Best Festive Look Gurus: Top Beauty Vloggers

Best Festive Look Gurus

Best Festive Look Gurus

Top Beauty Vloggers

Best Festive Look Gurus: Top Beauty Vloggers

Ok, I have a confession! I have been binging on tons of makeup videos lately and I know you are too. And if you have, I am sure you are familiar with not only the names of the people mentioned in this list but also their faces, voices, and styles.

Some of these Top Beauty Vloggers or best beauty YouTubers in India must have matched your vibe.

And again, as a result of the not so glamourous year of 2020, it will be still a hot mess no matter how later you will be reading this blog, some of the best beauty vloggers in India created special spaces in our YouTube algorithm and our friends too. Right?

This year, however, we have not only watched tons of makeup hacks, beauty tips, DIY makeup hacks, product reviews, hairstyles, and makeup looks, and it results in that beautiful highlighter in our cart, that skincare brand, and but obviously, the eyeshadow kit that you will be using to create that beautiful smokey eye look like your fav K-Pop star.

As the festive season nears, well, under our masks and those beautiful sets of clothes that are going to the dry cleaners, let's go through the top beauty vloggers and their best festive looks for 2021.

Have a look:

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Shreya Jain:

Well, this talented YouTuber has to be the queen of daring to create some of the best beauty YouTubers in India. It is indeed not to a surprise that the best beauty YouTubers in India bagged a great partnership with the biggest brand in the world of makeup, MAC Cosmetics.

Yes, used those products that she crafted especially with the brand to create some of the best festive looks. While she is more than just a makeup enthusiast and can be described as an Indian fashion Stylist, Blogger, and Fashion Influencer, where fashion is indeed a diverse term, Shreya's makeup speaks for itself.

Jyoti Sethi:

You might feel a strange feeling of recognising this Youtuber from the world of cinema and television. But it might not be on the top of the tongue, the name of the projects this TVC and Hindi, Punjabi, and Telugu cinema actress, well, ex-actress has worked in.

But, let me tell you, if you are a beginner, you will admire, now full-time Youtuber Jyoti Sethi's videos. Currently, you can also spot her on the banners of Sugar Cosmetics, one of the significantly upward-facing makeup brand of India.

Well, it will be a secret that you will understand how she teaches you makeup is actually like a teacher, detailed but with lots of interesting information and a smile on her face.

The fact is, she has been a teacher in the past and now it's just all her talents and experiences merged into a great YouTube channel worth to be called best beauty YouTubers in India.

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Komal Pandey:

Well, if you were ever quizzed about the fastest growing icons of the past years, you can undoubtedly name the iDiva girls, be it the favourite Kusha Kapila, Dolly Singh, or the name of the hour Komal Pandey.

Komal's YouTube channel is again not only dedicated to makeup, but it is filled with everything aesthetic. Personally, in the world of hacks and less is more, I am not a big fan of going over the board aesthetic with chunkiest of jewels.

But Komal proves to be the best beauty YouTubers in India time and again by creating some videos that even lazy fashion bingers can enjoy.

Having said that, Komal Pandey has indeed a very strong message fo body positivity on her channel that you can spot especially for the elephant in the room, ironically, the slim girls, who are always called out for their so-called malnourished bodies.

Erica Fernandes:

Another celebrity in the list, this time, we have the Indian Television Serial Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon and Kasauty Jindagi Ki 2 fame, Erica Fernandes.

The actress has been a part of pageants like Pantaloons Femina Miss Maharashtra in 2011, Miss Maharashtra crown, and Miss India 2012 post which she entered the world of acting with films and later had a successful TV show since which she hasn't looked back.

From creative lookbooks of affordable clothes to DIY hacks that you didn't know you needed so much, the actress does make sure that she puts a great deal of effort whilst creating YouTube content for the audience she knows trusts her a lot. Do check out best beauty YouTubers in India's Erica's channel for some of the best festive looks, if haven't.

Make Fashion Your Own

No matter which of these beauty vloggers do the best makeup, one common thing that puts them aside from being like everyone else in the room is the art of owning themselves, coming completely to their own fashion best and it means growing and experiencing each part of life and art that makeup truly is.

We hope you a safe and beautiful festive season ahead and get inspired from these best beauty YouTubers in India.

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