From food to drink and snacks to cigarettes, HMD delivers one of the best-in-class essential deliveries up to doorsteps

From food to drink and snacks to cigarettes, HMD delivers one of the best-in-class essential deliveries up to doorsteps

Since the online delivery system has evolved in the globe, people are showing their interest towards buying things through online products suppliers. Probably time has changed now and people wake-up by late night. Since they are up at odd hours, they often need things from shops much after they close from food and cold drinks to condoms and cigarettes, these delivery outlets offer it all, making it a win-win situation for late-night sleepers. Launched recently, Delhi-based Hunger Must Die (HMD) delivers one of the many such late-night delivering systems which operates throughout Delhi.

People, at HMD, provide food and other solutions which are often out of reach at night. HMD works hard to be at your service and to bring about a change in the current Midnight services scenario in New Delhi. The firm is currently based in New Delhi and covers South Delhi in its delivery area. HMD delivers items maintaining high ethics and it is acutely conscious of social health footprints wherein all its dishes are made using, Nutritive Butter, Branded Refined Oils, Mother diary/ Amul Milk, Curd and Ice Creams and everything else needed from top brands only. HMD aims to provide 'Home Quality, Restaurant Experience' in any circumstances.

HMD's dedication and expertise in delivering Non-Veg, Veg, Exotics, Breads, Chinese, Rice, Biryani, Something to drink, Cigarettes, Hookahs, Rolling Papers, Disposal Eateries, Condom and many more translates into a differentiated value proposition and stimulates time-to-market for clients. Now HMD is coming soon with few of new 'Indian Fusion' products like Burgers, Pizzas, Chinese, Paranthas, Desserts etc. The company has a strong base of over 800 regular customers, who have been with HMD since its inception few months ago, and is serving around 1800 new customers each month. HMD's transparent, efficient and flexible world class quality and delivery process creates pleasant service that meets present as well as future demands. Fortune over 60% of its total customers of the daily base order is repeated customers which is actually enough to understand how HMD deals with its clients.

Speaking to The CEO Magazine about building a successful customer base, Mr. Varun Anand, Director of HMD said, "From the very first day, even at huge costs per dish, I am very strict about the quality and taste of food, and make sure that every customer gets a personal touch. From freebies to huge discounts, to to-be-launched dishes free samples and the HUGE customization available for every dish, people were attracted on the very first instance.

Then there are great looking membership cards given out occasionally to regular customers which give them discounts forever! The Membership has 2 levels, Black and Gold, Gold given when a customer orders more than 20 times."

Mr. Varun Anand chats with The CEO Magazine

TCM: What are the most effective marketing initiatives or programs you have used to promote your business?

Varun: As shared in the last question, since the inception, I maintained strictness about the quality and taste of food, and making sure that every customer gets a personal touch. In fact I am glad to say that my employees are highly concerned of maintaining quality and taste along with hygiene.

Later, we came with cool Video Ads like people jumping of a plane and forming our logo, a small video AD showing how are people can integrate our services into their daily lives.

We even have our own group on Facebook by the name on 'Entrepreneur' which has around 700 entrepreneurs and people related to the industry.

Our Facebook page is updated constantly with new Unique and funky Graphics. In fact our Facebook page received more than 2.3K likes within the first 2 months. This shows how marketing food with quirky ideas can make people curious.

Lastly , when a customer orders, we make it a very fun as well as relaxing experience, for instance, with every order change for Rs.500, 1000, 2000 and so on are sent, so people should never find it a hassle to take a delivery, we even send out wireless card payment machines just incase. We even offer microwave friendly containers.

Health conscious individuals are offered with the option of healthy real fruit smoothies, brown bread sandwich, and wheat pasta options etc.

A message with the delivery boy's name and number are sent, along with a link to a great funny or knowledgeable YouTube video for him to kill his time with till the order arrives.

TCM: What are the major milestones for the company since founding?

Varun: As per 3rd party orders data (For Instance Zomato), we are performing 5.5 times better than our competition. We opened in the Malviya Nagar region of New Delhi, which is currently at the top for 'Deliveries' in whole of New Delhi. When we came here, there were countless established competitors around me; some had a monopoly due to their early market advantage, though we beat more than 5 times within the first 6 months.

TCM: What is the business problem it hopes to solve with its solutions and offerings?

Varun: Affordable, great and healthy food, with many other options to make everyone working during nights to fully concentrate on the work, and get what's desired/needed to be delivered to them without any hassle.

TCM: Please tell us about Road Map and Future Plans of your organizations.

Varun: Our new project if of launching our take on 3 new cuisines and we are already in the process of opening Delhi's first 24/7 Luxury Indian food take-away and deliveries joint.

TCM: What was your journey like to get where you are?

Vaurn: Sleepless nights for 7 months, 4 hours of sleep top. No night parties, ever, in fact on my birthday, I was delivering orders in my own car as we dint have enough delivery boys back then.

But it's the best job in the world, I get to see the Sunset and the Sunrise every day in complete silence while driving on empty roads, this is something people go on to vacations for!

TCM: What was the most difficult lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?

Varun: I don't know about other countries, but in India, and especially in this sector, there is no such thing as organized in terms of staff. F&B has one of the highest employee turnover ratios, which is a bigger headache than I thought it would be, and keeping our standards of what they are, that too during midnights, good staff is extremely tough to find. But I have been extremely lucky as my current team still consist of all the people who were there since the first day, I have a great team, In fact the best anyone could find in F&B's start-ups.

Let's know more about Mr. Varun Anand in his own words:

I was just pathetic at studies, being in a family full of businessmen and lawyers, I always had an interest in business, since childhood, I was always on the lookout for new ideas and services that needs to be out there, like everyday difficulties that people have started to ignore and deal with it their everyday lives. I tried to find simple but very innovative solutions that would be low cost but make their lives becomes rich, and how I could profit from it. I still constantly think about current services available everywhere and how I could make them better and more profitable without passing the cost to the customers.

For HMD I took a whole year to get ready, during that I build my own app and website from scratch, I just Googled for help, wherever I needed it. Then I learned cooking, so I at least knew the basics of how a kitchen works and what is Indian Food (which I adore) is all about. In fact for the first 3 months, I was still making many smoothies, sandwiches and pastas myself during load hours.

I am still very young in this industry and try to learn from the masters every day. I even helped out a few competitors to start their own thing, as this keeps me on my toes and going to work becomes ten times more fun.

I firmly believe, that if you have a product/service, that is good, wanted and needs to be out there, but yet isn't available, or just isn't offered right, it should surely be a great success if approached and marketed intelligently.

My business strategy has always been to deal in Volumes rather than high profits.

Every successful and long run companies which want to thrive should look for volumes, rather than a few petty high profitable sales.

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