Arunanchal Pradesh, The land of the dawn-lit mountains

Arunanchal Pradesh, The land of the dawn-lit mountains

 Arunanchal Pradesh, The land of the dawn-lit mountains

India is a nation of diverse set of people and cultures and holds hidden gems that are still protected and not mainstreamed. India, especially North India is known for its wonderful locations, perfect for a monsoon getaway. Arunachal Pradesh is one of the best cities in North India.

The literal meaning of Arunachal Pradesh is the "land of the dawn-lit mountains". It is the home to wonderful waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, pictorial Mountain tops adding to its astonishing spectacular beauty.

Monsoons bring the best out of the unspoiled and uncorrupted land. A quiet, beautiful and full of nature, Arunachal Pradesh offers a great escape from the busy and stressful city life. The Indian state is rich with elements of peace and rejuvenation. But, it is also a hub for numerous adventure options.

The Smart City

The Pasighat city of Arunachal Pradesh is selected by the government of India to be one of the cities which will be developed as smart cities. The "Smart City" is a bold project by the "Government of India" to enable the centralized monitoring of the city with the use of digital technologies and also help them have a better quality of living and economic growth adding to the current beauty of this heaven on earth.

Places One Must Travel To In Arunachal Pradesh

  1. Tawang: Twang region is huddled amidst Gudpi and Chong Chugmi ranges and bathed by the water of Tawang Chu River. While one may experience the most peaceful and enlighting moments of their lives at the Tawang Monastery Buddhist temple, the Jaswant Garh Twang war Memorial located at the Indo-China Border may bring the feeling of patriotism to many. Besides these famous tourist spots, Bap Teng Kang waterfalls and Nuranang Falls are a must-visit in Tawang.
  2. Ziro: Ziro is an ideal destination for trekking at Arunachal Pradesh. It is known as one of the most beautiful hill stations in Arunachal Pradesh. The plateau has terrains with deep green forests adding to the scenic view. Valley is located 32 km away from Ziro and offers the best trekking route by the bamboo, orchids, ferns and rhododendron forests. The Talley Valley Reserved Forest and Talley Wildlife Sanctuary are situated at the elevated level with rivers "Karing", "Subnasiri", "Sipu", and "Pange" river flowing through them. Ziro is the perfect destination for the wildlife lovers as it is the home to many rare and exotic animals including the endangered snow leopard.
  3. Pasighat: The oldest town of Arunachal Pradesh, Pasighat has the Siang River the main tributary of the "Brahmaputra" river flowing by it. The snow-capped mountain peaks, a variety of flora and fauna and rock-strewn mountains present the best scenic natural wonders. The Siang River is the prime destination for river rafting and other water sports. The challenging expedition and begins at the Tutung in Upper Siang is the favorite part of the journey through this town. The Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-visit and most popular sightseeing spot in Pasighat.
  4. Itanagar: Amongst the very popular tourist destinations in Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar is a state capital and a well-connected city. The town is situated 350 m above the sea level known for its famous "Ita Fort". The fort is made of special bricks and is significant from the social-cultural point. The fort attracts not only the people who enjoy sightseeing but archaeologists as well. The Legendary Ganga Lake, also known as Gyakar Sinwi is a favorite spot in Itanagar, almost 6 km away from the heart of the city. The indigenous tribal culture of Arunachal Pradesh is well pre-printed in the Jawaharlal Nehru Museum. Zoological Park, Indira Gandhi Park, Polo Park, and craft center and emporium are the most visited for evening leisure walk spots.
  5. Dirang: The exquisite land of Dirang offers a perfect hideout to spend some tranquil holidays in the lap of Mother Nature. The little village lies hidden in the West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh. The mesmerizing simplicity in the view as well the people makes this location a must-have. Dirang is the best spot to travel to for the hot water springs and camping. When it comes to shopping, the Dirang market is a good place to buy local artifacts. About a kilometer ahead of the town on the way to Twang, the holy hot water spring awaits travelers. The hot spring is rich in sulfur content and is known for its great medicinal properties. Besides this, the Yak research center and Dirang Dzong fort are the attractions that one must visit.

A perfect monsoon getaway, Arunachal Pradesh is the best destination to travel for adventures seekers and nature lovers. The various towns in the state offer a lot of activities that one would wish for in their perfect holidays. From the simplicity of people to the valleys to the exquisite adventure destination, this state is a true representation of India's diversity and richness. The future "Smart City" is a perfect destination to travel to, this monsoon.

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