Why is your e-Aadhaar file Password Protected?

Why is your e-Aadhaar file Password Protected?

Why is your e-Aadhaar file Password Protected?

E-Aadhaar card is a password protected electronic copy of the Aadhaar card, the 12-digit unique identity number which is digitally signed by the competent authority of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), as mentioned on UIDAI's official website – uidai.gov.in. As per Aadhaar Act, e-Aadhaar is equally valid like a physical copy of Aadhaar card for all purposes, added UIDAI on its website. Residents can easily download the e-Aadhaar card number by visiting UIDAI websites – uidai.gov.in or eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in. Subscribers can also validate digital signatures in e-Aadhaar, said UIDAI on its website. There can be plenty reasons for which you may want to download your e-Aadhaar copy and print it out. You may have lost the copy you had or its just that you may want to keep an extra original copy handy with you. So, in any case, to download your e-Aadhaar, you might have visited the official website and downloaded the e-Aadhaar card or the digital version of your Aadhaar card. Once you have downloaded it, you will notice that it is in the form of a PDF file, and it is password protected, to provide utmost security.

e-Aadhaar file Password

The e-Aadhaar file password consists of 8 letters and in the following form: the first four letters of your name in capital followed by the year of your birth in 'YYYY' format.

For e.g.: If your name is Priya and your birth year is 1992, then your e-Aadhaar password will be- PRIY1992.

Why 'password'?

Simple. To provide a security cover over your e-Aadhaar. An e-Aadhaar holds equal value as an Aadhaar card, hence it requires an extra layer of security to safeguard in addition to its PDF format.



Type in the PIN Code of the postal address you mentioned earlier in the details given earlier



If it fails to open by the first method, then, you can type the first four letters of your name in Capital along with the year of your birth.

Remember: No spaces in between.

For example:

  • Name: Priya
  • Birth year: 1992.
  • E-Aadhaar password to open will be: PRIY1992

Using one of the above methods, you can open your e-Aadhaar pdf and download it. Then you can print a copy of it.

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