DMIT, a Trending Scientific Procedure to Test One’s Inborn Intelligences

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Unlock your child's potential with DMIT</p></div>

Unlock your child's potential with DMIT

Vineet Jain, Reiki Master 

Choosing oneself to become just a successful engineer or a doctor in future is passé. With the growing competition and the growth in career options, Kids and their parents are becoming more confused towards identifying their actual passion and talent. Just as the 10th and 12th board results are out, parents are now worried about what goals have their kids made up in their mind to peruse in future. There are dozens of questions revolving in their head making them befuddled with thoughts like, does my kid fits for his goals or his talent lay in some other streams?

Consulting a career counsellor for all such question is not a new thing. Many people also consult their astrologer for the same, but very few understand the science involved in it. To give it a more structured understanding, a new method called Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is being used to evaluate one's inborn intelligences through simple biometrics, where fingerprints will let you know what career plans your talent indicates.

Vineet Jain, Reiki Master, says, "Science says fingerprints start developing in foetus from 14-24 weeks with the brain pattern growing simultaneously and are interconnected. DMIT is a scientific study of fingerprint patterns that helps in understanding an individual's potential and personality. D.M.I Assessment technique has been developed by scientists and research experts from World-renowned universities and is based on knowledge from Genetics, Embryology, Dermatoglyphics, Psychology and Neuroscience."

After a simple method of collecting fingerprints of all the fingers of a child, the results of ridges are then manually counted and a detailed analysis is done with the help of software. According to dermatoglyphic experts, thumb print tells about action and execution; index finger logic and creativity; middle finger limb motor ability and art appreciation; ring power of voice recognition; little finger text image discerning. Based on assessment report of 27-35 pages, parents then explained all the answers which include positives and limitations, perspective and reflex sensitivity, innate personalities and characteristics like IQ, EQ, preferred learning style and career options.

The method costs between Rs. 2500 to Rs.10,000 and is not only beneficial for children and their parents, but also for young adults who have just entered their career and want to see their growth parameter and the areas they need to work on. This process is also beneficial for entrepreneurs and businessmen for their successful expansion. 

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