Trusted Payment Gateways for E-commerce Website

Trusted Payment Gateways for E-commerce Website

Trusted Payment Gateways for E-commerce Website

Having a secure payment method in an e-commerce store is very important as it will affect your overall ROI and customer experience. Well, what is a payment gateway? A payment gateway is a secure way from which a customer can purchase any product or service from an e-commerce store. A payment gateway is used by e-commerce website so that they can accept any payment digitally. Every e-commerce store owner needs to have a payment gateway because it allows having a quick transaction process, security of data and it is accepted globally.

There are numerous payment gateways which you can use in your e-commerce store or website but you should always choose a gateway which is more secure and widely used. Here is a list of payment gateways which you can use on your store or website.

  1. PayPal

PayPal is worlds most secured and popular payment gateway therefore; it is the first choice of an e-commerce website owner for accepting online payments. It is accessible in almost every part of the world which makes it more desirable as it is popular in more than 200 countries.

Transaction fees of PayPal varies from country to country

  • For US card swipe its 2.7%
  • Key in cards, it is 3.5%. $0.15
  • 9% + $ 0.30 for an invoice
  • Transferring payment to another country is fixed at 1.5%
  1. net

It also is a popular payment gateway which is based in the US. has a partnership with various secured solution providers, developers, service providers and hardware companies so that they can offer a pool of services from which customers can pick which is best for them. Transaction fees of 10 cents for each transaction and this payment gateway is very popular in the US, Australia, Canada and Europe.

  1. SecurePay

SecurePay is known to as the most secured pay as it is PCI compliant and it is accessible worldwide. PCI compliant means to have a standard of security which is important for all payment gateways providers to take store, process and transmit the credit card information.  It allows e-commerce businesses to take payment from POLi and PayPal. Australian population uses SecurePay the most.

Transaction fees of SecurePay are

  • 45 cents for every transaction + tax + AUD 395
  • For 3000 transactions it is AUD 800 + tax
  • They have a customized pricing plan for more than 5000 transactions.
  1. Paytm

Paytm is the leader in payment gateways in India. It allows an e-commerce business to accept payment from digital wallets, net banking, debit or credit cards, EMI and UPI. You don't even need a website or a smartphone while purchasing through Paytm as provides a secure link for payment. Transaction fees of Paytm are 1.99% + tax of every transaction and it is most popular in India.

  1. PayUmoney

PayUmoney one of the most sorted payment gateways in the world as it allows you to set up and activate the payment method within a few minutes. Various payment methods under PayUmoney include debit or credit card, net banking, digital wallets and UPI. They always have a two-step verification process to ensure a secured transaction. Transaction fees of PayUmoney is 2% + tax on every transaction and it is widely used in India


This list shows the most trusted payment gateways you can use in your e-commerce store for digital payments and they are accessible all around the world.

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