603 The CoWorking Space: Panacea for prospering brands’ territorial ailments

603 The CoWorking Space

603 The CoWorking Space

Kunal G. Kataria

603 The CoWorking Space: Panacea for prospering brands' territorial ailments

Deserting the office hamster cage is termed as one of the best aspects of inaugurating one's own business.

Past years created numerous guise for office design; from factory floor like offices, drab cubicles to modern open-plan spaces. Throughout the 'architectural' shift in the infrastructure, businesses typically still operated the same way- morning would start with employees arriving at the company's office, sit at their workstations and then set off home somewhere around 5 or 6 o' clock until the visitation of coworking.

At present, employees still go to offices, but to the ones, which does not belong to them! Here the timings are flexible, takes up client's call while sitting on the beanbags, work alone or collaboratively and then head home at their suiting time. Enticing enough, these coworking spaces furnishes the feeling of independence and freedom associated with working. From being a routine part of those who do freelancing, work remotely, or run startups to fulfilling the need for small and medium-sized companies, entrepreneurs, self-employed, or even staffs working for different companies to share costs and to network, coworking has aged, exquisitely. For the time being, co-working space is a newfangled reinstatement to the traditional cubicles and conceive shift setups like a tearoom. Furthermore, contemporaneous corporations have down pat, on how arduous it has become to allure the right stuff and how office architecture personate as a climacteric role in exerting influence to the brilliant minds. According to the IDG Research Studies' 2018 report, approx 90% association owners accept that modernized and refurbished workplace and attractive surrounding are constitutive determinants to rack up the "battle of talents".

Kunal G. Kataria saw the tide coming in. To provide an 'office-style' environment to the new generation of working people who would like to experience freedom and to connect and discuss ideas, Kunal gave an address to his entrepreneurial pluck as 603 The CoWorking Space in 2017 to outfit all the space autonomies a business owner needs. Today, under the dynamic leadership of this young Turk, 603 The CoWorking Space is going out in front in fostering an ideal environment for each individual- where one can feel welcomed, inspired, creative, productive and at the same time relaxed.

A zone where Network is the 'Networth'

While walking into the office, everything is in place with the mindset of achieving and focusing right to the mission- from housekeeping, cleanliness, kickass coffee, to a well-lit and clutter-free space. 603 strategically manipulates colors and interior pastels to optimize human productivity, organize events to educate and entertain everyone in the space. The company gives a whirl to support people with its work by taking care of everything. It also ascribes businesses to focus on their goals and achievements.

Company's philosophy is well reflected in all its elbowroom. It gives credence to excellence, high standard, functional, modern open design with a native glance. 603 has adopted a modernized style, with some vintage details to create a homely feel with cozy corners. The calabash swing chair is its trademark, conforming to the mood of the working space. The company makes available a personal collaborative workspace for independent professionals who like to work in a community environment with like-minded people and helping each other to learn and grow.

Office ingredients

  • Flexibility
  • Convenience
  • Hassle free Operations
  • Educate
  • Optimize

603 furnishes the individual dedicated desk spaces, workstations, and multiple-seater cabins.  It endorses entrepreneurs to pay for a seat/s, sign an online agreement and get their office operational within 1 minute. The association also puts forth parking spaces with a nominal fee. One of the best offerings of the company is that one can have an experience of this space and know what and how it feels like to be a part of a larger coworking community by getting a free day pass option.

Unprecedented Determinants of 603 Co-working Space

603 has taken it a notch higher by offering share market support and high-end infrastructure to ensure the trades go faster. There is also a technical and fundamental analyst in the corporation that keeps an eye on the trading needs of a business. The spaces have conference rooms and breakout areas to entertain you and your clients/guests when they visit you at your office. There is also a provision of a community manager who ensures business owners are served well with the amenities and requirements one may have including help for building their business or managing their taxes. Other facilities include free and unlimited access to high-speed internet, free tea & coffee, ancillary services such as printing & scanning facilities, mail services, HD projectors & executive work chairs.

Dividend Modus

The company presents a fully functional workspace with no frills apart from the shared services and quality internet connection. Its focus is on short lease periods and affordability so that it can cater to a larger section of society. This is also open for any collaboration prospects.


The head office of the company is located in the heart of Mumbai, Bandra, which is close to all different transport hubs and has easy access to Mumbai's elite business centers. Other coworking spaces include one at Powai. Furthermore, the company is looking ahead to start another branch at Andheri (E).


603 The CoWorking Space caters the needs of a large number of professionals from diverse backgrounds, under one roof. Whether, a person is a freelancer working solo or a start-up looking to accommodate a growing team or an established company looking for well-equipped office space for a particular internal team or project, 603 Co-working space provides the best accommodation option. The company has established the great clientele including Lybrate, Peugeot (PCA Motors), and marketing agencies of Qatar Air and more over the year. And, presently it is looking for more individuals to increase and improve the client base.   

Dynamic Leadership

Kunal G. Kataria

Kunal G. Kataria, a man with a vision, is acquiescent in his approach and is always willing to measure the extra mile to ensure his members are comfortable. Other than being the founder of 603, Kunal is the proprietor of Kayess Finance & Investments, which is a SEBI Regulated entity and Member of MCX.

Accomplishment of the company

603 The CoWorking Space has been able to superintend and regulate two coworking spaces successfully with over 85% occupancy.

Prospective Contrivance: Walking towards the future

603 The CoWorking Space is planning to explore new horizons this year and will be focusing on external as well as internal growth strategies with a smooth and efficient working environment. Convenience and flexibility are what it intends to offer. The company wants the best for its members and it will ensure their comfortableness and satisfaction with the services provided by it now and in the future, with a hope of getting companies to be better at what they do.

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