Charity begins at home, or maybe the wardrobe!

Shopping luxury fashion products has been an essential part of the high-end lifestyle people live in. Even though, fashion-conscious consumers seem to care that they purchase sustainable styles, the plethora of surveys and market research showcase that their words to purchase sustainable products do not necessarily align with their purchasing habits.

Practising what one preaches is important, but still many are guilty of not practising what they preach, especially when it comes to the clothing consumption habits. These choices are impacting the world and it is important to know the ramifications of the less sustainable sartorial choice. Various luxury brand s have been giving back to society through different mediums including sustainable products, employment, relief funds, etc.

Being a shopper with the financial capability to buy and contribute to a better world and choosing not to. Does one make a fair choice?

Be it negative effects on the environment, inhumane working conditions for labour, animal welfare issues, these issues have been acknowledged by various brands. The change is taking place slowly but surely as in many ways, sustainable fashion is a new luxury. While making the buying decisions, today, one may think what the brand represents and how they are contributing to the world with even a percentage of what it makes through hard-earned money.

There are various brands which allow one to add to their wardrobe with unique, sustainable and chic luxury fashion:


A brand that has arguably pioneered the sustainable luxury movement, Stella McCartney's namesake company, has been committed to creating ethical fashions since its inception. The designer label's success represents how the shoppers can have both, their moral codes intact with being fashionable. The vegetarian-friendly brand of the modern era has products comprised of sustainability-source fabrics such as recycled nylon and polyester, organic cotton, and lines of Skin-Free Skin and Fur-Free apparel.

The efforts deployed by the charitable luxury fashion brand are centric to its corporate mission. In their endeavour, the brand has been associated with various not-for-profit organizations, such as Parley For Oceans and Fashion Positive, to bring attention to shoppers around the world about their wardrobe choices.


The renowned luxury brand has been taking space in the wardrobes of many individuals. With the plethora of modern, minimalist styles in dresses, tops to jumpsuits, bottoms, and knits – with an interwoven incentive to buy.

The fashionable brand has been contributing to society with 90% of its profits to charities of their customers' choosing which is a core U.S.P. of the brand showcased in their brand name itself. The process of charity is a great way to connect with the clients and understand their choice of contributing to a specific social issue. As one shops from the website and receives their online orders, they can individually go onto "vote" tab of the Ninety Percent website, type in their unique order codes from the items' care labels, and choose from a select group of charities to which they would like to donate 90% of the garment's costs.

The ninety per cent is dedicated into three categories with 80% of proceeds going to the chosen charity, 5% to those who produce the clothes, and 5% to those that "run the brand'.


Leather is a luxury item has been part of the mainstream fashion industry. Matt and Nat acknowledged the need for creating sustainable leather goods before its predecessors. In 1995, the foundation of the leading charitable luxury fashion brands was laid with the core values of commitment to using animal alternative textiles to create its products.

The brand is a proud producer of its signature animal-free leather fabric, the brand incorporates recycled materials such as recycled plastics, nylons, and cork into their women's and men's accessory products. It is no question that one makes a fashion statement with Matt and Nat products including various lines of bags, shoes, and small leather goods that pair perfectly with any modern and mindful shopper's aesthetic.

These three brands have been leading the fashion industry offering the luxury products that represent sustainable luxury and more. These brands have been leading a change in the industry and the world as fashion is viewed as an element that allows one to explore their creativity and wear the beliefs on their sleeves, choosing these brands as top choices must be the goal. One might be guilty of their shopping addictions and might never be able to overcome them, they can shop to promote the creation of a more sustainable world and to support positive social impact initiatives within the communities.

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