Rahul Kanwal: Navigating News with Precision

Rahul Kanwal

Rahul Kanwal

Rahul Kanwal, an eminent figure in Indian television journalism, has carved a niche for himself through his insightful reporting, incisive interviews, and a career marked by accolades and awards. As the News Director at India Today, Kanwal has become a prominent face in the media landscape, bringing news to households through his engaging shows. His estimated net worth is $1 Million.

Educational Journey and Early Career

Kanwal's journey into the world of journalism commenced at St. Joseph's College, Allahabad. His academic pursuit led him to Delhi University, where he delved into the intricacies of journalism. A Chevening scholar, Kanwal further honed his skills through a program in International Broadcast Journalism at Cardiff University. His commitment to delivering news in challenging environments was evident when he received a Rory Peck Trust grant for a course in Hostile Environment Journalism.

In 1999, Kanwal embarked on his journalistic career as an anchor-cum-reporter with Zee News, marking the beginning of a trajectory that would shape the Indian news landscape. His skills and passion for news reporting led him to Aaj Tak in 2002, where he not only anchored but also contributed significantly as the Editor-at-Large in the TV Today Group, which encompasses Aaj Tak and India Today.

On-Air Presence and Signature Shows

Rahul Kanwal's on-air presence is marked by his ability to dissect complex issues and present them with clarity. The host of the prime-time show "Newstrack" on weekdays, he brings the day's events to viewers with in-depth analysis and incisive commentary. Additionally, his interview-based show, "Jab We Met," on India Today TV, allows him to engage with a diverse range of personalities, providing audiences with unique insights.

Interviews that Sparked Conversations

In 2019, Kanwal's interview with India's Union Minister Piyush Goyal gained attention for its probing questions regarding the Balakot strikes. Known for his fearless approach to questioning, Kanwal has consistently brought forth important discussions and perspectives through his interviews.

However, his journalistic style isn't without its share of controversy. A simulated skirmish between CRPF and Naxal insurgents on his TV show sparked criticism. Yet, it also highlighted Kanwal's commitment to presenting news in a gripping and engaging manner, even if it meant pushing boundaries.

Recognition and Awards

Rahul Kanwal's contributions to journalism have not gone unnoticed. In 2013, he was honoured with the Best Anchor award at the Indian Television Academy Awards, a testament to his on-screen presence and journalistic prowess. The National annual award from the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation in 2016 further solidified his standing in the field.

The year 2019 brought more accolades as Kanwal received the Best Anchor award at the Exchange4media News Broadcasting Awards, underscoring his consistency and impact in the dynamic world of news broadcasting.


Rahul Kanwal's journey from an aspiring journalist to a seasoned News Director reflects a commitment to the craft of journalism. His shows and interviews have become integral parts of the news-consuming experience for millions of viewers. In an era where news delivery is evolving, Kanwal's presence remains a testament to the enduring importance of credible, engaging journalism in India.

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