Heading: Playing content as a queen A bunch of idiots searching for meaning!

Heading: Playing content as a queen  A bunch of idiots searching for meaning!

Heading: Playing content as a queen

A bunch of idiots searching for meaning!

It was the instant repartee from Suparna to our question about their USP. Suparna Pathak referred to as Suparna Sir in the organization, and Animesh Goswami is at odds with the conventional wisdom about digital communication. With their start-up called Confiance Mobility LLP, they are challenging the very notion about the field ingrained in the minds of the market.

Animesh, 15 years junior to Suparna, is the one who first responded to the call of the Siren and gave up a cushy job with the top IT multi-national and came back to India to start Confiance. A few years down the line, he managed to entice Suparna Pathak who had left his job as a senior editor in the leading media house in Kolkata, to join him as his partner. And in four years, their reputation as an effective communicator is firmly entrenched.

Taking a lead, Animesh started elaborating. To Confiance, he claims, communication is the raison d'être or the reason for existence. Technology, to the organisation, is just the conduit. "We don't think in silos of websites and social media. To us, we look at communication solution as a gestalt."

With five verticals – content, animation, design, development (websites and apps) and digital marketing – operating in tandem, Confiance claims to deliver the entire gamut of new-age communication solution from under one roof.

"Not that we don't do projects that are vertical-specific but we do those largely on requests. Thus said we must also emphasize that it's difficult to think of any project that won't require support or contribution from other verticals", said Animesh. Explaining the cross-flow and interdependence of the verticals that creates the gestalt, he brought in the example of animation he said, "Animation projects cannot evolve without a script – a task that belongs to the content team, and to design for character freezing. It's this process, which is closely monitored by the partners, that actually creates the value which is greater than the contribution from individual verticals."

What about the competition that is rising with each day? To Animesh and Suparna competition is a fact of life. But the way this word is being bandied reflects a concern about quantity and they are not bothered about that. To them their business is communication. "In the market there is an overarching emphasis on 'digital' relegating 'content marketing' to the back bench." Animesh elaborates, "What is being marketed in this business by most is the technology. But communication needs to evolve, words need to be crafted, the illustration should sprout and get married to the words and only then the technology should be chosen to transport the content to the intended audience."

"If we are talking about a market that is jostling with players trying to outwit each other with the novelty of the technology, we must also take note of a clientele that is coming of age," says Suparna. He adds, "A matured clientele set their entire store by the effectiveness of the communication rather than the novelty of the technology."

To Confiance every communication is treated as unique and they don't provide template solutions. "It's possible to have template solutions and we can see that happening around us. But not here," says Animesh. To them each project is treated as sacred and unique. They have recently added drafting and designing of Annual Reports to their product offering.

"We largely cater to the MSME segment. Affordability is an issue in this market that is extremely price sensitive," says Suparna. "This is the market that's starved of good articulators. Our skill set is unmatched in this market. With my experience in the communication and Animesh's exposure in the global market in a leadership position in top IT MNCs, our understanding of corporate needs are unmatched in the communication market here," he added.

One might take it as bragging, but both the partners have huge personal brands. Animesh is a very sought after speaker at seminars dealing with digital communication where he demolishes the idea of tech supremacy in communication and tries to restore the primacy of ideas. He is also part of the CII IT cell.

Suparna has a long history of teaching strategy at global universities as a guest faculty, a sought after face at chambers of commerce seminars on policy issues and is a revered columnist on policy matters in the East. Personally, both of them prefer to keep a low profile while busying themselves in training up a young set of professionals. But if one takes into account their individual achievements, their claims indeed come out as understatement.

"We can boast that our team is groomed to visualize any assignment from a holistic perspective, working towards the business goal of the customer. Even the fresh technology recruits are not treated as coders, but ideators" says Animesh.

When they say they are in search of meaning they are stating their mission. By their words, "Every communication is about meaning. It is about making the target group understand whatever the client wants to convey. It's a cliché in the classical ad world. It would be wrong to say that the digital world doesn't understand it. The issue is about realisation. Our USP lies in this realisation."

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