Professional & Outstanding Ideas of its passionate team makes Digifish3 Unique in every sense

Ashmita Dhingra,Co-Founder of  Digifish3

Ashmita Dhingra,Co-Founder of  Digifish3

Professional & Outstanding Ideas of its passionate team makes Digifish3 Unique in every sense

Digifish3 is a full-service digital advertising agency that is best known for their strategic brand solutions and world-class creativity. It is a 360 degree service agency that started with the adoption of a unique ideology. This digital philosophy encompasses their way of thinking and the method they adopt for brands across all genres. The High points for the organization are their digital campaigns and mobile marketing. The enterprise provides customized approach for each brand attached to them, and plan out of the box campaign for all to reach wider audience in a unique way. Digifish3 works for boosting its customer's business by optimizing digital exposure in case of established brands and by creating the right digital footprint for the upcoming brands.

Digifish3's expertise extends over a wide gamut of services covering all aspects of digital marketing. They work upon the 3 major pillars of marketing that includes Presence, Promotions & Engagement using the required Digital channels. The company customizes its plans/strategies according to the uniqueness of every brand. They help in making your brand popular on various social media networking websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. and promote your brand through mobile advertising, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Ad words, Celebrity connect, etc. Digifish3 offers a kind of one stop agency to cater to all your marketing requirements under one roof.

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Sandeep Banger, Co-Founder of Digifish3

Digifish3 is India's one of the leading and awarded independent agency. Clients and media regard their creativity output to be amongst the most innovative and engaging digital work being done today. The company has bagged up huge client base across various sectors, and they are partners with Hungama, UC Web and many other brands across various genres. One of its major upcoming projects is – Digifish3 Training, which would be their extended arm in the business. Now they aim to come with this project because they found a huge gap in the understanding of people regarding Digital Marketing. They would cater each individual according to their requirement and fitting in their domain, rather than just providing mere basics.

There is a unique project which Digifish3 aims to start in the food domain, this year. The reason for the same is, the Health of people is deteriorating and pharmacy bills are going up. Right Food is what is missing, and they would be entering the domain to correct the supply chain and offer healthy products to consumers.

Digifish3 is known for devising strategies that bring brands closer to consumers, telling stories that captivate the millennial mindset and acquiring the sharpest combination of digital media assets to meet strategic objectives.

The CEO Magazine chats with Ashmita Dhingra and Sandeep Banger, Co-Founders of Digifish3 

TCM: What is the business problem it hopes to solve with its solutions and offerings?

Ashmita:We would be the only agency customizing solutions for people wanting to learn respective areas of digital marketing in our first project and not just imparting theoretical knowledge. We would be focusing upon making people Job Ready, and aligning them with "The Skill India Movement". We would Empower Digital Gyan to inculcate professionalism.

In our Second Project, we are imparting good health with an aim for better lifestyle. We would also initiate Farmer Connect Program, as they are the ones who require attention and support. It would be an effort to remove adultration, and cater high nutritional fresh food in the Ecosystem.

TCM: What is the biggest risk that the company has taken?

Sandeep:Biggest risk was sustaining in the market of huge giants and risking in the race of start-ups 3.5 years back aiming to be the only agency which provides favorable solution to any problem for a large/ small or a medium based organization.

People were not aware about digital, and to make brands experiment this methodology was a big risk which Digifish3 took initially at big costs for brands to showcase results. And when the results were showcased, only then did the brand release payments. Financial crunches, time-management, processes, and to make people understand the new marketing domain. All took time!

TCM: Please tell us about Road Map and Future Plans of your organization.

Sandeep:We are a growing company in the growing media sector. The Goal of Digifish3 is to support new ventures, startups, provide digital consultancy to existing businesses & better digital solution to all the people seeking for it.

Engaging your consumer base is the key to success. People tend to lose focus on their existing consumers while focusing on new consumer acquisitions. We are a one stop solution to all the problems of a brand.

Future plan for Digifish3 Training program is to train 5000+ job seekers & professionals by end of 2018 and help them choose the right career path. Training programs would be customized &be different for Job Seekers, Professionals, Entrepreneurs. Similarly it will be different for people studying B. Tech, Graduates & MBA's.

Similarly, we would target to provide better quality food to 3000+ households in NCR region & in turn also help 100+ farmers by providing them better compensation for their hard work, and aligning them with government initiative too. It would in turn educate many people about the benefits of Digital media and shift them from traditional marketing to digital domains to get connected with users.

TCM: What does success look like for the Company?

Ashmita: Success for Digifish3 would be measured by how well we are able to maintain individual objectives of the business plans. The objectives include setting goals, making plans to meet those goals, not letting the obstacles derail plans and monitor the workflow to ensure that the plans are executed well. Success is merely not for the organization, but success for each and every one working with us and for us.

Success for us is a Happy Journey to achieve something in an unconventional way and flourishing

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