DHI – The Hair Transplant Experts Since 1970

DHI – The Hair Transplant Experts Since 1970

DHI – The Hair Transplant Experts Since 1970

Hair loss is a problem that cuts across age, gender and countries. An increasing number of people are facing hair loss problems today, due to genetic, environmental and stress-related issues.

There are many solutions available to treat hair loss; however, none of them is credible. Nothing can grow back follicles once lost, except for a credible process of hair transplant performed by a properly trained doctor under strict medical protocols. Untrained practitioners of hair transplant clinics pose a great risk to the safety of patients. This is where DHI comes in- aspiration for people disturbed by unsatisfactory treatments. With a vow to deliver a credible solution with strict protocols by highly trained and certified doctors, to give a safe and natural lifetime result, DHI Global Medical Group was founded by Konstantinos Giotis in 1970, in Palo Alto, California and later made Athens, Greece its headquarters. For 48 years, DHI has been dedicated to research, diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp disorders.

Emerging as a differentiator

In 2003, DHI became the pioneer of the then latest technology – Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE. DHI then refined the FUE technique through extensive research and development to introduce the Direct Hair Implantation or DHI technique, which is performed only by DHI trained and certified doctors with patented instruments. In the last few years, DHI International has grown as the global expansion arm of DHI Group, spearheaded by its Managing Director and CEO, Mr Ajay Bansal. Backed by Apollo Tyres group, DHI International is building the DHI business globally.  DHI International today operates the business in 17 countries and 35 clinics across Australia to Colombia.  India continues to be the focus for DHI International where DHI has 15 clinics.

DHI is truly the Gold Standard in hair restoration.  It has several recognitions, supported by exhaustive protocols, patented instruments and its unique training academy.  DHI was voted as the most trusted Hair Transplant Company by Frost and Sullivan in 2013.  A customer satisfaction survey on patients of top Indian hair restoration clinics by IMRB in 2016 revealed that DHI was ahead of all its competitors by miles. DHI offers hair loss treatments for all genders, age groups and stages of hair loss.  Its treatments include Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Scalp Micro-pigmentation, Eyebrows Restoration, Beard Hair Restoration, and Direct Hair Fusion (DHF).

Chronoscope of the leader

  • 1970 – DHI was founded
  • 2002 – first company to pioneer FUE
  • 2009 – introduced DHI with patented instruments and standardized processes
  • 2010 – Apollo acquired rights to DHI India and Mr Ajay Bansal became CEO
  • 2013 – DHI was created with rights to 155 countries
  • 2018 – 35 clinics directly managed by DHI International in 17 countries

All DHI doctors and nurses are exhaustively trained and certified by DHI International Training Academy, the only training academy with strict protocols on training world-class hair transplant surgeons from around the world.  A holistic system of diagnosis, training, processes and quality standards are uniformly followed across all DHI clinics around the world. DHI is associated with five major public European universities.

Mr Ajay Bansal, MD and CEO of DHI International, has built this business from scratch in the last few years.  Before starting this venture, he had long stints within consumer industries with Yum Restaurants where he led the building up of Pizza Hut and KFC brands.  A chartered accountant, Mr Bansal started his career in consulting with Arthur Andersen.  We spoke to him regarding his success in building such a powerful brand.

A talk with Mr Ajay Bansal- A Happy DHI Customer and CEO of DHI

Edited Excerpts

What is DHI's core strength that makes it the most-trusted brand in Hair Transplant?

The core strength of DHI is its dedicated medical team and the clinic staff. Our Doctors are the real-life heroes of our company. They along with the clinic staff consistently deliver excellent results for our customers and help the brand grow every single day.

How are you so confident about the superiority of DHI over others?

We have a huge bank of success stories of changing the lives of our customers. This collection is constantly growing. However, I have personally experienced the life-altering implication of a DHI procedure. I am a success story myself that can attest to the value of a hair transplant procedure at DHI.

Tell us about a time when you faced challenges and how you overcame those.

When I took over DHI International in 2010, there was a 6-month period when we had no idea of how to even take our first step forward. We kept our head down and worked very hard to leverage any opportunity that came our way. We never lost hope but slowly and gradually, things started to happen. We always dreamt big and believed that it will happen. Today, we are at 35 clinics around 17 countries directly working with us.

Where do you see the brand in the next 5 years?

We already have our presence in every continent. The aim is now to replicate the success stories in even more clinics and create a highly penetrated brand. We aim to have more than 150 clinics by 2022 around the world.

What drives you in life?

Having done different things in life from consulting to food to healthcare businesses, I find business fascinating and it's my dream to be able to create a global company of the size that creates a positive change for a huge number of people facing hair loss problems. While we are progressing rapidly towards this goal, there is still a long way to go.

What is your core mantra?

I believe in being transparent and honest in all the endeavours of my life. My team is my biggest strength and I always ensure that they are motivated and feel the ownership of the company's goals.

How do you adapt to change?

Today, we live in a world that is constantly changing faster than ever. My philosophy is not only to keep pace but also to be one step ahead in the game. It is not easy at all and requires one to be on their toes all the time. However, creating change and not just embracing change is what leaders do. Therefore, whether it is in terms of innovation or style of doing business or adopting technologies, we are always on the lookout.

What advice would you give to any professional?

I would like to offer three learning(s) based on my experience in life. First, excellence above par. One should give their best shot at every task that they deliver. Second, take quick decisions. While excellence is what one should strive for, timing matters. Even if you are 80% sure and the time is right, shoot. Do not fall for analysis paralysis. Third- no shortcuts! Once you start taking shortcuts, your credibility is ruined and it is very difficult to come back from that.

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