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Leading the Charge in Air Quality Solutions for a Cleaner, Healthier World
Dr Dhirendra Singh - CEO and Managing Director - Airshed Planning Professionals Pvt Ltd

Dr Dhirendra Singh - CEO and Managing Director - Airshed Planning Professionals Pvt Ltd

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Clean air, as recognised by the United Nations, is a fundamental human right. However, the constant haze we are accustomed to is a stark reminder that this right is far from being realised. Air pollution is one of the most pressing issues of our time, with harmful effects on public health, the environment, and the economy. Governments worldwide are stepping up to counter this challenge by imposing strict regulations and investing in cutting-edge technologies. Yet, the battle requires concerted efforts at individual, community, and organisational levels. In this global imperative, Airshed Planning Professionals Pvt Ltd emerges as a force committed to advancing air quality management through scientific rigour and innovative solutions. Nestled within the bustling lanes of Kanpur, Airshed not only confronts the immediate concerns of air pollution but also lays the groundwork for a sustainable and healthy environment for future generations.

Innovating Air Quality Solutions

Established in 2017, Airshed stands at the forefront of global air quality management, pioneering advancements in source apportionment, emission inventory, ambient air quality monitoring, and air pollution modelling. With a steadfast mission to provide expert guidance and solutions to industry, local authorities, regulatory bodies, and policymakers, Airshed draws on its deep-rooted expertise in air pollution monitoring and modelling. Grounded in integrity, innovation, and dedication, Airshed epitomises a commitment to a cleaner, healthier future. The dedicated team offers advisory services to diverse stakeholders while ensuring transparency, ethical conduct, and the highest service standards. By merging expertise and purpose, Airshed delivers precise data and impactful solutions, driving positive change for communities worldwide.

Through innovation and experimentation, Airshed spearheads solutions that enhance environmental health. The brand stands for excellence, tackling air quality challenges with cutting-edge strategies and pioneering advancements. The completion of thirty Source Apportionment Studies across India and Qatar underscores Airshed’s dedication to air quality management.

Dr Dhirendra Singh, CEO and Managing Director, Airshed Planning Professionals Pvt Ltd

The strength of an organisation hinges on the integrity and vision of its leader. Dr Dhirendra Singh, the visionary behind Airshed, brings over two decades of experience in managing diverse environmental and engineering projects.

With four patents and a portfolio of international and national research papers, Dr Singh is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of environmental technology and solutions. His passion for advancing air quality science through innovation and research is the cornerstone of Airshed’s commitment to excellence. Under his leadership, the company has emerged as a pioneering force, driving positive change in environmental health.

Dr Singh’s dedication has earned him prestigious accolades, including the Indian Achievers Award, Uttar Pradesh Innovation Leadership Award, and Business Exclusive Awards, highlighting his impact in the field of environmental technologies.

The Tale of Inception

Recognising the need for innovative solutions in air quality management, Dr Singh was motivated to establish a specialised firm dedicated to advancing this field. He shares,

“The inspiration behind Airshed stemmed from a collective passion for addressing the pressing issue of air pollution and its detrimental effects on public health and the environment.”

Their journey began with leveraging expertise in environmental science to develop strategies for air quality monitoring, modelling, and management. The initial days were challenging, requiring constant vigilance to adapt to evolving regulations, integrate diverse data sources, and secure resources for technology and skilled personnel. Innovation and adaptation were essential to stay ahead. Through dedication, strategic planning and collaboration, Airshed emerged as an industry leader, catalysing positive change for cleaner and healthier air. Their collaborations with IIT Kanpur as an industry partner and the development of advanced monitoring devices have been featured in newspapers, further validating Airshed’s leadership in the field. “For us, success is defined by our ability to lead transformative advancements in air quality management and environmental sustainability,” asserts Dr Singh.

Key Offerings

Airshed’s distinction in the environmental consulting industry arises from its specialised expertise in technical air quality management services and innovative products tailored to addressing air pollution challenges. With sophisticated services like source apportionment studies and cutting-edge monitoring techniques, along with a comprehensive suite of specialised instruments, they deliver impactful solutions, maintaining their position as industry leaders.


  • Source Apportionment

  • Air Pollutant Emission Inventory

  • GHG Emissions Inventory

  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

  • Consulting/Permitting

  • Air Pollution Dispersion Modelling

  • Receptor Modelling

  • Air Toxics Risk Assessment


  • Particulate Matter Instruments

  • Mobile Vans

  • Specialised Sampling Devices

  • Other AQ instruments

Empowered Employees, Empowered Solutions

At Airshed, employees are the cornerstone of their success. They focus on creating a supportive, inclusive workplace that fosters growth, collaboration, and innovation. By offering opportunities to work on impactful projects and providing an environment for personal and professional development, they keep the team motivated. Flexible working arrangements and team-building activities further ensure a fulfilling work environment.

“My biggest accomplishment has been building a successful team at Airshed,” reflects Dr Singh. He adds, “By assembling a talented and dedicated team, we’ve completed 50+ projects for esteemed clients like state pollution control boards, IITs, NITs, CSIR, Tata Chemicals, and Qatar Petroleum, achieving remarkable milestones in air quality management.”

What Lies Ahead for Airshed

Airshed endeavours to lead in environmental consulting, fostering a healthier environment for future generations through talent development, strategic partnerships, and a strong focus on sustainability. Dr Singh explains, “The future of this industry is marked by increasing awareness, technological advancements, and stringent regulations. At Airshed, we envision a future driven by sustainability and innovation to address complex air quality challenges.”

He elaborates, “To position ourselves for success in this evolving landscape, we are investing in high-end technologies for precise monitoring and analytics, emphasising research to develop pioneering solutions, and expanding our service offerings to address emerging needs such as indoor air quality assessments, water quality assessment and climate change.”

Airshed’s key focus now is securing participation in the Ministry of Telecommunication’s Digital Twin initiative, fitting perfectly with their goal to improve air quality through tech innovation. They’re actively engaging with stakeholders, showcasing their expertise, and stressing the benefits of incorporating air quality monitoring into the digital twin setup. Meanwhile, they’re deploying low-cost air quality sensors across India to improve data availability. Through partnerships, advocacy, and tech, Airshed aims to significantly boost air quality and environmental sustainability nationwide.

Leadership Mantra

Dr Singh advises aspiring entrepreneurs, “Keep yourself updated with the latest industry trends by regularly engaging with publications, journals, and regulatory updates. Building a solid network within the environmental sector can open doors to valuable insights, collaborations, and potential clients. Embrace innovation and technology to boost the efficiency and impact of your services. And remember to develop strong business skills in areas like financial planning and project management to ensure steady growth and success in the long run.”

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