Vitalik Buterin, Inventor of Ethereum and the World’s Second Most Valued Cryptocurrency Ether, to Visit Mumbai for Blockchain India Week 12 to 19 May 2017 Hosted by Fintech Storm

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Ethereum is currently grabbing global headlines March 2017 as its cryptocurrency "Ether" achieves the fastest price appreciation from USD10 to USD50 in a matter of a month with the current market valuation exceeding $4 billion, amidst much controversy around Bitcoin and its ongoing price decline.
Vitalik Buterin revealed the mystery behind Ether's giddying price rise to Arifa Khan, Ethereum's India representative – While other alt coins are focused on payments, and making small changes to bitcoin code, ethereum is a blockchain architecture that is aimed at being as general purpose as possible, and with a strong diverse community of researchers and developers behind it trying to make it scalable, secure, and ready for mainstream adoption.
Want to meet the genius in person, and learn more about Ethereum? Come to Blockchain India Week 12-19 May 2017!
Fintech Storm and Zero Field Labs hosted the first ever Blockchain India Summit 6 Dec 2016 at Shangri La Hotel, New Delhi with a posse of global Blockchain leaders. Vitalik Buterin, Founder of Ethereum, was Guest of Honour along with pre-eminent leaders in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) such as Ethereum, ConsenSys, Microsoft, Wipro, IBM, Synechron, Accenture, TCS etc. Now they are bringing to Mumbai the global Blockchain talent led by Vitalik himself, deemed the foster father of Blockchain, and the whiz kid who invented ethereum at 20, and listed in Fortune 40 under 40 in 2016 – to Blockchain India Week – full of hackathons, workshops, conferences and CEO-CTO forums aimed at fostering relationships and facilitating enterprise collaborations with the global cryptocurrency ecosystem. 
On his first trip to India, gifted polymath Vitalik Buterin enthralled audiences everywhere in New Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad with his thought leadership on DLT,  theory of crypto economics, his vision for decentralization and his role in taking ethereum and distributed computing to masses. Speaking on his participation at the first ever Blockchain India Summit Dec 2016, Vitalik said "I think the first trip to India went very well; I was excited to meet the community, and it looks like there is a lot of excitement and potential for future applications. The community is definitely still newer, and more focused on currency applications than some of the other things that other ethereum communities are trying to build, though I expect that it will rapidly mature. I am looking forward to engaging with multiple stakeholders in India in May 2017."
He is extraordinarily well-rounded in his ability to master and elucidate multiple economic and mathematical concepts to powerful world leaders and young students of DLT alike. Now he is driven by the mission of making decentralized worldwide web through Ethereum World Computer a possibility even to those who have no knowledge of blockchain or technology. Much like Bill Gates wanted to make personal computing ubiquitous and Steve Jobs wanted to amalgamate everything modern and coalesce into a single personalized device called smart phone, Vitalik is working relentlessly to make Ethereum general purpose and something akin to Next Generation Windows!
Rallying behind ethereum founder's vision are corporate biggies such as Microsoft, Wipro, Intel, banks such as J.P.Morgan and Credit Suisse – among the 300 odd companies who are joining the latest and most relevant of alliances in blockchain – the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.  It's mission – "Learn from and build upon the only smart contract supporting blockchain currently running in real-world production and to define enterprise-grade software capable of handling the most complex, highly demanding applications at the speed of business."
Marley Gray of Microsoft who sponsored Blockchain India Summit Dec 2016 as Global Blockchain Partner has this to say  "Ethereum was the first blockchain supported in Azure and it is evolving to address the needs of enterprises globally. Focusing on requirements like privacy, permissions and a pluggable architecture while retaining its public roots, Ethereum continues to widen the scope of what developers, businesses, and consortiums can achieve."
Zero Field Labs is bringing the ethereum movement to India. Read Vitalik's interview by Arifa Khan here on Ethereum's vision (–vitalik-buterin.html). Among the delegation are Ethereum core developers from Europe including a team of 20 tech experts from Ukraine. CEO of Zero Field Labs, Ms. Arifa Khan, India Partner and adviser to Vitalik, was in Kiev, Ukraine recently to talk on Current Technological Challenges in Development of Ethereum & other DLT platforms, at the BlockchainUA conference. Her talk captivated many a Ukrainian technologist and persuaded them to visit India.
Blockchain India Week 12-19 May 2017 will present the European blockchain developer talent to India and a potpourri of blockchain ideas, a suite of Proofs of Concept at Blockchain India Hackfest and at custom-built ethereum workshops. At The Ethereum India Summit, Vitalik will give a keynote on his "Vision of Ethereum as the Next Generation world computer for a decentralized future". Ms. Khan will give a keynote on "Challenges in development of DLT & Technical Roadmap of Ethereum over the next few years".  Developers are converging from all over the world in Mumbai for the Hackathon being hosted in collaboration with IIT Mumbai 12-14 May with over 200 sign ups already. Indian Bitcoin and Blockchain clan is excited about "Vitalik Buterin Prize in Blockchain Excellence" instituted and sponsored by Zero Field Labs, the prize to be handed over by Vitalik himself on 18 May in Mumbai.
Blockchain India Week is being supported by Vitalik Buterin and several members of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) such as Microsoft, ConsenSys etc.
Join us for privileged interactions with global pioneers of Bitcoin and DLT!
Ms. Khan is pleased to be hosting Vitalik's second visit to India. She is excited to work with Banking and other industries in their transition to a Blockchain enabled world! She is Vitalik's Adviser and Ethereum representative in India. Ms. Khan looks forward to pitching blockchain solutions to Govt. of India and several states like Andhra Pradesh on this visit.

About Fintech Storm

Fintech Storm has been prescient in spotting trends in Banking, Payments & Fintech industries in Europe and India and has been instrumental in bridging European and Indian ecosystems through "Europe-India Conclave", inaugurated by Union Cabinet Minister for Shipping, Roads & Highways – Nitin Gadkari in Dec 2015.  Zero Field Labs, an affiliate of Fintech Storm is a London-based startup focused on building blockchain applications and is the sponsor of first ever Blockchain India Summit 6 Dec 2016 New Delhi, and the upcoming Blockchain India Week, Mumbai 12-19 May 2017.
About Zero Field Labs

Zero Field Labs is a Crypto economy / Blockchain play, and hosts Blockchain Storm Global Series of Conferences and Workshops around the world, and has hosted events in London, Geneva, Zurich, Mumbai, New Delhi. Zero Field offers customized corporate training and technical workshops on Blockchain for global corporates, including to Reserve Bank of India team. The high-quality custom-built workshops offer in-person hands-on training with developers from Europe, who have built real applications on Ethereum, and other blockchain platforms. Get in touch with to ask for a quote and to schedule a custom built workshop for your team in India in May 2017.

CEO Ms. Arifa Khan is the architect of Europe-India Conclave and Blockchain Storm Series.
Blockchain Storm – Ethereum India Summit
When : 18 May 2017 9:00am to 6:00pm
Venue: Hotel Taj Mahal Palace, Apollo Bunder Road, Mumbai (TBC)
Event website:
Ticket site for foreign delegates:
Ticket site for Indian delegates:
Hackathon 12-14 May 2017:
Hackfest 15-16 May 2017:

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