SKM Egg: Offering Healthy Delights with “Most Sough-After” Eggs

SKM Egg: Offering Healthy Delights with “Most Sough-After” Eggs

SKM Egg: Offering Healthy Delights with "Most Sough-After" Eggs

Starting the mornings with healthy boiled eggs or baking a home-cooked cake, eggs are the most essential ingredient taking up space in everyone's kitchen counter making them one of the trickiest foods to pick at the grocery store. Like various other products, eggs and egg-based products are preferred to be organic. SKM Egg Products have been a choice of millions of customers since 1996. A brand integrated in manufacturing, marketing and exporting egg products based in India, the brand is managed by the visionary leader and managing director Shree Shivkumar. The brand produces two lines of egg products through the fully automated factory with the state-of-art-production facility comprising best of technology and methods. Meeting the global quality and eco-friendly benchmarks, the brand is Asia's largest egg processing unit with a capacity to process 1.8 million eggs every day.

Following the rigorous and result-oriented quality management system of SKM Egg Products is based on 8 quality management principles. It is developed and deployed to ensure the production of safe and consistent products to comply with pre-established customer specifications. Installed with a sophisticated process mechanism where each egg, slated for breaking, goes through microbiological testing, SKM Eggs Products offers quality products. The brand follows GMP and has adopted the general principles and guidelines outlined in the collection of internationally recognized standards, codes, and guidelines, the Codex Alimentarius.

From the MD's Desk

"SKM EGG Products is the finest example of how a strong value system and drive for excellence can keep you ahead in a competitive environment. Thinking out of the shell was a mantra we adopted consciously not just to give ourselves the edge but also to keep pushing ourselves to innovate. I am delighted to be heading an organization that works as a change agent in its ways by transforming the health profile of its customers by providing a wide range of egg-based products." Shree Shivkumar, MD, SKM

The Healthy Eggcelent Solutions

SKM just don't sell products, they sell solutions. They serve a daily dose of health for scores of their local, national and international customers through the wide range of innovative egg products.

SKM offers a complete portfolio of spray-dried egg ingredients including a variety of egg white powders, egg liquid, and cubes. SKM offers superior quality eggs straight from the farm. The egg varies to cater to different audience's preferences. The pesticide-free and antibiotic-free eggs are the outcome of nourished hens who are fed with high-quality animal protein in their diet.

The Egg Liquids are a convenient solution preferred to be used in bakeries, restaurants, and food-service units. The Egg liquid is pasteurized and packed in a 6-Layer packaging hygienically with no added chemical preservatives. The healthy product comes in two categories, Egg White Liquid, and Whole Egg Liquid.

A fat-free product which is light on the stomach, Egg White Cubes is healthy, natural and perfect to maintain the carbohydrate intake. The cubes are available in 100g, 200g, 500g packs with Salt and Sugar Variants.

Eggpro Mix is the healthy protein powder fulfilling the protein intakes essential for the sportsperson. The product is offered by the brand in three variants, Eggpro Life for regular individuals and diabetics, Eggpro Egg Albumen Powder for young people and athletes as a protein supplement, and Eggpro Sport Plus for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders.

A State-of-the-art Farm Management and Process

SKM Eggs Product farms are designed to give utmost care to hens ensuring high-quality eggs each time and every time. The brand controls the quality of health of birds and the feed ingredients quality with the help of their monitoring systems and regular laboratory checks.

SKM Egg Products process 1.8 million eggs every day in their EU certified farm which is exported to Europe, Japan and many countries in Asia. The process conforms to ISO 22000, BRC, KOSHER, AND HALAL certification requirements.

 Infrastructure: Tracker and Zoning

The level of quality assured by the brand cannot be taken for granted with its ability to track every part of the process value chain. From the day the egg is laid down to the hen and the quality of feed given to that particular hen, every single aspect can be accurately traced.

SKM has an effective program for the prevention of microbial cross contamination within the factory premises. Critical areas of the process are categorized into red, white and neutral zones. The consumables including the cleaning tools are different for each zone.

The SKM Processing Unit

The organic, healthy, and superior quality SKM Eggs Products factory is fully air-conditioned and maintained with positive pressure in sterile zones. A fully automatic CIP system has been employed for cleaning the tanks and pipelines. SKM plant has been approved by EIC–EIA as per the Indian Act 'Export of Egg Products Quality Control, Inspection, and Monitoring Rules 1997 Act, based on EU/USDA Guidelines'. Eliminating the possibility of contaminants in the processing area, SKM Eggs Products utilities are housed in a separate building. The liquid waste utilized according to the environmental norms is a step taken by the company to make the process eco-friendly.

The Global Expansion

"Our products earned the confidence of valued customers in Europe, Japan, and Asia. We don't rest on our laurels. We are fully geared to take on the global opportunities and surge ahead with a renewed commitment and momentum." MD Shree Shivkumar shared his views on the future global expansion plans.

Awards and Accolades

Shree Shivkumar has been awarded for single-handedly making SKM, a category leader in key exports markets. The brand has been facilitated with best 5S Practice Award, Export Excellence Award at MEPZ, Special Economic Zone – Chennai 2013, State Safety Award for the year 2007 by Government of Tamilnadu, Manufacturing Excellence Silver Award in 2006 and Manufacturing Excellence Gold Award in 2007 & 2008 by Frost and Sullivan, and Best Export Performance Awards in 100% EOU category by MEPZ. The brand has also been selected for Golden Trophy for the "APEDA" Ministry of Commerce, Government of India award given to encourage agriculture-based food processing EOU industries.

Supporting "Sustainability"

SKM eggs supports the concept if sustainability with a low carbon footprint. The brand upholds its corporate social responsibility with its environmental friendly recycling of the wastes. It uses the eggshell waste as a calcium supplement to feed mill. Using drip irrigation in the garden, windmill and rain harvesting are also some of the measures taken by the company to manage the water resources. It is also a active participant in the community uplift programs.

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