gucci was founded in France in 1921. The brand is known for its romantic and contemporary collection which represents the Italian craftsmanship. Gucci's products are always designed and made with special attention to detail. The website is designed to represent the brand well. The website and brand itself are reinventing the whole modern approach to fashion.
  4. Dolce And Gabbana: Dolce and Gabbana, a brand established in 1985 founded by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. It is a leading brand in luxury goods with two creative and stylistic designers. The brand has been successful in maintaining its reputation under the guidance of the experts. D&G offers high-end clothing, leather goods, footwear, accessories, fine jewellery, and timepieces. The website is designed aesthetically to maintain the high-end luxury look.


Luxury fashion can now be availed online apart of the exclusive offline stores established in France, Italy, and London. While the internet has opened paths for brands to establish business online through websites, the exclusive facilities that luxury brands offer may not be served online like they were served offline.

Online luxury fashion represents great comfort and elegance. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence are changing the way the industry was viewed. Now, the top luxury brands are investing their time and money to become a part of the online luxury industry.

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