RNS Labs Private Limited: reshaping the world through “simplified Artificial Intelligence”

RNS Labs Private Limited: reshaping the world through “simplified Artificial Intelligence”

RNS Labs Private Limited: reshaping the world through "simplified Artificial Intelligence"

In the last few years, India has grown among top countries in the field of artificial intelligence technologies. The government has come up with diverse initiatives to adapt AI in its policies. Most importantly, numerous entrepreneurs have sprung up with AI-based services in applications ranging from farming to healthcare, education, logistics, finance, etc.

With a motto "Simplified Artificial Intelligence" RNS Labs is one of the most emerging companies in Artificial Intelligence. It has entered the AI industry in the year 2017. The company was initiated as an R&D company to develop real AI products for solving common problems of business and individuals and to provide AI expert consultancy to various organizations.

Its product division is building core Artificial Intelligence products viz Digital Assistant, Intelligent Data Analysis, and Applied Computer Vision for Land and Arial Vehicles. Consulting division provides expert consulting to IT and Non-IT organizations for high ROI oriented innovations using Artificial Intelligence and its relevant facets. Its education foundation "Ram School of Artificial Intelligence" provides super-simplified knowledge of Artificial Intelligence to different levels incorporate – Engineers, Managers, and Business Decision Makers.

Brilliant Minds

Ram Dayal GoyalFounder & CEO

An alumnus of IIT Bombay, Ram Dayal is the man behind the brand. He holds over 22 years of experience in Applied Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision to solve various large-scale industry problems in Supply Chain Management (SCM), Financial, Automotive domains.  He has been the inventor of many patents and International IEEE publications.

Sonika Goyal- Founder & COO

As the leading lady, Sonika takes care of all operational management of RNS Labs. She holds a Master Degree in Computer Science with 15+ years of expertise in running the family business. She is an ideal multitasking business-women handling business as well as family.

Technology Solutions Offered by RNS Labs


  • Intelligent Digital Assistant with continuous learning capability
  • Intelligent Data Classification, Deduplication, and Search in business


  • Expert consultancy for Applied Artificial Intelligence
  • Corporate AI/ML Education for Mid and Senior Management 

Key Challenges at the Initial Phase

"In many companies, people either underestimate or overestimate AI/ML usage. Because of that, they are not able to get quick and true benefits of AI within organizational constraints. At the same time, young and newly AI educated community blindly use Machine Learning APIs without understanding the core business problems, expectations, and effectiveness of a particular algorithm", Ram Dayal elaborates.

"In Non-IT companies, the availability of relevant data was a big problem because sensors' and other important data was rarely stored" he added.

Ram Dayal and his team handled the above problems by educating people about collecting data, fundamental capabilities, constraints and efficient implementation of AI/ML in an easier way so that they can feel well connected with engineering teams. This has caused a big gain to clients' confidence and overall speed of progress in innovation. 


Currently, the target audience includes startups, mid and large size organization for its consulting service described in the following way

IT companies:

 The company calls them information processing organizations. RNS Labs caters its consultancy for the efficient and effective realization of AI/ML algorithms for intelligent data clustering, classification, search, deduplication, mining, etc. for their respective business needs

Non-IT companies:

Manufacturing and trading companies: It provides consultancy for starting AI innovation program for decision driven intelligent data processing viz Computer Vision, Failure Predictive Modelling, Intelligent Inventory Management, etc.

Team and Area of Expansion

RNs Labs is a small team with highly qualified and proficient professionals with an experience range of 15-30 years all in the applied AI/ML/NLP/Computer-Vision. All the leading professionals of the company are alumni of the premier institution (IIT Bombay) with formally educated in AI and its relevant fields and served the industry thereafter.  The company is located in Whitefield of Bangalore – a hub of IT companies.

A Glimpse in Artificial Intelligence

Ram Dayal describes, "AI is the capability of a machine to assist human-being at least as much as a normally trained human-assistant."

Further, he says, "Artificial Intelligence is way beyond just calling training/validation API of Python libraries. It depends on how we perceive a problem and solve it. In other words – it is just another 'Computational Paradigm' and not magic".

Developing Factors of AI 

Artificial Intelligence has been there since early 1950, it has extensively been used across all high applications worldwide since then. But an explosive growth happened in the last couple of years due to the following factors:

  • The explosion in the online source of related educational content with free access
  • Open source and free libraries related to AI computations
  • Cheap computing power
  • Disruptive innovations in organizations
  • Availability and easy management of large data

People's Perspective about AI

A class of people takes it to the fancy and imaginary realm of science fiction. But Ram Dayal talks about the community thinking in true realization within constraints:

  • Breaking language bars of hundreds of languages across the world
  • Automation of all mundane and dangerous tasks
  • Advancement in Computer Vision – a human level scene interpretation – applied mostly in autonomous driving and manufacturing
  • A very fast and proactive prediction of business outcome across all domains

Future Plans

In the product aspect, the team is planning to focus on real core research on the products at present. Besides, the company will develop a few home-grown AI tools which will help while consulting the clients in a better and faster way to reap the fruits of AI.

Feathers in the Hat of RNS Labs

  • RNS has educated 30 top executives in startup and mid-size organizations for the effective realization of Artificial Intelligence in their respective organizations.
  • It had developed world most lightweight text classifier which is just 176 KB in size.
  • The company is in the process of filing 2 technology patents – will disclose shortly.

Guiding Force

Paromita B. Head of Business Development; she is an alumna of IIM Bangalore; Paromita is armed with 16+ years of experience in HR and Learning & Development.

Pravin Pawar – Data Intelligence Advisor; he is an alumnus of IIT Bombay and carries over 18 years of research experience in Applied Machine Learning.

K Padmanabhan – Computer Vision Advisor, he is a Computer Vision Guru with 35 years of experience in digital image processing and computer vision.

Words of Wisdom

Define your problem and its business use in a crisp and clear way. Divide the task to the clarity level of an individual pixel. Then use the simplest approach, remember – "Occam's razor".

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email: onlinead@theceo.in

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