How to Buy Ethereum in India with INR? 2021 Guide

How to Buy Ethereum in India with INR
How to Buy Ethereum in India with INR

How to Buy Ethereum in India with INR? 2021 Guide

Ethereum is one of the largest cryptocurrencies available out there based on its market cap. Also, it is the most talked about crypto coin after Bitcoin. Even, it’s one of the favorite coins of crypto investors. So if you are too looking ahead to own some ETH, you may wonder how to buy Ethreum In India? If you do, then let me guide you with it.

Best Ethereum Exchanges in India to Buy with INR

Buying ETH in India is a simple and straightforward job. All you have to do is sign up on any of the reliable Indian crypto exchanges and place a buy order.

Crypto exchange is the marketplace to buy/sell cryptocurrencies. And below are some of the leading platforms to buy Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in India with INR:

1. Wazirx

Wazirx is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in India. It was founded back in 2018, and it allows you to trade in 100s of coins. The best part is that it allows you to buy cryptocurrencies like ETH using INR. Even not just Ethreum, you can use the exchange to buy Bitcoin, Ripple, Doge, Bitcoin Cash, and more.

Buying and selling crypto is also pretty easy. All you need to do is use banking methods like net banking or UPI to deposit your cash and place a buy order. Also, you can withdraw your funds the same way.

Wazrix also has a Web and a mobile app making it very easy for you to buy/sell cryptocurrencies. Plus, it has a very nominal trading fee. Also, you can reduce the trading fee by 50% if you own WRX or Wazrix coin to pay trading fees.

2. Coinswitch

Coinswitch is another great exchange for buying and selling cryptocurrencies in INR. It is the most secure crypto trading platform where you can find 100+ cryptos.

However, unlike Wazirx, it doesn’t have a web app. But it comes with a mobile app for Android and iOS. Getting started with this app is pretty easy, simply download the app and create an account and complete your KYC.

Along with that, it offers you various ways of making payments. Also, it offers you the best rate in the market for your favorite crypto coins.

However, if you are not a beginner and are more into advanced trading, the app may not be an ideal choice.

How to Buy Ethereum in India with INR
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3. CoinDCX

You can also check out CoinDCX. It is also one of the leading crypto exchanges in India, which allows you to trade in more than 100+ currencies. The exchange was also founded back in 2018, and it offers you all the features that you would need as a trader.

Getting started with the platform is pretty easy, and CoinDCX claims that it only takes 10 minutes. Creating an account only takes about 5 minutes.

After that, you can add money to your CoinDCX account using various payment methods, and you are all set to buy and sell crypto coins at the best prices.

Along with that, the exchange also has a very reasonable trading fee which will not really hurt your crypto investments at all.

4. Bitbns

Bitbns is one of the oldest crypto exchanges in India. With this platform, too, you will be able to buy a wide range of cryptocurrencies and trade in them, including ETH.

The exchange was founded back in 2017, and it offers you lots of advanced tools that ease your trading. For instance, it allows you to perform automated buy and sell orders. It comes with features like a stop limit, so you know how much risk you are taking.

Also, the platform has both web and mobile apps which will help you to purchase your favorite crypto coins easily and instantly.

The signup process also takes a few minutes, and they verify your account for KYC within a day or two. So you won't have to wait for too long to purchase your first ETH.


So that was all for how to buy ethereum in India with INR. You can choose any of these exchanges and get started with them by creating an account. Also, if there is anything else you would want to ask, then do feel free to drop a comment below.

How to Buy Ethereum in India with INR
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How to Buy Ethereum in India with INR
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How to Buy Ethereum in India with INR
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