Fabzen Technologies: The Journey From Casual To Competition

Fabzen Technologies: The Journey From Casual To Competition

Fabzen Technologies: The Journey From Casual To Competition

The gaming industry rose like a source of light in the darkness - a source of happiness to billions of people. They are the most prehistorically celebrated events that left traces in all parts of the world. Picked up from here is what led to the establishment of the big bank of gaming industries that generated creative games and reached them to people through online portals bringing up the ever-so-popular mobile games.

Mr Mrityunjay Kumar Yadav, a thoughtful leader, founder, and entrepreneur who understands every freckle of the gaming industry, was geared towards bringing a scent of old games into new ones under the name of Fabzen Technologies Private Limited in 2017, a company with zero support funding and a team that played viers to their vision.  

A 24-hour wheel of games surviving all the brunts of corporate aversion has met at the stall.  - Fabzen Technologies Private Limited

A company built out of the idea of lending wind to games went through constant brainstorming and after a few trials and errors, it was finally harvest time!

Their first game, Ludo Empire came into existence in 2019 and glued the eyes of all the gaming enthusiasts, making an impact in their minds. Its peculiarity for skill-based gaming and macro doses of entertainment has taken it from a casual board game to a massive competition in the whole wide country.

The competition felt like a thrust, but Fabzen successfully overcame every challenge that came its way. Bringing up new features, boldness in making decisions, the mindset to take risks, exponential visual effects, and discovering deeper treks of a player’s mindset is its mantra for a successful stand in the gaming industry.

The biggest catch for Fabzen is that it was never stagnant and always looked to grow towards newer dimensions thereby scaling to different regions of the country. Wherever it went, it left a sense of trust in people with its outlook towards fair gaming involving daily players who form a family of 1.25 Crore+ on the platform till this date; this got home the most valuable ISO and AIGF certifications. 

The unpredictability and unbiasedness factor add a niche to the games, providing them with the RNG certificate. Also, Fabzen holds a stage for 24x7 on-call customer services that provide players with a medium to clarify their queries.

Reasserting to the user’s smooth gamified life, the company pledges to take care of various aspects, the primary one being to entertain its users with a stellar game show.

Beyond this, Fabzen also looks to create a user-friendly platform with new enchanted versions that would bring a home-like feeling to players in the world of virtual reality. The outcome of this joint effort is the company’s tier of games: Ludo Empire, Callbreak Empire, and Skill Patti Empire. To top it all, the Ludo, Callbreak, and Skill Patti games have been recently conjoined into the Ludo Empire app.

Ludo Empire was one of the biggest hits of Fabzen. This evergreen game has been a language of entertainment to people from across generations while its intangible brilliance is something that everyone counts on. 

Apart from this, Fabzen also has two new extensions that work separately, called CloudZenia and Apperstudios. CloudZenia was set up in order to provide cloud services to nascent companies that are looking to make it big in their respective industries. At the same time, Apper Studios is a company through which several IT services and solutions are provided globally emerging as a very powerful asset to Fabzen. 

Fabzen Technologies Private Limited, from being an embryonic cell to forming a wholly working body that caters to mind-boggling games in the new age era, has had a journey of its own - A journey that is worth the while and the walk. 

Now looking towards its future, Fabzen Technologies, fed by a radical freethinking team of technical experts, marketing minds, and design creatives is all set to have their new path-breaking ideas meet actions, for the world to witness.

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