"Jendamark lives by 'Passionate about technology, focussed on people' and we encourage everyone to embrace the digital transformation"

In 2014, Jendamark Automation, headquartered in South Africa entered the Indian market and offered the Indian customers a unique blend of world-class engineering at a competitive cost through its Indian subsidy, Jendamark India. Jendamark brought to the table its 30+ years of operating across the world which ensured that its young Indian team had the right guidance and support.

The Jendamark group board consisting of its MD, Quinton Uren, Siegfried Lokotsch, Yanesh Naidoo & Graeme Van Zyl have been hands-on with the Indian business lending their experience as the company grew.

The Indian arm, Jendamark India has achieved the unique distinction of having both, automation and IT experts working together to deliver 1st in class solutions to the IndianIndustry under the capable leadership of CEO, Himanshu Jadhav.  The company also has pioneered the industry 4.0 revolutions, by implementing augmented reality, VR & innumerable software apps developed by his efficient team of professionals from the group.


Himanshu Jadhav, CEO, Jendamark India Pvt. Ltd has 15 years of experience in providing strategic, fiscal and operations leadership in uniquely challenging situations. He joined as a GET in Tata Motors in technical services to plan their new product launches and capacity expansion projects. In 2008, he joined VW, which was a Greenfield project and excelled there and climbed the management ladder till 2016. In VW, he was responsible for strategic planning and also head for power train projects. In 2016, he decided the move out of the corporate world and joined Jendamark South Africa as Global Sales Manager& eventually the CEO of Jendamark India.

Since his advent, the company has persistently built several automation turnkey projects for all areas of the power-train system, including differential assembly systems, Axle assembly systems, and engine assembly systems. In a conversation with The CEO Magazine, Himanshu enlightens the editorial team with the industry insights;

Why was the company set up? And how did you expand your company and its offerings over the years?

Originally founded as a manufacturing company back in 1998, the former Techcellency India Pvt Ltd became a wholly owned subsidy of Jendamark and resulted in its rebrand as Jendamark India in 2019 and elevated it to the status of a trusted supplier forthe turnkey solution provider to OEMs in the automotive industry.

We understand business in the region while offering manufacturing quality that meets the highest international standards. We have developed a range of flexible, automated assembly solutions in adaptive canning for complex catalytic converters to help customers keep pace with the changing demands of the emission control regulations in different markets.

As your company grew, or re-grew from your pivot, what were the primary challenges?

The challenge was to create 'self-belief' in everyone. We come from a pure manufacturing background and automation space involves conceptualizing, designing, programming and taking overall responsibilities as a turnkey solution provider. This transition was challenging. We added 150 employees in the course moved into a new facility, & revenue grew 5 times in 3 years. It was important to not lose focus on customers and ensure we deliver to whatever we commit. The average age is less than 30, so there is no dearth of enthusiasm & energy, the challenge is it to channelize this energy to meet the expectations of our customers and the board.

Share your company's journey from inception to the present day.

JMK-SA – was established in 1989, in 2014, JMK SA entered India and in 2019, we became 100% subsidy of JMK SA. In India, we have pioneered the actual implementation and Industry 4.0 solutions, by developing our own software & apps. The most noteworthy feature of our business is the relationship with our customers like Sharda Motors, Faurecia, Tenneco, Mahindra's, Cummins, ZF's, Dana, Skoda, etc. Every project has its challenges and we try to mitigate them, if the risk stays put, we work very closely and transparently with our customers to resolve it. Automation coupled with digitalization is the right combination for developing economies like India with one of the highest 'young' populations. Effective use of technology will give us more time to do innovative and creative things.

What ethos is maintained for the employees in your company?

We have a young team but they are mentored and guided by a very senior management staff with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Some key positions like manufacturing and purchase are headed by managers with 30+ years of work experience. The most important ethic we embed in our employees is to put the company first under all circumstances. Our spirit comes out in the slogan which we follow in our company – "Passionate about technology, Focused on people'.

What are the factors that make your company stand out in the market?

Our company stands out in the market for venturing into areas that are not common for a typical automation company. We operate in technically challenging areas where most people would hesitate, Be it making, India's first canning line, India's first power-pack assembly line, to building complex engines and axle lines for our customer.

These are the early days for industrial automation in India. What are the obstacles on this road?

We are all aware of what automation can achieve and what are the advantages and disadvantages of automation. The main obstacle is the mindset and identifying the right reason to automate. In a developing economy like ours, it's important to automate & digitalize in areas that increase quality, improve productivity and enhance ergonomics.

Automation is driving the industry today. How automated is the average Indian enterprise?

Average Indian enterprise is in our opinion, compared to global standards less than average. This primarily is due to the perception that automation is expensive. Educating the entrepreneurs & enterprise owners to understand the return on investment by automating any process and advantages of using automation to eliminate human errors is of paramount importance today.

What are the digital trends most likely to be seen in 2020?

Digital trends will revolve around the 'value add' concept. We believe that the right reasons to digitalize any area will work only if the user sees value add proposition. This need not be high-end complex digital solutions implemented in the western world, but the simple use of technology and software solutions.

How are you strategizing your company's business model shortly?

Jendamark had laid the roadmap on our foray into the technology and digital space 2 years back. We believe in the actual implementation and execution of solutions in the real world and using our failures as stepping stones to enhance our offering in the digital world. The business model is to identify all crucial pain points of our customers and provide technology solutions for resolving the same.

What are the achievements and awards earned by your company?

Our biggest achievement is the trust the customers show us when they approach us for their critical projects. We have the unique distinction of delivering world-class complex automation turnkey projects cost-effectively. We have associated ourselves in developing a local Government school; we believe that empowering an individual through education is far more effective than providing him or her with any short term measures to meet his immediate needs.

As a market leader, what would be your advice to enterprises going for Digital Transformation?

Understand what are your real issues and needs and develop a customized solution to resolve them via digital transformation. Do not ape or copy something implemented in another enterprise, just because it works there. Take small steps, implement simple standalone features and digital solutions, and do not be afraid to fail in your attempts. It's important to learn from your failures and more ahead.

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