How downtime, delegation, and technology can make CEOs’ lives easier

How downtime, delegation, and technology can make CEOs’ lives easier

How downtime, delegation, and technology can make CEOs’ lives easier

As a business owner, C-level executive, or CEO, you will know that effective time management is an integral part of your success.

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The very nature of your role means that you'll be pushed and pulled in a million different directions before you've even finished the first coffee of the day. But the reality is that the better you are at managing your time, the better you are at being a leader, and the more your company will thrive. In a nutshell, you need to be skilled at dividing your time between the company, your team, and your clients, ensuring all have just the right amount of your attention. Failing to do so can leave you feeling frazzled and stressed.

Efficient time management is not something that comes easily, it is something that needs to be worked on and refined. It also needs to be adjusted on an ongoing basis to ensure it's responsive to the individual and the businesses needs.

Don't be afraid to delegate

<div class="paragraphs"><p><strong>Don't be afraid to delegate</strong></p></div>

Don't be afraid to delegate

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CEOs and high-level management often fall into the trap of feeling like they have to be in control and charge of everything. This, understandably, comes from years of working in a role where responsibility is a key part of the job description. While being CEO still means you're the boss, it also means you can delegate to competent people you have appointed throughout your company. If you don't trust your staff to carry out their work, you should probably consider replacing them.

There is no shame in delegating. You do not have to make every decision or do every single bit of legwork. Decide what work can be handled by others and pass it off to them. If the thought of this fills you with dread then perhaps it's time to restructure your company and bring in some people you really can trust.

Embrace new technology

There are a whole host of technologies out there that are ready to make your life easier. Artificial intelligence can answer questions and help you gain information, big data can take care of most of your online shopping, your internal processes at work can be streamlined using blockchain, AI, virtual assistants, and the cloud. Even your investments in the stock market and foreign exchange can be managed through the use of the best forex robots, giving you more time to do other things. These clever bots can execute your forex trades based on predefined criteria, saving you significant time and removing the temptation to trade with emotion.

Many CEOs have issues embracing change and this does extend to technology but there are countless new and emerging technologies out there that can lessen the burden on you and save you time as well as money.

Schedule downtime

You might think that the idea of scheduling downtime is counterintuitive to time management but you'd be wrong. Making sure you have time every day where you are not working and can switch off is essential for you to be able to rejuvenate and recharge. This time should be sacred: no phones, no email, no assistants, and definitely no looking at spreadsheets. You need to embrace allowing your brain to switch gears between high-intensity activities such as meetings or events. Whether it's an hour or 10 minutes, doesn't matter – whatever you can manage, as long as it's something, is enough to get the ball rolling. Another point worth mentioning is that you absolutely must take annual leave. Working 365 days a year and too many hours a day is not sustainable and will leave you prone to burnout and other, more serious conditions.

Practising this throughout your day will allow you to decrease your stress levels, improve your health, and focus more on the tasks you have on your agenda. When practised in an ongoing way, you will notice your work becomes better, more efficient, and that the benefits are felt throughout the company.

Being CEO is a tough and sometimes thankless job, but we are sure you wouldn't have it any other way! Learning to properly manage your time and agenda through the use of technology, delegation, and downtime can provide benefits for you and your employees. Furthermore, it creates a more harmonious and less stressful working environment which is better for all involved!

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