History and Significance of Indian Air force Day

History and Significance of Indian Air force Day

History and Significance of Indian Air force Day

History and Significance of Indian Air force Day

History and Significance of Indian Air force Day

Why we celebrate Air force Day.

Indian Air force was established by the British government on 8th October 1932. It was called as a backup force by the British government as they were there to help the ground army. Indian air force was awarded the tag 'Royal' after they made heroic efforts during World War 2.

This tag was kept even after India got its independence in 1947 from the United Kingdom. But after three years in 1950 as India got their constitution and became a Republic the 'Royal' tag was removed. Royal air force uniforms, brevets, insignia and badges were also adopted on the same day when they were established in 1932.

When Air Force Day is celebrated?

This day is celebrated every year on 8th of October; on the same day, the Indian air force was established to help the ground army. All three chiefs of the defence i.e. Army, Navy and Indian air force attend this event.

How Air Force Day is celebrated?

The air force has a set pattern which they follow strictly and with convention. The decorum is maintained at all levels of defence and civil personnel. This event and celebration begin with a parade by the cadets of Air force and the following activities in a sequence.

  1. The Parade

With the air force parade, the celebration begins. This parade is escorted by a band that plays in the whole celebration. When the parade starts it is the custom that every guest should stand in honour and every officer in uniform should salute the parade.

The lieutenant carries the 'Nishan Toli' in the centre of the ground. 'Nishan Toli' is a flag that is the symbol of excellence, integrity, valour, bravery and full dedication toward the mission of the Indian air force.

This flag was given to the lieutenant of that time by the first president of India Dr Ranhedra Prasad on 1st April 1954 and since then it is known as the symbol of high honour and respect.

  1. Oath taking

An oath of loyalty is taken by the Commander in Chief administers to all air personnel and the civilians present there to dedicate their lives to protect the country from every attack and problem.  This is one of the highlights of the celebration; every ceremony is followed with strict schedule.

  1. Rifle Drill

A rifle drill is also taken place with the band that is giving the best performance and matching with the air force.

  1. Skydiving

This is one fun ritual in which two teams from Indian air force take part. Team Akash Ganga and Team Suryakiran Aerobatics (SKAT) do skydiving.

  1. Air Show

This is the part in which audience look forward to with excitement. In this various aircraft displays their flying skills. This is the most exciting part of the whole celebration.

  1. Exhibition of fighter planes

In this part of the celebration, all the precious gems of air force are shown to the public. There is a display of fighter jets and other important items used by Indian air force in their combat.

Aeroplanes and choppers which were used in the operation like Rahat, Meghdoot and other various missions are also displayed. This is done to show the public of India what we have accomplished and what we are capable of.

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