91 Daily Cash Prizes of PKR 1 Lac with 2 Bumper Prizes Await You

Win with ACE Money Transfer & Bank Al Habib
91 Daily Cash Prizes

91 Daily Cash Prizes

ACE Money Transfer is extending its hand to Pakistani migrants who send money to Pakistan from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland, to help them attain what they expatriate for!

The Pakistani migrants’ very own ACE Money Transfer, their Bank Al Habib, the same easy practices but with huge financial prizes for the valued customers of the twin companies.

Take a look below.

A Brief Insight Into The Exciting Campaign

Starting from the 1st of April till the 30th of June, 2023, both days inclusive, this campaign is an excellent opportunity for Pakistani migrants who are residing in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland and send money to Pakistan from there.

They can win one of the two bumper cash prizes to the tune of Rs 10 million each and 91 small cash prizes of Rs 1 lac each.

Participation In The Campaign

The best part of this exciting campaign is not the prizes, the quantum of prizes or the number.

What is the best part, then, Pakistani migrants wonder?

The best part of this amazing campaign is the ease with which they can participate in this entire process.

Just answering the following few simple and short questions will reveal how easy their participation is.

Are they residing in the listed countries as Pakistani migrants?


Do they keep sending money to Pakistan from these countries to offer financial aid back home?


So, the fundamental conditions are fulfilled. What else is needed?

Simply send your remittances through ACE Money Transfer to any of the over 1,080 branches of one of the largest banks in Pakistan, Bank AL Habib, within the stipulated time.

Is doing it all difficult? Of course, not. This is why ease of participation is being drawn attention to.

Read here the Campaign's Complete ToRs.

Launching The Exciting Campaign – Answering Why’s

Large swathes of the people of Pakistan can best be defined as destitute, whose miseries are only increasing.

The undeclared results of the latest census revealed the country’s population stands at 246.5 million, with an increase of 40 million souls since the last census exercise of 2017. It is straining the country’s resources beyond its capacity

According to a report by Pilot Guides, the Pakistani diaspora consists of about 9 million migrants. Such a huge diaspora population makes it one of the largest worldwide. They work abroad to earn a living to become financially viable.

Despite their jobs abroad, the country, as a whole and its people otherwise are entangled in financial doldrums. Take a brief look below.

Declining Remittances

Inward remittances to Pakistan are showing a downward trajectory. According to a report by the World Bank, the remittances to Pakistan in 2022 were $29.87 billion, lower than $31.31 billion in the preceding year.

Misery Index

According to a former deputy governor of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the level of misery index (inflation and unemployment rates combined) has risen from 15.6 to 36.8 in recent months.

Pakistan Economy

  • Pakistan’s nominal GDP in 2021 was $348.26 billion, a World Bank report revealed.

  • In 2021, the country’s GDP per capita income was $1,505, another World Bank report said.

Use Of Illegal Channels To Send Money

Strict regularisation of the flow of inward remittances has led to the imposition of extra taxes on remittances and how they are transferred. Therefore, people look for ways to transfer funds to pay less taxes.

Big traders lull Pakistani migrants to sell their foreign currencies to them for a much higher rate to make payment for imports and a) evade taxes and b) flout SPB’s instruction to slash imports.

These statistics show that migrants are not able to fare better economically due to a slowdown in the global economy, and despite working in foreign lands, their financial woes seem to continue unabated.

Stocktaking Of Its Customers’ Worries – A Feather In ACE Money Transfer’s Cap

All of these reasons, put together, point to a bleak financial scenario for a majority of Pakistani migrants. The firm took cognisance of all of it and launched this exciting campaign to dole out 2 massive cash prizes of Rs 10 million each and 91 small cash prizes of Rs 1 lac each.

To ensure transparency and to provide equal opportunity to all the participants, winners for both types of awards will be selected through a series of lucky draws scheduled across and after the campaign duration.

Impetus Behind Joining Hands With Bank Al Habib

ACE Money Transfer legalises the Initiation process by operating strictly within the legal bounds of the regulatory authorities. The firm decided to partner with one of the largest banks in Pakistan, Bank Al Habib.

Its number of branches alone across the country, over 1,080, shows that the institution adheres to the monetary regulations set by the concerned quarters and is expanding rapidly.

The impetus behind this partnership is to focus on creating ease and promoting the use of legal channels for transferring remittances to Pakistan.

Increasing Chances To Win The Prizes

Simply make sure to spread your transfers across the entire campaign duration and avoid sending money once in bulk. 

Initiate the transfer with ACE Money Transfer and deliver your money as cash to any of the branches of Bank Al Habib. 

Make as many transfers as possible during the campaign duration to increase your chances of winning either one of the two bumper prizes or one of the 91 small cash prizes in several lucky draws.

ACE Money Transfer – Always Surprising You Pleasantly

Deliver your funds daily in just 7 seconds using the explained channels across the campaign duration in exchange for a low fee, safety, and live exchange rates and stand a chance to win massive cash prizes apart from these unique service features of ACE Money Transfer. Act now!

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