21st Century Leadership Excellence Master Class – From FBI LEADERSHIP ACADEMY

Is leadership or the lack thereof, causing you to fall behind your competitors?

Is it important for your leaders to be the best they can possibly be? 

What if you could educate your leaders on employee motivation and influencing others? 

Lastly, how about leaving an everlasting leadership legacy for friends, followers, organizational members and family?

The FBI is the preeminent law enforcement agency in the world whose organizational members have historically high levels of employee engagement and motivation.

August Interactive Media is organising a 2 day high end workshop titled 21st Century Leadership Excellence Master Class on December 16 – 17, 2016 at IIT Mumbai. This Master Class is part of August Interactive Media's international road trip scheduled across New York – Las Vegas – Mumbai – Dubai. Sessions are aimed at bringing the corporate leaders under one roof to experience the course material originally designed for the FBI Leadership Academy.

In this course, participants escape exercises like "trust falls" or "What items would you want if marooned on a desert island."  Instead, they will participate in a thought provoking style of learning using their past experiences and our copyrighted exercises

This 'must attend' program will be conducted by Michael "Bret" Hood, a veteran former FBI Special Agent for 25 years and the author of the critically acclaimed leadership book Eat More Ice Cream: Succinct Leadership Lessons for each week of the year. If there is anything one can agree with, it is his leadership course!  The top-rated business leadership program in Europe, high Performance Leadership at IMD, has requested Instructor Hood to teach segments of their leadership development program.

Key take away of the workshop

  • How FBI leverages natural human behavior to establish social bonds with others.
  • The FBI approaches and demands to promote increased intrinsic motivation.
  • How FBI culture promotes individual leadership legacies that sustains throughout history.
  • The FBI builds character in their leaders and leverages the power of group dynamics to enhance organizational culture despite enduring incredibly stressful situations.
  • How FBI promotes mindfulness, health and wellness and how it creates trust between management and line level employees.
  • The FBI develops connected networks of people to create and promote the long-term vision of leaders.
  • The FBI establishes trust with internal and external stakeholders by granting significant autonomy to their employees.
  • Avoid emotional hijackings.
  • Implicit biases affect every decision we make and how to mitigate those effects.
  • Power leads to reduced empathy and increased self-entitlement despite good intentions when you become a leader.
  • To avoid the allure of the corporate psychopath who uses emotional intelligence to manipulate you and destroy your organization and your reputation.

 Registration is limited! To avail discounted rates write into registerindia@august-im.in

 Marketing Partner: The CEO Magazine
Host and Certification Partner: IIT Mumbai (Powai)
Knowledge Partner: Indian Society for Training and Development
Outreach Partner:
India Entrepreneurs Club & SME Chambers
Strategic Partner: Nasscom 10000 Start ups

Dates: 16-17th December 2016

RSVP: Sharath Pillai
Hotline: +91 9819074691
Email: registerindia@august-im.in

To advertise with us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email: onlinead@theceo.in

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