Eroma Petrochemicals Private Limited

Providing Solutions Through Solvents Paramount Manufacturer Of Aromatic And Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Solvents
Eroma Petrochemicals Private Limited

Manan Shah - CEO - Eroma Petrochemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Global Heavy Aromatic solvent industry is showing immense growth with a CAGR of around 3% p.a., products mainly finding application in Agriculture, Paints & Coatings, Printing Inks, Foundry, and Oil Field Chemicals.

Established in 2012, Eroma Petrochemicals Private Limited began its journey as a trader of aromatic & aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents. In 2014, they commenced commercial production, with an installed capacity of 15000 tons p.a., and successfully continued to manufacture the same for around ten years. They have recently enhanced the installed capacity to 37500 tons p.a., which is more than double the previous capacity. They are headquartered in Ahmedabad in a prime commercial area of the city.

Over the course of their journey, they have successfully established themselves as a leading player in the Hydrocarbon solvent industry.

Eroma Petrochemicals

Mission And Vision

Eroma Petrochemicals’ mission and vision are to contribute to the nation through employment and growth through the association.

Key Values

Eroma Petrochemicals leaders believe that just-in-time delivery adds value to their clientele.

The Guiding Forces Behind Eroma Petrochemicals

Mukesh S. Pawar - Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Mukesh S. Pawar, CMD Eroma Petrochemicals, is an engineer by profession. He is a B. Tech in Chemical Engineering and did his specialization in petrochemical technology in 2002. With his extensive experience in process design, commissioning, and product development, Eroma Petrochemicals has shown tremendous growth over the past decade. Mr. Mukesh has commissioned various Petroleum Hydrocarbon Fractionation Projects and developed proprietary solvents for Pesticides, Paints, Coatings & Printing Ink industries. With around 20 years of experience in the industry, he also has a deep techno-commercial understanding of the business.

Manan Shah - CEO (Business Development)

Manan Shah is a Chemical Engineer and holds an MBA from SIBM, Pune. With his rich experience of around 30 years in the sales and marketing of bulk and specialty chemicals, he is an astute marketing strategist. He was associated with companies like Akzo Nobel Chemicals, The Netherlands, and India Glycols Ltd. for a significant part of his career.

Their Differentiating Factors

Eroma Petrochemicals’ Customer Focus, Zero accident policy, and Quality Assurance Protocol are differentiating factors.

Challenges Along The Way

While discussing challenges along their journey, Mr. Pawar mentions that with his lower middle-class family background, the major challenge was the timely implementation of the project within five months while working with limited funds. He says that any delay in the commissioning of the plant would have resulted in the project’s failure.

Ideation Behind Joining The Industry?

Mr. Pawar mentions three factors that led to the idea of joining the industry.

  • Healthy CAGR with continuous increase in demand

  • Huge supply-demand gap

  • Imports are fulfilling 70% of domestic demand

Revenue Model

The products manufactured by Eroma Petrochemicals fall under the category of bulk chemicals. Thus, its profit generates from quick turnover rather than focusing on enhanced profitability.

Their Clientele

To date, Eroma Petrochemicals have catered to 200+ customers, out of which around 70 are their regular buyers. Some of their major customers are MRF Ltd., Tagros Ltd., Meghmani group, and Willowood Chemicals Ltd.

Their Team

At present, Eroma Petrochemicals has thirty employees.


Since Eroma Petrochemicals is a privately held company, the investors are mainly private shareholders, and the major stakes are with the founder CMD.

How Do They Differ From Their Biggest Competitors?

According to Mr. Mukesh Pawar, their customer-centric approach differentiates them from their competitors. He also mentions that since Eroma Petrochemicals is a lean organization with less overhead costs, it can continually offer competitive prices to customers.

Significant Milestones In Their Journey

According to Mr. Mukesh Pawar, achieving the targeted customer confidence in Eroma has been one of the most significant milestones of Eroma Petrochemicals since its inception. They honor the commitments made to all their customers in terms of pricing, quality, and meeting their schedules.

Core Values Of Eroma Petrochemicals

Erom Petrochemicals works on three fundamental values:

  • Being candid with customers all the times.

  • Practice business with high standard ethics.

  • Never forget to return to society by continually fulfilling CSR activities.

Their Offerings And Solutions

Eroma Petrochemicals provide custom-made & cost-effective product solutions for customers of the Agro, Paint, and Resin industries.

Upcoming Trends In Their Industry

According to Mr. Mukesh Pawar, Naphthalene free products are the upcoming trends in their industry.

Present And Future Plans Of Eroma Petrochemicals

At present, Eroma Petrochemicals are working towards creating its brand awareness to all the major customers on the pan-India level. By 2025, they plan to set a 100% EOU with an installed capacity of 100 KT p.a. in the vicinity of Kandla and Mundra port to cater to the global market. Their plans also include being a global entity and market leader in the industry by offering value-added products to the downstream industries.

Advice To Young Entrepreneurs

In Mr. Mukesh Pawar’s words, “India is YOUNGEST NATION & OLDEST CIVILIZATION. There is excellent potential in youth.”

His success mantra for young entrepreneurs-

  • Always dream BIG

  • Be ready to come up from grass root level

  • Work Smart by thinking laterally and outside the box.”

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