Of Decoding Luxe, Cannes, Communications & Mahul Brahma

Of Decoding Luxe, Cannes, Communications & Mahul Brahma
Of Decoding Luxe, Cannes, Communications & Mahul BrahmaOf Decoding Luxe, Cannes, Communications & Mahul Brahma

Of Decoding Luxe, Cannes, Communications & Mahul Brahma

While his upcoming book on luxury brands is due for launch, he is also excited to attend screening of his film at Festival De Cannes

By Aditya Gupta • New Delhi

Mahul Brahma is a columnist and commentator with The Economic Times on luxury. He is a former Senior Editor with leading publications like The Economic Times and India partner of New York Times, Financial Chronicle. He is currently Head of corporate communications and branding for a Tata Steel and SAIL JV, mjunction. Now,Mahul is gearing up for Cannes to attend the screening of his debut short film "Elixir" as a lead actor at the revered Cannes Film Festival or Festival De Cannes.

It is not every day that you see a senior journalist-turned-corporate communicator facing the camera, and it is certainly rare for a debutant to see his movie being selected by Cannes jury. CEO India magazine thought it was time to catch up on his exciting experience and journey and share this interesting story with our readers, especially with the CXOs in the corporate world. But first, let us take a sneak peek into his upcoming book "Decoding Luxe: Discovering Facets of Luxury".

"Decoding Luxe" explores various facets of luxury brands. This book takes a strategic, behavioural, historical, experiential, demographical, psychological, dynamic, mechanical, and also a philosophical look at what constitutes luxe or dazzle.

An expert in luxury brands, he says this book was long due as there aren't any book on luxury that captures in a holistic way the dynamics of this wonderful luxe game in the Indian market. This one-of-a-kind book will be a guide, a bible for retailers of luxury brands, it is a manual for understanding strategic positioning, branding and strategic marketing of luxury brands in the India market. The writings will take you through the world of luxury counterfeits available online and how e-commerce has failed to repeat its success story with luxury brands. Mahul has a very lucid and conversational style of writing that will keep readers engaged.

"Decoding Luxe" has already received encouraging praises from eminent authors, senior journalists and industry stalwarts alike. It is due for release next month.

After Brand Luxe, it was time for Brand Cannes. So how did he suddenly decide to do a movie? "When my friend Anirban, the director of the film, told me about my lead role in "Elixir" I thought he was joking. He wasn't. He was sure that I was perfect for the role," Mahul says. The film essentially talks about a mind-journey, a journey into soul and solitude.

Of Decoding Luxe, Cannes, Communications & Mahul Brahma
DLitt for Author, Communicator Dr Mahul Brahma

Mahul is not a professional actor so it was not easy. "Every day was a huge challenge for me. Facing the camera. Acting. All the hard work paid off. Loved every bit of it."

Cannes selection came as a huge surprise and he is looking forward to the screening of his debut film at the Mecca of films.

Mahul is excited about a few more film projects that he will be starting work on as an actor. "It is a great feeling when suddenly you get a call and someone on the other side asks you to play the lead," Mahul says.

He is also pursuing his PhD in Economics.

We thought we will conclude with a million-dollar question: after managing his work as a communicator, how he is able to make time to pursue these passions of writing and acting? "God has been too kind," Mahul smiles.

Of Decoding Luxe, Cannes, Communications & Mahul Brahma
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Of Decoding Luxe, Cannes, Communications & Mahul Brahma
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Of Decoding Luxe, Cannes, Communications & Mahul Brahma
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