"We don't just construct; we engineer success.

We don't just build the future; we perfect it."

Vascon Engineers

The construction and development industry has regained the momentum of its growth in the last one year and the developments look positive in terms of economic growth, investments, infrastructure abilities, upcoming projects and more.

With the continually amplifying demands from the construction industry due to the buoyant scenario of the potential market growth, the existing urban requirements aren't met to their full potential. The inadequacy of the urban infrastructure seeks renewal of the existing projects, more smart cities and speedy progress is needed for the migrating population to move in and these demands can only be met by market leaders.

With an objective to provide a significant boost to the construction industry through efficient engineering, Vascon Engineers, with more than three decades of experience in conceiving, developing and constructing, is managing a plethora of projects meticulously in multiple sectors including residential, industrial, IT parks, malls and multiplexes, hospitality and community welfare centres, schools, hospitals and airport.


From the year of its foundation in 1986, Vascon has been committed on applying the art of value-based aesthetics into the science of construction through efficient engineering. The team here primarily consists of engineers who are supported by exceedingly qualified specialists from diverse fields of management. Right from planning and procurement to testing and execution, every professional in the organization follows a well-documented procedure.

Today, Vascon's achievements range from sprawling factories to premium homes, from glittering malls to towering software parks and state of the art schools. One simple principle guides their approach to every project: "Understand the customer's needs and expectations; fulfil the needs and exceed the expectations." This is how they have been able to strike the right balance between efficient engineering and thoughtful development in multiple projects, across the country.


The company's emphasis on innovative technology and optimized construction helps it to design, construct and deliver the projects in a cost-effective and timely manner. Diversity of experience gives it the flexibility to adapt to the needs of the customers. Qualified, proven project team and an experienced management team offers services from 'Concept to Completion' to the client on a turnkey basis.

Vascon's extensive experience and proficiency enables it to understand and assess project risks, complex technologies and location difficulties and helps it to create effective construction solutions. Their success mantra is:

  • To be transparent in all the dealings.
  • To set high benchmarks.
  • To respect their customers and give them more than their expectations.
  • To deliver with a conscience.


There are stated set of cultural values that the company encourages for the employees. They have a set employee code of conduct that covers rational standards like fitness for duty, dress code, integrity, and ethics, safety & health, harassment & discrimination, etc. every employee follows these standards made clear by the company's end.

Being successful is largely dependent on the dedication towards their jobs. It is strongly believed at Vascon that honesty, hard work, right attitude and perseverance is what would drive an individual towards their appropriate growth path. Employee achievements are recognized by the company by annually monitory recognition in terms of increments according to their performances. The best performer is recognized with an award for 'star performer' during the annual day event. The extracurricular achievements of an employee are also taken into consideration and provided with due credit.

The employees associated with this company are tested on desired and selective personality traits like integrity and honesty that hold the utmost importance. Apart from these essentials of attitude, a hardworking and mutually respecting employee is an ideal catch for a team member.


The company's overall management style is characterized as extremely transparent and a culture of teamwork and trust is promoted as well. At Vascon Engineers, the approach towards building a strong set up is maintained with an open and approachable relationship between the seniors, peers and subordinates.

The environment at the organization is always employee-centric where respect is mutually coexistent among each one, regardless of their cadre and position in the company.  The thoughts & suggestions of every employee are taken into consideration by the HODs & the management. Training and development sessions are conducted for the employee's to further polish their career growth aspects and professional progress.

This nature of process helps in a very clear and transparent flow of communication throughout and better work clarity at all levels, apart from these team-building exercises, there are formal and informal get-togethers' happening at regular intervals that help in motivating and rejuvenating employees.


Every organization has to go through certain hiccups and overcome failures and so did Vascon. Since the beginning, they have been supportive of promoting innovative ideas and strategies. They believed in learning from their mistakes and setting up processes and strict policies to avoid falling in the same pit and repeat glitches.

In this organization, each failure is treated positively and considered a lesson for the future; each error is analyzed by extensive contemplation and roadmaps are chalked out to overcome the upcoming challenges. Optimum productivity is given due importance by significantly understanding the need for personal and professional life balance. Hence, the policy of flexible timing has been adopted at the head office with a buffer of 30 minutes that can be later covered throughout the day. The company also supports a 5-day working policy to provide the employee with ample family time thereby ensuring better work-life balance.


At Vascon Engineers, social outings and events are organized to maintain the team spirit and rejuvenate. Several formal and informal get together are arranged for the employees to mingle with separate grand annual day celebrations, birthday get-togethers at team levels and festivities, etc.

These collaborative activities not just help the employees to mingle at multiple levels but also help them later in easily collaborating at work with one another. All the departments are interlinked and work is in coordination with one another. These occasional events encourage healthy interactions between the departments to achieve the company's goals and department`s goals which in turn benefits the employees in achieving their individual goals.


From a journey that began with humble beginning in the year 1986, it has surely come a long way. During these three decades, Vascon Engineers have come across scores of milestones that have helped shaped them become who they are today. In the past three decades, they have constantly created landmarks as the beacon of their success.

Here are the awards which cast a spotlight on a few of their works up until now and recognize them as one of the prestigious construction companies in India and encourage thriving further; 10th  Realty Plus Excellence Awards Pune 2019 for Budget Housing Project of The Year, Realty Leaders Summit & Awards 2018 Worldwide Achiever, Trendsetter Top 30 India's most powerful Symbol of Brand Excellence, Asia's Best Employer Brand on Excellence in Training Category by World HRD Congress, Singapore and many more.


Vascon Moorthy Foundation ('VMF') completed 9 years of long and meaningful journey contributing tirelessly towards the well being of the community of construction workers, working at Vascon sites.

Several CSR activities are undertaken by the organization for the welfare of the society through many means possible. Eye check-up camps are organized for the workers to keep in control of the hazards that follow working in dust conditions at construction sites with preventive healthcare camps to focus on curative health care. Awareness camps are also undertaken to actively spread information on the side effects of consuming alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc. these camps cover topics that discuss the problems like HIV, HPV (warts), cancer (Throat, mouth, anus, rectum), etc.

Vascon Moorthy Foundation runs Day-care centres at construction sites with the help of the Tara Mobile Crèches and Ashakiran Shelter Foundation. In crèches, children receive nutritional food, toys to play, animated movies for entertainment and of course they get pre-primary formal education too.


Vascon Engineers Ltd. is on a mission to build a landmark in every Location and set new standards, to be emulated by peers in the construction world, they indeed have been progressing by leaps and bounds and are planning to head towards being amongst the top three real-estate developers of Pune shortly.

The Board of Directors at Vascon Engineers entirely appreciate the importance of adopting high standards of corporate governance in all operations and processes throughout the group. The Company is committed to corporate governance to generate long-term economic value for all the stakeholders.

The organization at length takes care of the key elements in corporate governance i.e. transparency, disclosure, supervision, internal control, risk management, internal and external communications, high standards of safety and product & service quality. It is ensured that the board and the management are fully appraised with the affairs of the company, to enable more efficient work and to meet the obligations to the stakeholders.

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