Flatworld Solutions, Trusted BPO Partner Assisting Global Clientele’s Sustainable Growth

Flatworld Solutions, Trusted BPO Partner Assisting Global Clientele’s Sustainable Growth

Flatworld Solutions, Trusted BPO Partner Assisting Global Clientele's Sustainable Growth

Flatworld Solutions has been at the forefront of business process outsourcing since 2004 and started its operations by offering software development and call center services to customers globally. Over the years, this ISO and ISMS certified business process outsourcing company has been enabling customers with a wide range of business services. Flatworld Solutions is focussed on its mission to leverage technology, implement best practices, utilize the best of global resources, provide high quality, and offer cost-efficient business solutions.

Amongst a sea of outsourcing providers, Flatworld Solutions is one of the handful of organizations which are ISO and ISMS certified and maintain the highest levels of data security and privacy. With policies that are in adherence to GDPR guidelines, they ensure complete information security as they provide customers with scalability, rapid turnaround, immediate response and high-quality services at unbeatable prices.

A Story of Expanding Possibilities

Established in 2004, Flatworld Solutions has scaled rapidly and dedicated its efforts to leveraging technology and global talent to equip and enable businesses to build efficiency, negate global distances, save time, and increase bottom lines for customers worldwide. Flatworld Solutions has served over 18,488 customers and the brand earns millions of dollars in increased client revenue with its 3500+ efficient and enabled employees with a solution-centric leadership.

The brand, today, has its presence across the world with offices and delivery centres across India, US, UK, Philippines, Kenya, Bolivia and Colombia that allows them to provide fast turnaround, leverage the expertise of the global resource pool and offer cost-effective services.

"Our years of experience and domain knowledge have helped us to refine systems, processes and best practices to provide customers consistent and high-quality solutions across multiple industries. We have our own customized project management and automation platforms to make it easier for customers to access data, and outsource their requirements to us. Global delivery centres and experienced teams are the two major factors that differentiate us from our competitors," shared the CEO, David Antony.

Long Term Quality Relationships

Indian outsourcing industry continues to grow at 7-9% despite several global experts predicting otherwise, and the biggest proof is the increase in the number of outsourcing companies multiplying each year. The trend has however shifted to outsourcing to more specialized companies and not necessarily cheaper companies. And to outsource to the best possible location in the world, and not necessarily the closest or cheapest.

Retaining a customer in such a scenario makes brands focus more on nurturing and growing existing relationships with their first-time customers. Flatworld focusses on smooth communication and timely delivery to retain its customers.

 "Respect for individuals, be it employees or customers, operational transparency, meeting and exceeding customer expectations has helped us forge formidable client relationships lasting over decades," shared Jacob William – President.

Make in India

From being a cheap location, India is now moving into a 'skilled and experienced location' with companies outsourcing more high-end work to us. Anand Mathew shares his views on Make in India in respect to the industry, "India has been on the forefront of internet and software revolution, and that has helped us to surge ahead of other geographies in having extensive communication networks, high-speed internet, top software development professionals, designers, and animation experts."

The Business Mantra

"Faster, Better, and more efficient. That's our mantra," emphasized David.

 The team believes that their focus on the innovative application of technology will help them move ahead of competition in the coming years. Traditional BPOs with a huge team doing simple tasks are not in demand anymore. Flatworld believes in ensuring efficient delivery of services to build an edge over the company's in-house team, focusing on adding value through:

  • A smooth transition of their project to Flatworld Solutions
  • Timely delivery of projects
  • Automated modules to help them work faster

Embracing Innovation

Like every other industry, automation, AI and ML are disrupting the BPO industry as well. Several industries have been able to reap the benefits of harnessing these technologies. To stay ahead of the curve, Flatworld Solutions tied up with Quadratyx in 2017 to offer high-end data science services. This relationship has been beneficial to both companies in reaching a new set of audiences who are keen on moving into the 'big data' game.

Technology Trends in Sync with Solutions

The team at Flatworld Solutions believes that the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry will pave the way for Business Process Automation (BPA). They also believe that the following trends will revolutionize the industry:

  • Robotic process automation (RPA) will be leveraged to keep prices in check.
  • RPA will remove the chance for inaccuracy in data and lead to increased productivity.
  • Bottom-of-the-pyramid work will get automated and this will be the area where many will lose their jobs.
  • High-skill BPO sectors will continue to flourish but the low-skill sectors will have to struggle to survive.

Corporate Culture at Flatworld

Flatworld has never functioned as a typical BPO company where employees are merely agents who follow scripts. It has always believed in all-round development of its employees. Flatworld offices are equipped with the most modern amenities, cafeteria catering to morning and night shifts.

The teams participate in various activities to build interpersonal relationships including monthly get-togethers for games and birthday celebrations, quarterly team outing, annual cultural and sports events and a lot more. They believe that their team is their biggest asset and making sure they feel at home in one of their key objectives.

Ensuring Security: The Top Priority

A very crucial part of the company's work ethic is the security of client data. All employees at Flatworld are made to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to ensure complete client data confidentiality. Biometric access, no-password-sharing policy, secured data transfer, controlled access to team-specific information, monitoring of workstations, etc. are few measures taken to ensure the same.

Feathers in the Cap

The brand has been attending the MBA conference for over 8 years now and has become a household name in the US mortgage industry. Other key achievements include:

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified from August 2018
  • SOC Type 2 certified from November 2019
  • Partnered with Quadratyx – August 2017
  • Flatworld Philippines Featured in the Newspaper Sunstar's Davao Yearbook 2017

Advice to New Entrants

"Get to know your domain and service inside-out. Keep yourselves flexible to move with the times. Don't be obsessed with a single idea and hang on to it. Be ready to learn fast, fail fast and move on fast," shared David.

He further added, "Look for intelligent solutions that can create a better future. Be perceptive and ready to learn from everyone around you, including your customers and vendors. Keep an eye on your competitors but don't follow them. Pave your own path."

What's Next?

Offering customers with an edge over their competition in the market, the brand continues to innovate and expand into new geographies and services. They have also been investing in automation, giving customers increased benefits in cost, accuracy, and consistency.

In addition, they have acquired a company that is focussed on building AI and ML solutions and have been able to equip customers with these cutting-edge technologies. Not just to enhance the products and services that they provide their customers but, in some cases, to disrupt the traditional way of delivering these solutions.

Flatworld: Partner in Success

In a marketplace that is rapidly changing and evolving with increasing volatility and uncertainty, one needs a partner who is committed, agile and well equipped with people, technology and best practices to present one with the freedom and confidence they need to focus on the core business.

"Flatworld with presence across the globe, experience in serving thousands of customers across 104 countries equipped with the latest technology and know-how is the ideal partner who can help you take your business to the next level," added David.

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